Spring Break

Chapter 20: Together For Eternity


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Roy has gotten all the ingredients needed and has set them up in the circle. Now all that is left is…her soul. What can he put in there that will represent her soul?

Roy looks around the room and finds the locket he got when she died. He walks over to it and opens it to find a lock of blonde hair. Her blonde hair.

He gently takes it into his fingers and walks over to the circle. He looks at the hair thoughtfully and then gently places it in the middle of the circle.

He steps back and looks at his work. So far anyway.

He gets on his knees and then claps his hand together, but hesitates before he activates the circle.

What happens if something goes wrong? Ed and Al are a perfect example of what could happen…but they knew what could happen and they still took the chance…for their mother.

This is the love of Roy Mustang's life. His soul mate. His Riza.

The consequences don't matter. All that matters is…her.

Roy places his hand in the circle and a flash of gold light consumes the room.

All seems to be going well, until Roy sees…a gate….

Suddenly, hands from all over take over Roy and pull him through holding him down tightly as he struggles to be free.

When he looks ahead he sees…her…in his memories…when she said he was useless in the rain, when they fought in Ishbal, when Maes died and she was there, when she and Roy went on that stupid vacation and she lost her life…and when Emily…his baby sister died…

Roy blinks away tears and when his eyes open, he is in front of the gate. The same gate from before.

It slowly creeks open and eyes of all shapes, sizes, and colors stare intently at him.

"Where's Riza?" He asks.

No one makes a sound.

"Where is she?" Roy yells. "Where is Riza?"

"I'm here…"

Roy turns around and finds his Riza standing before him in jeans and his button up shirt. The outfit she wore when she was killed.

"Riza…" Roy slowly walks toward her.

She looks different, he notes.

She is more transparent. Ghost like. But still as beautiful as ever.

"I love you…" He whispers.

He pulls her roughly to him.

She whispers softly, "They want a price…"

"What? Who?" Roy asks as he peers into Riza's wine eyes.

"They want a price…for you to be with me…" She whispers.

He looks back toward the gate. Back toward the millions of eyes.

"Me…" He says plainly.

"Roy! I can't let you do that!" Riza replies.

"Yes…you can…I will give them me, so that I can spend the rest of eternity with you," Roy states plainly.

"Alright…Come with me then…" Riza replies as she takes his hand and leads him into the depths of the gate.

The End

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