I don't own Harry Potter. I don't own a lot of things, like a piano, a complete set of the Encyclopedia, and that black and white car with the lights on the hood that I drove off in yesterday, it's owner was quite upset when I returned it.

Professor Snape was walking to Hogsmeade after a particularly trying day of teaching potions. That Potter brat had sabatoged Neville Longbottom's potion again when he wasn't looking, causing the cauldron to explode and half the class to get second and third degree burns. Cleaning the mess up was nearly impossible and for the rest of the day the floor was extremely sticky.

Snape walked down the road with visions of a night of getting completely wasted at the Three Broomsticks. Just outside said establishment he ran into something solid. More specifically something solid with a disillusionment charm on it.

"What asshole put a disillusionment charm on a wall?" Said Snape to himself as he rubbed his large and now aching nose.

Snape walked around the disillusioned object and discovered that it wasn't a wall but a rectangular object roughly six feet wide and six feet long. He found a spot that felt like a button and pressed it, a pair of hidden doors opened revealing the interior which appeared to be made of glass.

"What's the point of putting a disillusionment charm on something made of glass?" said Snape as he stepped inside to examine the object further.

It was a glass room with hundreds upon hundreds of buttons. Snape noticed one marked Hawaii and pressed it. The room lifted off and flew away.

"Let Dumbledore find someone else to teach those insufferable brats I'm out of here." Said the former professor Snape as Hogwarts vanished and became a distant memory.

Ten minutes later a little old wizard named William Wonka stepped out of the Three Broomsticks to discover that his glass elevator had been stolen.