-1Summary: (Sasu/Sak) He dies but he is not sent to Heaven nor Hell. He was both good and bad therefore his fate cannot be picked just yet. He was given a mission from both Heaven and Hell. Whichever one he does will reveal where he is to go. But what happens when both missions have to do with a pink haired woman? Which mission will he choose when both break his heart? Will he choose to let her go and be with another or will he make sure she stays his? If so, how will he do it?




Chapter 1: Death and Tears

The man laid there, his own blood surrounding him. A deep hole was visible in his chest where his heart was suppose to be. His eyes were closed and his breathing had long ceased. Four people were sprawled all over the small field where the fight had taken place. There were three boys and a girl. All were bloody with many wounds, and bruises. The tallest and oldest of the four slowly sat up from the ground, his mask hiding most of his face so that only an eye was visible. He massaged his aching head and ran his hand threw his silver hair while slowly standing up and looking around the field.

He looked around and saw the dead body of the man. He smirked behind his mask and removed his eyes from the dead man to look and the other three bodies. One was by him no more than three yards away while the other two were right next to each other about ten yards from him by the entrance of the forest. He saw that all of them had many wounds and were pretty much beaten up. They were all semi-conscious, they weren't awake but they weren't asleep. The explosion had thrown all of them. How the two of them ended up together was a mystery to him but whatever. He slowly limped his way towards the one that was closets due to the fact that he had a dagger wound in his calf and thigh.

When he reached him he gently kicked him on his side. The blonde haired boy made no response and the man sighed. He slowly and carefully bent down on one knee and slapped the boy gently in the face a couple of times. The blonde haired boy slightly lifted his eyelid, letting the man catch a glimpse of his bright blue eyes.

"Naruto, wake up." The man told him and the boy fully lifted his eyelids.

"Wha…Kakashi-sensei? What…What happened?" Naruto asked while sitting up, grasping his head.

"There was an explosion and we all went flying." Kakashi told him.

"Oh, did we…you know beat him?" Naruto asked slowly turning his head to look for the man.

"Yeah we did. He's over there." Kakashi said and pointed towards the dead man. Naruto looked and the man and a grin made it's way to his face.

"Finally we did it." He told Kakashi.

"Yeah finally."

"How's the other two?" Naruto asked him.

"I don't know I haven't checked up on them yet. We're going home as soon as we wake them though so get off your butt." Kakashi said and slowly stood. He looked over to the other two in the team and limped his way over to them, leaving Naruto to get up by himself, which was somewhat difficult if one of your legs was broken. About half way to the two the girl sat up. She had pink hair and beautiful jade green eyes.

"Sakura." Kakashi said to her and she looked straight and him.

"Yeah?" She asked.

"Are you ok?"

"Yup. Sensei did we…"

"Yeah we beat him." Kakashi answered, knowing what the question was. He than began to walk towards them again wanting to see how bad there wounds were. Sakura smiled and turned to the raven-haired boy next to her. He was up, his onyx eyes were looking straight at her.

"Sasuke-kun, you alright?" She asked him and he snapped out of the trance he had been in. He went into a coughing fit and leaned over to the opposite side of where she was, coughing out bits of blood.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura exclaimed seeing him cough out blood.

"Sakura move." Kakashi said as he bent down on one knee and looked at Sasuke. Sakura moved to the side with a look of worry and concern as she stared at Sasuke.

"Sakura go get Naruto." Kakashi ordered and she nodded, giving Sasuke one last look before going to Naruto. She walked over to Naruto who was still sitting up, he didn't even bother to try and stand up when Kakashi left.

"Naruto." Sakura said to him a few tears escaping her eyes as she thought about what had just happened.

"Sakura-chan, are you ok?" He asked seeing the tears. Sakura bent down and hugged him sobbing into his shoulder.

"Sakura-chan…it'll be alright. Sasuke-teme is too stubborn to die. Don't worry." Naruto said comfortingly.

"I guess but what if he does? I…"

"He won't don't worry."

"But I can't just help think that he is. I know it's wrong to think like that but I love him so much. I don't want him to leave. Especially right after we defeated him." Sakura said to Naruto.

"I know, I know. Just calm down ok? Kakashi-sensei will take care of him for now." Naruto told her and rubbed her back comfortingly.

"I hope he's going to be ok." Sakura mumbled. She had a feeling it wasn't going to come true though. She had seen all the wounds Sasuke had received. He was worst than all of them, seeing as he was the one who fought the strongest person.

