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Everyone orbed in under the cloaked by Wyatt or Leo.

Predayis spun around, Tahirah was in a crystal like cage, with evil Reyna standing next to it.

"Where the hell did they come from" He thought

"Well that just proves we are smarter then you" Pacific said with a cocky smile.

Predayis retaliated by throwing an energy ball at her. Although he knew full well it wasn't going to be that easy.

"Pacific look out" Piper yelled.

"What did you say your name was?" Predayis asked with an evil grin on his face.

"Why do you care?" Pacific asked angrily

"Oh… no reason… I just knew your parents"

Everyone sort of froze, Pacific's parents are dead, but no one knew what kind of demon killed them.

"Shut up" Pacific said furiously

"Oh I'm sorry… you don't like talking about your parents?" He asked laughing

"I swear to god I'll kill you"

"No you won't… because I killed your parents… if I can kill them, I'm sure I can handle their stupid little daughter" He said sneering

"You asshole" Phoebe screamed

Predayis just stared at her undeterred.

"She's channeling my anger, and how much do you want to bet that I won't kick your ass straight to hell" Pacific said her voice quivering with anger.

"We have to get Tahirah out of the cage first" Reyna yelled.

During the time Pacific Predayis had been talking a few more of his demonic minions had turned up.

Once Reyna had yelled, they attacked.

It was a mess in the manor, there were energy balls going everywhere. Reyna was trying to save Tahirah, but wasn't having much luck, seeing as the evil Reyna could pretty much mirror her moves.

Although she did finally get the upper hand by pretending to be busy fighting with the evil Reyna, she psychokinetically moved one of the black crystals, causing the cage to fail. When evil Reyna was distracted by the cage going down, Pacific chucked Reyna a knife that she's materialized. Good Reyna stabbed evil Reyna, and just like all demons, she disappeared in a big explosion of flames.

"No" Tahirah yelled.

Everyone was too busy fighting the other demons to actually here Tahirah, but Reyna heard her.

"What's the matter?" She asked

"You just killed my sister" Tahirah said crying

The words hit Reyna hard.

"I'm your sister… she was evil"

"You guys get over here" Chris yelled at them both.

Predayis was protecting himself from any cross fire with a shield.

"We've each got to use a power to stop him" Wyatt said.

Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Cole, Leo and Kyle were busy fighting the rest of the demons, and left the kids to fight Predayis.

Chris used his astral protejection to confuse Predayis, causing him to let his guard down a bit.

"Tahirah use your Chrono Telekinesis" Pacific yelled

Tahirah quickly swapped places with Predayis, he was surprised by this so he let his shield go.

Wyatt used his telekinesis to levitate him in the air, making him an easy target.

"You have to hit him with 3 different balls of energy, to destroy him" Cole yelled while trying to dodge energy balls himself.

"Great you could have told us that earlier" Chris yelled back.

"No it's ok… I have an idea" Pacific said, "Reyna can you use your psychokinesis to tape into his powers and throw an energy ball?"

"Yeah… I can try" Reyna called

"Good… Cameron you send a fire ball and I'll use my hydrokinesis" Pacific told everyone

Reyna concentrated hard, then an energy ball suddenly appeared in her hand.

"I did it" she yelled happily.

"That's great… on three we throw the balls… ready… one…two…three" Pacific yelled

Reyna threw the energy ball hitting Predayis square in the chest, then Cameron with his fire ball, and last but defiantly not least, Pacific hit him so hard with her hydrokinesis, that no one would have survived the force.

Predayis landed hard on the floor of the manor. But he didn't disappear.

"Just for a little something extra" Pacific said has she stabbed him fair in the chest, causing him to blow up much the same as evil Reyna did.

The rest of the group were still fighting the other demons, but they were clearly winning.

"Need a hand?" Wyatt asked smiling

"Nah… I think we got it under control" Paige said laughing, as she orbed a knife into the last demons chest.

"So I take you guys vanquished Predayis" Phoebe said smiling

"This is going to cost a fortune to fix" Piper said with dismay.

Everyone just laughed.

"I've got a better idea" Paige said.

"Let the object of objection,

Become but a dream

As I cause the scene

To become unseen."

"Nicely done" Pacific said smiling.

"Thank you"

"Well I say it's time to relax" Paige said.

"Good idea" Phoebe agreed.

"Should I go pick Makenzie up from Magic School?" Cameron asked his mum.

"Yup, she'll be at the play center" Phoebe replied.

"Mum we'll be back for dinner" Wyatt said to Piper, and he took Pacific hand and they orbed out.

"Ok" Piper said to nobody, because they were already gone.

The Bridge

"I am so glad that's over" Wyatt said sitting down. "Hey are you ok?"

"Yeah… it's just it seems to easy… he was the one that killed my parents… and now he's gone… but my parents are still dead" Pacific said with tears running down her check.

"Don't worry… everything will be alright" Wyatt said reassuringly.

They sat there until they feel asleep.

Life went on as normal, after that… well as normal as it ever was for the Charmed Ones.

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