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It's happening exactly as it did before. Sam grimly reflected. It's not going to end the same way though she promised herself as she sprinted into the gate room…….
Sam's mind only had seconds to analyse the situation. She looked at her surroundings, her options were limited and time wasn't on her side.A small smile graced her lips, she had faced worse odds. The only difference now being that it wasn't her life that was at stake.

Sam ran to the bottom of the ramp and practically picked Jacob up into a standing position.

"Sam? What's…" he didn't have time to finish as the cool metal of a knife was placed against his neck. I'm sorry about this dad, she whispered internally to herself. It's the only way.

Up in the control room all eyes were on the events that were unfolding below. "Dad" Major Carter whispered, fear present in her eyes. She couldn't believe what was happening, it wasn't a G'ould or another enemy that was threatening Jacob Carter- her father's life it was her - albeit the future version of her but still. What do I become? She whispered, almost afraid of the answer.

"Where the hell did she get that weapon?" The General demanded.

"She must have picked it up in the infirmary when Janet was attacked, she had enough time and a big enough distraction. The medical tray was right by her." Daniel supplied.

"I knew we shouldn't have trusted her." Jack cursed, throwing his hands up into the air in frustration. "Something like this always happens" he said continuing his ranting. "So much for this being one of the most secure and heavily guarded facilities in the world."

Down in the gate room Jacob was attempting to move out of Sam's grasp. Even with the extra strength he possessed because of his symbiote- Selmak he was still being held firmly in place by his daughter. He tried to sense if she had been taken as a host, that could partially explain what was happening but he sensed nothing. Excluding the weak remnants of Jolinar.

"Sam what the hell are you doing." he whispered to her.

"Please Dad you have to trust me." She muttered back, so quietly Jacob nearly didn't hear her. Sam's eyes travelled to the five SF's who each had a firearm directed towards her and to the two Tok'ra who had come through the gate, each of whom held a Zat pointed directly towards her.

"Release Selmak and his host Jacob." The Tok'ra closest to her ordered.

"Not going to happen." She growled back "Come any closer and he dies." As if to emphasise her point she pressed the knife slightly harder into his skin, a small trickle of blood ran down his neck. I'm sorry Dad her mind whispered. The expression on her face however showed no remorse.

"What do you want." the voice of General Hammond cut through the speaker system.

Sam looked over to the control room, her face was expressionless, further unnerving SG1. "Firstly call off the SF's I wouldn't want to hurt them." she snapped.

General Hammond reluctantly nodded. The airmen placed their weapons on the ground and kicked them away, they then cautiously backed out of the gate room.

"You too Tok'ra, throw me your weapons." Sam ordered, they did as they were told and kicked their Zat's away, however they remained fixed in their positions.

Sam continued "I want an artefact which you recently came into possession of. I believe Doctor Jackson has been studying it. It's a palm-sized, circular device containing several unidentifiable markings."

A look of realisation came upon Daniels face. "SG3 came back with it last month, I've only got round to looking at it." he murmured.

"Bring it to me and Jacob Carter will not be harmed." Sam ordered

Daniel looked over to the General, Hammond nodded and the archaeologist began running to his lab to collect the artefact. That left the remainder of SG1, Doctor Fraiser and the General to watch the scene unfolding below.

In the embarkation room Sam still held Jacob in an iron grip, she wasn't paying any attention to the people in the control room. Instead her gaze was locked on the two Tok'ra members, their faces gave nothing away.

After several long minutes had passed Daniel came running down the corridor leading into the gate room only to stop in the doorway.

"I've got what you want." he said, holding up his hand showing her the artefact.

"Now let Jacob go."

Sam didn't move "Bring it to me."

Daniel looked over to Jacob, specks of blood had stained his shirt where the knife had cut into him. Could Sam hurt or even kill her father? Daniel considered to himself, weighing out all the options. She's not the same person you know. His consciousness whispered She can't be trusted.

Daniel didn't have any other options, if he didn't relinquish the device he didn't know what this Sam could do and so stepped forward. He cautiously moved towards Sam, everyone watching his every move. Upon nearing her he reached out his hand holding the object. Sam grabbed the artefact and pushed Jacob away from her. He fell slightly into Daniel.

Sam immediately threw the device to the ground and picked up a handgun from where the SF's had kicked them, she pointed the weapon at it. And briefly looked around at her surroundings, her gaze lingering slightly longer on the two Tok'ra. Her finger curled around the trigger. She didn't have time to fire as a white beam engulfed her, she was sent flying several metres through the air, she impacted the hard concrete walls and fell to the ground……

To be continued...

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