He had so many wounds, many minor ones and a few major ones. A cut on the right side of his head, from his ear to the beginning of his eyebrow, a hole that went threw his stomach, a hole threw his left shoulder blade some dagger cuts on his arms, legs, chest, back and a few small ones on his face. He had lost so much blood; it was a miracle that he wasn't already dead. He was dying she knew that but she didn't want to admit it. She also knew that Naruto knew as well but he was also denying it.

With Kakashi and Sasuke

"Sasuke can you hear me?"

"Yeah… sensei… I'm …not… deaf." He replied in between coughs.

"Sasuke I don't know how to tell you this but your…"

"Is he dead?" Sasuke asked quietly. This is all he wanted to know right now. He knew what Kakashi was going to say and he didn't want to be reminded of it.

"Yeah he's dead." Kakashi told him.

"Finally after so many years." Sasuke said before going into another fit of coughing out blood. He shut his eyes trying to make the pain that was now running threw his body go away but it wasn't working. All he saw was a white light coming into his eyes even when he reopened them.

"What the…" He mumbled as he saw the light.

'Come to take me already I see.' He thought sadly.

'Sasuke you are needed in the other world.' An angelic voice told him.

'Yes Sasuke you are.' This voice was more demonic than anything else.

'Who are you?' He asked.

'You'll learn as soon as you cross over.' The angelic voice told him.

'Yes so hurry your ass up.' The demonic voice said to him.

'I'm coming. Jeez you could be a little nicer. Idiot.' He said as his faded body walked towards the white light ahead of him, not knowing what was lying before him. 'I heard that.' The demonic voice growled before it too faded away along with the angelic voice. Sasuke wasn't the only thing that had faded; out in the real world his heartbeat did the same.

Kakashi's head hung low as he felt the boy's heart had stopped. He couldn't help the tears that started to roll down his cheeks as he looked at him. He could have prevented this from happening, he could have done something but he didn't he just watched. A shinobi is never to show his emotions. Well he just broke that rule, it's not like he cared though.

"Sakura, Naruto." He called not bothering to look at them.

Sakura and Naruto had just been waiting, sitting on the grass waiting for Kakashi to give them some kind of sign that Sasuke was alright or that he was…well they really weren't thinking about that when they heard Kakashi call them. His voice sounded sad and it was as if he was…

"Yeah Sensei? Is he going to be alright?" Sakura asked with hope in her voice but it was soon crushed when he turned to face them and she saw the trails the tears had left behind.

"Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked with uncertainty.

"We're leaving now." He told them as he stood.

"Sensei, he's not…is he?" Naruto asked his eyes filling with unshed tears.

Kakashi just nodded. Sakura bursted out in crying while Naruto had tears slip down his cheeks as he held onto Sakura who was sobbing into his neck. All were in silence for a few moments.

"Well at least he killed his brother before he died." Naruto said trying to lighten up the mood at least a bit.

"Yeah." Kakashi said sadly. Sakura just kept crying into Naruto's shoulder.

"Sakura, stop crying, he wouldn't want this." Naruto told her but she wasn't listening she still didn't believe what Kakashi had said. She didn't believe he was dead even though deep down in side her something was telling her that he was.

Kakashi knew she would take the news hard after all she was the one who was in love with him for the past five years. Even after he left she still loved him. When he had returned a year later at the age of 16 she was so happy but she had changed from the little girl who always clinged to him into a young woman. He must have noticed this too because they hung out more often, sparred with each other and some other things but just as friends. Even they thought more of each other than just friends. Sakura had told him that she loved him once but all he did was say I know and walk away, breaking her heart into pieces. And now a week later he's dead.

Kakashi was thinking of how to get out of here. He was too injured to carry both of the Uchiha's and Naruto nor Sakura could carry them either so getting out of here was going to be hard. Well he thought it was until he felt familiar chakra signals quickly coming their way. No more than a few moments later did five people show up besides Sakura and Naruto. There was Neji, Shikamaru, Hinata, TenTen and Ino.

"What's a matter with forehead girl?" Ino asked Naruto and he glared at her. Everyone was a bit shocked; all of them had grown somewhat close to each other during the past five years and were like family.

"Kakashi." Neji acknowledged and everyone looked towards him.

"Must have been one hell of a fight here." Shikamaru commented looking around at the field and at Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi.

"Yeah it was." Naruto said to them.

"Where's Sasuke?" TenTen asked and Sakura cried harder into Naruto's neck. Naruto and Kakashi hung there heads low.

"No…he's not…" Ino trailed off.

"He is." Kakashi told them and all looked saddened and the girls had some tears leave their eyes. Even Neji showed a little bit of sadness in his eyes.

