Red-brown eyes opened to a comfortable darkness. She inhaled and caught the masculine scent of the man next to her beneath the thin white sheet.

"Riza," he said softly, obviously awake, "Tell me, why did you get this again?"

His rough index finger (covered too often by white igniter-cloth) traced the outline of the alchemy circle permanently inked on her bare back. He knew the array all too well; it was his own, the Flame Alchemist's. When he brushed his finger over the scar tissue stretched across her left shoulder blade, the skin rippled a little (she'd always been ticklish). Riza, sighing, took her black-haired companion's hand and pulled it over her unclothed stomach, letting him pull her closer to his own body. "It means I belong to no one but you," she told him, turning her head to see him in the darkness. She couldn't see it, but she was aware of his grin.

"That's a good thing," he responded, propping himself onto one elbow and sliding his hand down between her waist and the mattress, "Because I wouldn't let anyone else have you…" He planted wet kisses along her jaw line and down her neck to her collar bone.

Riza smiled and turned to catch his lips with her own, her body facing his entirely now.

Author: Wolf Creek
StoryType: Drabble
Elapsed Time (editing included): 5 mins
Beta: None

Note: Since the new chapter of the manga, 57, and seeing Riza's tattoo, I couldn't help but write up something like this.