The Next Generation of Hogwarts!

Well Hello Dear Readers. What is this you say? Returning to a fic you left unfinished years ago? Well yes, 'sheepish dance on one foot'. I'm sifting through everything I've got at the moment, and will try to correct grammar and just plain bad writing. Obviously this little venture started out as fanon, but now all the books are out I'd have to say it's just plain AU, or at least after fourth year. It is Hermione/Draco, so be warned! That being said, please read and review, as that'll make updates more likely! Many Thanks!

Chapter 1: You're married to who?

Hermione's POV

'Harry, Ron,' I called hesitantly, pushing through the crowds and holding my hand up in a sheepish wave. I slipped through the throng of children and their parents on Platform Nine and Three Quarters to greet my friends, who I have not seen in years.

Ron smiled his wide grin, and the knot I'd been holding in my stomach disappeared. This wasn't going to be hard.

'Hey, Hermione. Where have you been? We haven't seen you in ages and…' he paused, seeing my two children peering up at him confusedly, 'it looks like you've been busy. He laughed good-naturedly, as if nothing had changed.

'Yeah Hermione, we never thought we'd see you back here of all places,' laughed Harry. 'We were certain that you were a career woman. No time for kids and all that.'

'Oh, I am,' I replied. 'I can see you two have been busy yourselves,' I gestured to the five children standing with them.

Ron looked down at the children, puzzled, and then gave a laugh. 'What? No Hermione, Luna and I only have one kid, Harry has been busier with two.'

'So what about…'

'Sirius and Alice?' grinned Harry, hands clasped on the shoulders of the two children left unaccounted for.

'Err…yes…who are their parents?'

'Well, Sirius is Remus and Tonks' eldest, and Alice is Neville and Hannah's daughter.'

I smiled at the two youngsters, a twinge in my heart at the mention of Alice, who I knew had to be named after Nevilles mother, who died in the second war, in the raid on St Mungo's.'

'Tonks is at home with the baby, but Neville, Hannah and Remus are working, and of course Ron and I had to bring James, Lily and Severus here so naturally we offered to bring them.'

'Ron, you named your child after Professor Snape?' I asked stupidly. Not without reason though, because for years Harry and Ron hated that man.

'Oh,' frowned Ron, 'Well Luna and I thought that after all he did helping the Order, especially saving Ginny's life in the St Mungo's raid, well…we were grateful, to say the least.'

I felt overwhelmed, and terribly sad that I'd lost contact with my friends. All of the emotion flooded to me and I spluttered an apology. 'I'm so sorry. Harry, Ron, I let everything else come before you two; I have hardly talked to you since we left Hogwarts. I didn't even stop to realise that I was missing out on so much, I don't even remember who survived the war, or who was good. Severus Snape, really? I suppose it got lost with all the other information I was taking in, NEWTS and the potion for the Horcruxes, and then …'

'Having kids?' Harry supplied, putting his arm around me in support. 'Don't worry about it Hermione, we all knew you'd find your feet eventually.'

I took a few deep breaths to calm myself. They still cared for me, and they didn't even know the worst of it yet, they were going to kill me when they realised the truth behind my absence. Work was part of it yes, but I'd quit SPEW a while ago to stay at home with my children, but now my darling girls are leaving, I'm starting a new job, Transfigurations Professor at Hogwarts, and life is changing.

With five minutes until the train left, Harry, Ron and I checked all the trunks were securely locked and after Alice, Sirius, Lily, James and Severus had boarded the train I turned to my children and gave them a quick introduction to their 'Uncle's Ron and Harry.'

'Aw Hermione,' scolded Ron, 'you're making us feel old. Harry and I uncles to…' he broke off, incredulous.'

'To what Ron?'

'We don't even know their names,'

'Oh,' I sighed in relief, 'Harry, Ron, I'd like you to meet my two beautiful children. Well you can ask them their names, they won't bite.'

Harry snickered while Ron sent Hermione a glare and turned to the girls, 'Hello there, what are your names?' Ron asked kindly.

My girls are identical, both white blonde, pale, thin and tall, with big round eyes and thankfully, no buck teeth. There was only one way to tell them apart, their eye colour. One has my amber eyes and the other a curious silvery grey. Well, curious if you are Harry and Ron.

The twins looked up at Harry and Ron suspiciously, and then questioned me. 'Is it Potter and Weasley, mother?'

I was exasperated. I had told their father not to call Ron and Harry by their surnames, but to no avail. 'Girls,' I explained, 'this is Ron Weasley and Harry Potter, my two very best friends from school.'

The girls nodded to each other, and beamed up at my two oldest friends. 'Hello Uncle Ronald and Uncle Harry, our names are Sage and Scarlet Malfoy.'

