Author's Note: YAY! My first fic! I don't own Naruto and the title is from a My Chemical Romance song. Just some warnings, implied character death, implied Naru/Hina and Sasu/Saku. Appreciate it while you can 'cause I don't support Sasu/Saku! Anywho, read and enjoy!

"Are you going to be okay?"


"Sorry. I shouldn't have asked."

"It's fine."

Naruto stared grimly out at Konoha, watching as the group of ANBU and other assorted ninjas walked away from the burial site. Hinata stood at his side, a little behind him, as always. The pale eyed girl watched the fox demon carefully, not speaking again. He had changed so much since-

She lowered her head, trying not to think about it. But she could tell he was. He had come back to Konoha, caked in blood and carrying-

"Where's Sakura?" He suddenly asked. Hinata couldn't get over the calm in his voice. It was so unlike when he had screamed for help, pleading someone to help the dying boy in his arms. But no one had been able to get help in time to save-


Oh. He had asked her a question. She shook her head, trying to think. "Um… I haven't seen here since… Well… you know."


There was an awkward pause. At a loss, Hinata tried again.

"Are you sure-"


She had been trying to get him to see a healer for a while now. He needed sleep. She doubted he'd slept since… Well. And there was still that nasty cut on his face. He had refused to get it healed, even when Tsunade had tried to do it herself. If Sakura was here, she might be able to convince him… But she had been missing for days. The young healer hadn't been seen in Konoha since…

"If you want, I can try to find Sakura and maybe you and her could-"

"No. That's okay."

"Oh. All right."

Silence. The girl tried again.

"He would have wanted it this way. It's the way he would have wanted to-"

"I know."

"Sakura understands. She knew it wasn't your-"

"I know."

"The others don't either. We all still-"


"You can't blame yourself-"

"I don't."

She stopped, finally getting frustrated. She understood, she really did. But he had to have some sense about it. He needed to get better.

"Are you sure you aren't-"

Naruto turned and looked at her, a cold expression in his dark gaze. But then his face softened and he gave her a very small smile. He knew she was just worried about him. And he appreciated it, he truly did, but he had been his best friend-

"Hinata, I'm not okay. I promise."