Mob Obsession

by ZenPotter

(Don't own GH or any GH character. And you know all that other crap)

Chapter One

The night was as beautiful as ever.

The moon was out, and the stars sparkled like diamonds is the sun's glare. A man, who had aged with grace, smiled brightly at the woman sitting across from him. His dimples appeared in his cheeks, dimples that had made him legandary among the ladies. Because those dimples had captured hearts all around. This man's name was Michael "Sonny" Corinthos and he rules the word desire. He was both loved and hated by many. He was rich and controlled the area of Port Charles. Sonny was a mob boss in that area of New York City. He was dangerious and deadly but somehow the women refuses to see that. Only a few did but certainly not the woman sitting across from him. She was gazing adorily at him, smiling brightly showing her own small but favorable dimpls. Emily Quaterman was shinning and in love, anyone with eyes could tell she was enchanted. Sonny loved her as well, she was a special person in more ways than one. The most important was that, this woman was the sister of his very best friend. Jason Morgan's little sister.

The setting was romantic, and tonight was a special night for him, and hopefully for her as well.

"This is beautiful, Sonny" Emily said in aware, she couldn't believe that he had made this night magical for her. Her favorite flowers all over the place, the candles, and the music were all perfect. "Thank you"

Sonny gave a small nod as he took another sip of his wine, "You are special, you deverse a wonderful night"

Emily shelters her eyes, feeling like being lifted from her seat by angels. She felt like she was on air and she loved this feeling. Sonny was the most exhilarating man she had ever met, he made her feel weak in the knees, knots in her stomach. God, she was in love with him, completely and utterly in love, she felt like she could do anything. Like she could take on the world and with him beside her, it was a possibility. Emily raised her head and found herself staring into Sonny's warm eyes, being drawn like a magnet.

"You are beautiful" Emily whispered adorily, whenever she looked at him and spoke to him, nothing could feel this right. Nothing.

Sonny raise an eyebrow, "You know I think that is my line"

"Sorry" Emily said not sounding at all sorry, "I was stating a fact"

Sonny looked at her for a little while, then reached over and placed her hands into his, drawing her attention toward him. "you are beautiful" He stately simple but that statement was enough to draw a smile from Emily's lips brighter that the stars in all the heavens.

"let's dance" Sonny said standing up and pulling Emily towards him. The two moved slowly with the music, a sweet sound coming through the air. "You know I asked you here for a reason"

"What's that?" Emily asked, breathing Sonny's scent. Sonny suddenly stopped and looked closely in her eyes and gave her a dimple smile.

"You know, Michael and Morgan love you" Sonny said, holding her tightly, "I want you to be part of my family, our family, I love you Emily and I would be so happy if you would agree to be my...Ah...wife?"

Emily was shocked at the turn of events, this was the last thing she absolutely expected. She put her hands on lips, in complete surprise, she watched as he took out a small box from his pocket. She then glanced up at him, totally speechless.


"Yes" Emily quickly agreed to the proposal, Sonny had asked her to marry him and that was something she wasn't going to pass up. "I will marry you, Sonny all I want is to be your wife."

Sonny smiled and Emily threw her arms around him, engulfing him in a hug. As happy as he was, he knew tons of people who would not be so happy about the wedding. Infact two of those people where non other than his ex-wife and his very best friend. But Sonny wasn't going to worry about that, not tonight.