Yes, another oneshot. I'm not sure I like it... but I'll upload it anyway, 'cause it's been a while, no?

I hope you like it more than I do.

And, again, I don't own Harry Potter. Someday, though!

I'm done playing around.

I can't believe I've never put two and two together; every year, Voldemort comes after me. So far, I've held him off, through blind, dumb luck. Just luck.

Sometime my luck was bound to run out.

Sirius died because I couldn't fight Voldemort; I sat in classes, goofing off. I've never studied without Hermione nagging at me to. I've never taken any initiative towards destroying Voldemort.

Never did I look at the clues. Every year, he came after me. Every year, I was the one to fight him. Every time, I fought him alone.

This is my fight.

And I will be ready.