A War I Did Not Start & Could Not End

"A Failure to Achieve"

"I wanted to create it with you, Train," His voice floated in the empty space between us, the dust rising in the thin air.

I felt the crumbled wall behind me, the pointed rocks digging into my torn and bruised back, making me flinch with each breath. I couldn't move, my body felt as though it were paralyzed with pain and nothing more.

I wasn't afraid to die, I never had been-something Chronos had torn out of me after years of training. In the end it was Creed's final intention to take my life, to end all of this because if he couldn't have me, no one could. In the end my final intention was to leave him alive-to change him, and maybe even make him a sweeper just like me.

I choked as I breathed in, the blood rising in my lungs as it dripped off my skin. I opened my eyes slowly to the world around me, the small effort hurting more than I thought it ever could.

My mind jerked back into reality as I heard Creed's footsteps coming closer. The soles of his shoes crunched on the rubble my impact with the roof had caused. His breathing was rushed, almost excited as he approached me, but something about his slow steps made me wonder what exactly he was feeling.

I wanted to raise my head, to see his face before he did whatever it was he had in mind, but my neck screamed out in pain as I tried, and I gave up and let my head fall again.

"You try too hard, Train." Creed's voice broken the eerie silence.

I could see the toes of his shoes now that he had come close enough, but far enough to give me some air. His slender fingers hooked under my chin and he slowly pulled my face up so that our eyes met.

"This hurts more than you realize, Train," He half whispered as he looked into my eyes, his other hand gently caressing my bleeding cheekbone. "I wanted to create the perfect Eden with you, where I would be God and you would be by my side."

I choked again as I took in a quick breath, my neck now pulled at an angle that made it hard to breathe. I studied his eyes for several seconds, seeing the genuine pain in them, but also the insane hatred he had been harboring for what felt like years.

I wanted to say something-to snap at him, tell him he was insane, but all the energy I had left in me was the only thing keeping me alive-the only thing urging my heart to keep pumping and my brain to keep functioning.

"I'd rather have you with me, than buried beneath the earth," He said, his voice full of concern as his hand ran up into my hair. "But if I have no choice-if that witch's curse is still on you," at this his grip on my chin tightened painfully, making me jerk and utter a pitiful sound from somewhere in my throat. "If I have no choice…"

He trailed off as he stepped closer, his grip on my chin loosening as he pulled my face up further.

"It hurts me to see you like this," He smiled weakly as he knelt down to my height, the strangely grotesque arm the nanotechnology had given him suddenly fading back into his body and leaving him as the ordinary Creed I had once been partners with in Chronos. "Maybe I'll give you another try, if you think it'd be worth it?"

I only glared back at him, my body too weak to do anything else as he held my chin firmly in his grip.

"I think I just might," He smiled to himself before leaning forward and pressing his lips against mine.

I jerked at the unwelcome feeling, my grip on Hades tightening as I pushed myself back into the broken roof behind me. He only pushed forward, his grip on my chin tightening and his other hand sliding to the back of my neck and pulling me against him.

I felt my body slide away from the roof and into his arms, the strength I had once had barely there as I tried to push away. When he finally pulled away he rested my head on his shoulder, his fingers running through my hair as if I belonged there-as if I wanted to be there.

"Creed," I choked out, barely able to breathe as blood continued to leak into my lungs.

"Sh," He whispered in my ear as he held me against his chest, his other hand running up and down my wounded back. "Just let your body heal itself."

"Creed," I choked out again, refusing to obey him. "Creed-let me go."

He laughed from somewhere in his chest, a bitter and almost angry laugh, but his hold on me never wavered.

"Creed!" Another voice entered the silence that had fallen, one I recognized. "Where's Train?"

Over Creed's shoulder I saw Sven pulling himself onto the rooftop, his balance unsteady but his determination refusing to fail. Eve came quickly behind him and Rinslet behind her. I wanted to call out to them, to push away from Creed and run to them, but I felt my mind slowly fading with each second that passed as I lost more and more blood, my body becoming unsteady and my hand loosening on the handle of Hades.

"Sven," I whispered, my voice failing me when I needed it most.

Creed pulled me around in his arms so my back now pressed again his chest before turning to face the people I had grown to call friends.

"It's useless, sweepers," Creed laughed triumphantly as one of his arms pushed under one of mine, slid up my chest and held tightly to my bleeding shoulder, while the other wrapped itself around my arm and waist.

"Train!" Sven cried as he caught sight of me, Eve and Rinslet both grimacing as they saw the amount of blood I was losing. "Creed, let him go!"

"Not a chance," Creed spat with a strange chuckle. "I've worked hard for this-it took me this long to prove myself to Train."

I felt pathetic as I hung limply in Creed's strong arms, my head hanging forward and my legs barely steady on the shingles beneath our feet. I coughed slightly as I tried to push against Creeds grip, but I knew deep down my efforts were merely in my head, that my body hadn't moved at all.

"You haven't proven anything!" Eve cried as she took a daring step forward. "You're just taking Train by force!"

"Let him go," Sven snapped again, only this time through his teeth.

"Once again I have to say there's no chance of that happening," Creed replied, and I knew that maniacal smile of his must be spreading across his face. "Train is mine now, you'll have to accept that."

I heard soft footsteps behind us in my fading consciousness and a cold hand closed around my wrist. I tried to lift my head to see who it was but as I made the pathetic effort I felt more of my consciousness slipping, the world suddenly slipping into black splotches here and there.

I pulled my head up slowly, the pain in my neck making my grip on Hades tighten, until my eyes caught sight of Sven, Rinslet, and Eve standing in front of us, their faces filled with both anger and concern.

The hand around my wrist was attached to an arm shroud in a purple scaled coat, and I automatically knew who it was standing behind us. She would open a portal that led somewhere beyond this blood spattered roof-she would take me away from my friends.

I wanted to scream as I heard Creed say something to my friends as he took a step backward, my body unwillingly following as I realized my loss of control. I wanted to scream, reach out to them, anything that would let them know I needed them to find me-to help me, but as I summoned up the strength, as I stretched my free arm out and screamed Sven's name the dark portal closed around us and everything went black.