Spring Break


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Riza just walked in from the bathroom to the office when she was surprised to see that the Colonel was not at his desk working...like he should be.

She went over to his desk and found that his paperwork still laid untouched.

Stubborn, lazy, procrastinator... Riza thought to herself as she took half of the work to do herself.

Might as well start it...like he would notice part of it was gone... Riza thought as she sat down and began to sign and correct papers using the Colonel's name.

Just as she almost finished the paper she was on, Roy Mustang comes running in with an envelope in his hand.

"Hey Hawkeye! Are you doing anything next week over spring break?" Roy asked excitedly.

"No...why?" Hawkeye asked suspiciously.

"Well..I have these tickets to Rush Valley and I can't find anyone who can come with me. So...," Roy explains.

"Why don't you ask one of your girlfriends? You have over 50...," Riza joked.

Roy glared at this comment, but then brushed it aside and asked," Will you, Riza Hawkeye...come with me?"

By this point, Roy had gotten on one knee and kneeled to Riza to make it look like he was purposing to her.

"Sir? Why are you acting so strangely?" Riza asks bewildered.

"I'm just so excited about spring break and I would love it if you would come with me," Roy said as he stood up and gave her one of his charming smiles that made her go weak in the knees.

"Well...," Riza said as she started to give in.

"Please..." Roy whined.

"Alright! Fine. When do we leave?" Riza asked as she watched the Colonel have a victory dance.

"What?" Roy asked completely oblivious to Riza's question.

"When do we leave?" Riza repeats, but is more frustrated than before.

"Oh...in two hours..." Roy said sheepishly.

Riza's eyes began to widen and her starts to drop a little.

"In two hours?" Riza repeats.

"Yes..so...I guess I will have to help you pack..since I am already packed," Roy says as he thinks Now I can finally see her in a mini skirt...

"No sir. I can pack on my own. You just meet me at the train station in an hour and thirty minutes," Riza answers calmly.

"Fine...," the Colonel replies unhappy.

Pervert... Riza thinks to herself as she walks out of the office to go home and pack.

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Riza made it promptly at the train station just 10 minutes before boarding time, but the Colonel was not there yet.

What a shocker! Riza thinks sarcastically to herself.

Roy comes up behind Hawkeye and says," Sorry I'm late. I had a few things to get."

Riza turns around and is surprised to see a small, gift bag with a card that said To:Riza From: Roy.

"Sir, you didn't have to get me anything," Riza says blushing as she takes the present from Roy.

"It's Roy, not sir or Colonel," Roy corrects.

"Ok, thank you Roy," Riza says properly with a small smile.

Man, she's so cute when she smiles Roy thinks to himself. She should do it more often...

The conductor blows his whistle and yells, "All aboard!"

Roy and Riza grab their things and head onto the train

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