Silence struck momentarily.

Harry and Ron's eyes widened as they looked from me to my two children.

Harry broke the silence as the whistle blew, 'Well Sage and Scarlet, Uncle Ron and I wish you a great time at Hogwarts, but unless you want to miss the train, you'd better run!' He grinned cheerfully and waved them off after they had kissed me goodbye, and shouted at me to kiss their father goodbye too.

'Bye!' they sang before wandering up the train to find a compartment with Alice, Sirius, Lily, James and Severus.

'Err…' I began awkwardly after waving the train off, 'I never really had the chance to tell you. I always thought I'd tell you straight away, but we became so distant and I never got round to it.'

'Never get round to it? Hermione! How could you forget to tell us something like this? This is Malfoy we're talking about. Malfoy!' Ron exclaimed,' how could you have kids with someone like that? How could anyone even want to be Mrs…' he froze, suddenly looking livid and glaring at my simple wedding ring.

'You two aren't …married?'

And then I was angry. How could he say that? Draco is my husband, the father of my children, and they boys may have their issues but that's way in the past. I exhaled, count to ten, I told myself. Be strong Granger, damnit, Malfoy.I opened my eyes slowly to face them.

'Yes Ron, Draco and I are married, shortly before the girls were born, when you and Harry were in Auror training in Europe. Blaise was our best man, and Ginny was our maid of honour, she was the only one I kept in touch with.'

Harry gaped.

'Ginny? My Ginny? She knew!' asked Harry, 'how could she not tell us? How could you not tell us Hermione? We would have wanted to be there, Malfoy or no Malfoy, we would have wanted to see our best friends big day regardless.'

'Did someone say Malfoy?' came Draco's jovial voice from the crowds.

'Draco,' I called, 'Draco dear, we are over here.'

Draco swept in magnificently, kissing me on the cheek and taking me from the glares of my friends. 'Darling, I've just been with Blaise, Little Xavier is in third year and Blaise and I were telling him about Hogsmeade.'

I snorted, Xavier was hardly little, he was in his third year and he already looked around the size of Dudley Dursley at that age.

'That's quite alright; I was just catching up with Harry and Ron.'

'Yeah Malfoy,' Ron interrupted roughly, 'and I want to know what spell you have her under.'

Draco chuckled and Harry froze, shooting me glance which told me he didn't agree with Ron.

'I assure you Weasley; I have Hermione under no spell nor potion.'

Oh dear, I thought miserably, time for an intervention.

'Ron, how dare you say that, I know we've been out of contact for a while, but really? This is not the time for silly schoolboy disputes.'

Ron started to argue, 'But…'

'But nothing Ron. After all these years I have come to face you, all I can ask is for your acceptance of Draco as my husband and the father of my children. If you deny me this, then I'm afraid our friendship will cease to exist, you either accept Draco or you don't, but Draco and I are married, I love him, and we come as a package.'

Harry, sensing danger looked from me to Draco, and rolled his eyes, finally realising what Ron just couldn't.
'Ron, I don't have a problem with Malfoy, ah, Draco.' He turned to me, 'Hermione, in our seventh year, I always wondered how close you both were when you two were working on that potion which destroyed the Horcruxes. Then earlier, your daughters silky blonde hair, gave me a slight clue, and Sage has Draco's eyes, and of course their names, Sage as in green for Slytherin, and Scarlet for red, Gryffindor.' Harry grinned, 'It's kind of obvious really, I can't believe I never thought about this before, I mean I saw Draco on the platform earlier, and now after seeing your girls, well, I'm surprised, but not in a bad way,' he spoke, pondering his thoughts and holding out a hand for Draco to shake.

'Thanks Pot- Harry,' said Draco, gripping Harry's hand firmly into a friendly shake and raising his brow pointedly at Ron.

'Well,' moaned Ron in defeat, 'If Malfoy makes you happy, then I'll accept him, but if he does anything to hurt you, then I will tear him apart.'

'Thats fair,' agreed Draco, 'but lets bear in mind, that if you two ever upset her, I will give you boils in places you didn't even know existed.'

I was shocked. My boys, my three boys, were all making their peace for me.

'Oh guys,' I cried, pulling all three of the bewildered men into a hug and sniffling into their shoulders as the smoke billowed from the engine and the bright red train rattled off into the distance, pulling away my children to the far off place they would soon call home.

I leaned back, and braced myself for the last surprise of the day, something I'd hidden even from Draco. He knew I had a new job, but that I was teaching at Hogwarts, nobody knew. It wouldn't be that hard, easy even. I mean who wouldn't be happy to see their wife, or best friend shipped off to their old school to teach, and become head of her old house for a whole year.

I breathed, 'Ok boys, the thing is…'