"Sakura." Hinata said as she knelt down next to Naruto.

Ino and TenTen followed the suite. Sakura looked up at them, her eyes were red and puffy filled with tears and there were tears running down both of her cheeks. She flung herself into Ino's arm cried even more. TenTen and Hinata patted her back while Naruto tried to stand but his leg prevented it. Neji and Shikamaru helped him up and he leaned on them for support.

"Sakura it'll be ok. Don't worry." Ino told her.

"How can it be ok if he's dead?" Sakura shouted.

"Sakura you have to calm down. He wouldn't want you like this." Hinata told her.

"I know but I can't help it." Sakura said to them trying to calm herself down.

"Neji you and I will take both Uchiha's." Kakashi said to him and he nodded.

He let go of Naruto after making sure he wouldn't fall and went to help Kakashi with Itachi and Sasuke.

"Sakura we have to leave now. Can you walk?" TenTen asked her and she nodded to them as she slowly stood up, only a few tears were escaping her eyes now. She was wobbly as she stood and would have fell if Ino, TenTen and Hinata weren't there to help her.

After a minute she finally stood up. "Now that we have the standing part done can you walk without falling or wobbling?" Ino asked and Sakura nodded but since the three girls weren't too convinced they kept an eye on her.

Sakura took a step forward and as soon as she placed her leg on the ground it gave out and she started to fall as pain made its way threw out both her legs. She yelped in surprise. Luckily Hinata caught her and helped her up.

"Maybe I can't walk." Sakura stated as she looked at her leg to see why she couldn't walk.

"Let me take a look at your legs." Hinata said as she let go of Sakura making sure she wasn't going to fall first. Than she knelt down and examined her leg.

"Well you have a few cuts here and there on your leg, they aren't that serious but you have a huge gash on the right side of you left leg and on your right calf. That's why you can't walk." Hinata said to her and she stood up again.

"So what are we going to do? We can't carry her." TenTen said to them.

"Yeah but I know who can." Ino said with a smirk and she turned towards Shikamaru. Hinata and TenTen followed the suite.

"What?" He asked confused.

"Oh, Shika-kun can you do me a favor?" Ino asked innocently.

"What?" He asked.

"Can you carry Sakura since she can't walk." She asked him.

"Absolutely not." He replied and she pouted but soon her pout turned into an angry face.

"And why the hell not?" She exclaimed and he backed up a few steps seeing her blazing eyes.

"I have to hold Naruto." Shikamaru told her.

"He can lean on Hinata or someone. You're the only one strong enough to carry Sakura. So you are going to right?" Ino asked him daring him to say no

. "O-ok. I-I w-ill." Shikamaru stuttered.

"Good." Ino said happily.

"How troublesome." He mumbled but Ino heard it.

"What was that?" Ino asked with a vein popping out of her forehead.

"Nothing." He replied.

"That's what I thought." She said.

"Hinata can you help Naruto over here?" Shikamaru asked ignoring Ino.

"Sure." She said as she walked over to him. He moved Naruto so he was leaning on Hinata and then picked Sakura up bridal style making sure not to hit her wounds. But he hit one unfortunately. Sakura sharply inhaled and she winced in pain.

"Sakura you ok?" TenTen asked seeing her wince and hearing her inhale quickly.

"F-fi-fine." She managed to get out.

"Shikamaru you didn't hit her wounds did you?" TenTen asked and he shrugged.

"I don't know." He replied.

"Sakura did he?" Hinata asked.

Sakura nodded her head and said, "Yeah my side. I have a few broken ribs and a cut."

"Shika-kun you idiot." Ino yelled. "No Ino it's ok. I'll be fine." "Are you sure?" Ino asked but before she could get answer Sakura fainted. "Sakura? Sakura?" Ino asked. "She fainted." Shikamaru said bluntly. "What do you mean she fainted?" Ino yelled. "She's out." He told her.

"Well that's better don't you think? At least she can a bit of rest." TenTen said before Ino could do something to Shikamaru. "Yeah, I guess." Ino said. "You guys ready?" Neji asked as he walked towards them with Sasuke hung over his shoulder. Kakashi was next to him with Itachi over his shoulder. "What happened to Sakura?" he asked. "She fainted." Naruto told him.

"Ok well I guess it's time to head back to the village." Kakashi said. "Yeah." Everyone said. "At least Sasuke got his revenge." Neji said all of a sudden. "Yeah but there are no more Uchiha's in the world and there never will be ever again." Ino said sadly. "Let's just go guys." Naruto said to them and they all keep quiet the rest of the way to Kohona.

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