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Chapter 1: It's a long way to 34 Tilloughby Grove

Orchid's jaw cracked as she gave a great, big yawn. She maneuvered her way through the crowded welcoming terminal in Heathrow and found the signs leading to the tube. She cast a longing glance at the Starbucks next to the customs exit, but dragged resolutely onward. She hadn't exchanged any of her dollars yet, and what money she had she needed for more important things than a grande cardboard cup of steaming tea.

Finally she found the tube station for a train to King's Cross, just as her mom had instructed her to do. As soon as she boarded the small car, she collapsed onto the hard plastic seat, and closed her eyes, keeping a firm grip on the handle of her large suitcase.

It had been a whirlwind couple of weeks. Explaining to the Mendellsohns that her mother was sending her to a boarding school in Scotland (but she still might have to come back for the summer), packing her few belongings, and saying goodbye to her even fewer friends would've drained Orchid had it not been for her eagerness to go...somewhere other than here. But even her excitment was not enough to hold her up for flying one hour from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, three and a half hours from LA to Chicago, and another eight hours from Chicago to London. Twelve and a half hours of travel! And that wasn't even counting the hour or so layover in Chicago.

Orchid was exhausted.Thankfully, Lily had kept her company throughout, talking to Orchid softly inside her head--where she had taken up a temporary resisdence--comforting, instructing, and answering many, many questions. Orchid was bursting to know everything she could about what she had come to think of as Heaven. She didn't think much about the whole dark-lord-taking-over-the-world thing. She was getting a new school, a new home, a new family, a new life. Nothing bad could come of starting over.

How did wizards perform their magic?

Wands? Will I get one? How about a black cat too?

What kind of music do they listen to?

Where do wizards live if they can't be seen by normal peop—I mean, muggles?

Will I have to wear a pointy black hat? Do witches ride broomsticks?

What on earth is Quidditch?

Then there was the infinite amount of questions burning in her head about her new school...

What's my school called again? ("Hogwarts? Ew. Sounds like something you go to the doctor to get burned off.)

I have to wear a uniform? Ugh.

What's this sorting again?

What subjects will I be taking?

Potions? That's so cool!

And about her "new" family...

What was Dad like?

Did you love each other?

Will I get to see him too?

Oh. What's my brother, Harry like?

What happened to our godfathers?

God—oh, sorry! Merlin, poor Harry, he must feel awful.

What will it be like going to Hogwarts?

Why the hell did you name me "Orchid"?

"What? Don't you like it?" Lily had demanded. "It's such a pretty flower, and, besides, the women in my family have always been named for flowers."

"Yes, but couldn't you have named me somthing a little more normal? Like Rose, or Daisy?"

"Where's the fun in a name like Daisy? And every third girl is called Rose these days! ...Would you rather I'd named you Pansy, like that prissy little bi—er, witch, Cecily Parkinson called her daughter? Hmm?"

"Ugh. no. Is her daughter really named Pansy?"

"Unfortunately, yes. In fact, you'll meet her at Hogwarts, she should be in your class there...though not in your house of course, she's a Slytherin."

"What are the houses again?"...

"Lily—er, Mom?" Orchid called silently as her body bounced from side to side on the train.

"Yes, dear?"

"What if no one believes me? I mean, why should they believe that some random American girl who knows next to nothing about the wizarding world, is who she says she is?"

" I think it will be your ignorance that will be most convincing. Any witch or wizard can learn all about our family from news archives, but a girl who was sent to be raised as a muggle wouldn't know the first thing about family or the wizard world. Besides, Remus should remember you."

"Oh yeah. He's my godfather, and Sirius is Harry's, right?"


"I hope he remembers me." Orchid thought as the train slowed to a screeching halt. She dragged her rolling suitcase to a sign that showed directions to the different tube lines. Daunted by the brightly colored lines criss-crossing each other on the map, Orchid felt a small sphere of panic rise in her throat.

"Lost, love?" Asked a rumbling, Cockney voice beside her.

"Huh?" Orchid turned to see a short, stocky policeman with a bristling grey moustache standing beside her, and smiling encouragingly.

"I arsked if yeh was lost, and was in need o' some 'elp?" He said.

"Oh! yes, um, yes I am lost." She stuttered.

The policeman was quiet, waiting for her to continue. After a moment, he gave up, and asked "Where d'ya want teh go, then?"

"Um, Camden Road?" Orchid said, timidly, repeating what Lily was whispering to her.

"Ah! Then ye'll want teh tyke this 'ere dark blue line up tah Camden. The blue line would be that-a-way, missy." The officer said, pointing her in the right direction.

"Oh, uh, thank you, sir!" Orchid said, as she pulled her suitcase along towards the incoming train.

Another tube ride later, Orchid was stepping at last into the bright, cool sunshine of a English summer day. She was disappointed that she hadn't gotten to see the centre of London, but figured there'd be another time for that. Now she had to find the address of her godfather, Remus J. Lupin.

"34 Tillghouby Grove, 34 Tilloughby Grove..." Orchid repeated the address to herself.

After some wrong turns, and several misheard directions (Orchid was beginning to doubt that English was actually spoken here), Orchid approached the worn, stone steps of number 34 Tilloughby Grove. Looking up at faded red bricks of the semi-detached house, Orchid smiled. She liked this house, it felt homey already. If only she could summon the courage to ring the doorbell.

"Go on, then," Lily urged. "knock. Ring the bell, you can't get in just by standing here, and staring at the door. He's got more powerful wards on the house than that. For Merlin's sake, you're an Evans and a Potter! Have a little courage, my dear!"

Orchid, feeling sufficiently ashamed of herself, pursed her lips together, and strode up the steps to the brass knocker. Before she could think too much about what she was doing, Orchid lifted the knocker, and...

She heard a voice from within; two to be exact. She paused, and strained her ears to listen.

"...look terrible. Have you eaten at all?...no? You should, you need your strength..."

"...happens every full moon...should know by now..."

"...but even a werewolf needs..."

"...ssshh. I promise, I'll..."

"...alright. See you around..."

The door suddenly swung open, and a girl with blindingly pink hair, stepped out, shouting over her shoulder,

"Wotcher Rem—Whooooa there!"

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