All normal dislcaimers apply.

Because we can't al be Angels.

There used to be only two graves here, two angels. He used to lay flowers at their feet every Saturday, lilies for the first angel, and daisies under the second. And when a third angel was added, he didn't even cry, he just placed lilacs under it as well. But now he no longer lays flowers on these graves. Because he's dead too. I killed him. And I didn't even shed a tear for him. I just killed him and walked away.

Now there's a fourth grave. But it isn't an angel, like the other three. When they asked me to choose a stone,I chose a concrete rose. He always said he hated angels. That they were a lie. A lie cloaked in promises that weren't kept. I suppose he was right after all.

And now, I lay flowers on all of the graves every Saturday in his place. Lilies, lilacs, daisies and a single red rose. When I die, if anyone remembers, I'd like my stone to be a rose too. Next to his. I'm sure he'd approve. Because we can't all be Angels.

I think you can figure out who this is... I think.