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Chapter 1: "Amestris"

The cool breezes of spring wafted their way through the open window of the general's office. Roy Mustang, deep in thought, stared through the drawn-back curtains as the breeze blew about his shock of straight black hair. He absent-mindedly drew his hand across his eye-patch, having grown accustomed to its presence and his lack of vision. It had been so long since the night that Archer had tried to kill him…

"General! We need you to sign these – it's regarding the new recruitment policy. Hey, chief, are you ok?" asked Lieutenant Colonel Jean Havoc, one of Roy's subordinates.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine… Just… dozed off for a bit, that's all," Roy said distractedly.

"Are you sure, chief? You've been out of it for days now – is it Riza?"

Havoc knew not to be too concerned about the former Lieutenant and current first lady, but still, there had been so many problems in the past. Problems no one, not even Roy, could have helped.

Amestris had changed a lot over the years – the government that had been put in place shortly after Bradley's disappearance had been working well, but still required help from the military regarding political handlings, which meant that all the top military officers, including Roy, who had been reinstated as the Flame Alchemist and promoted following the invasion launched on Amestris almost 7 years ago, still had to work overtime to keep things running smoothly. Yet not smooth enough… There had been, and still was, pockets of government and military resistance – old terrorist groups that refused to die. Some of them had managed to keep low and continue to organize a plan for revenge. They had struck back in the most underhanded and gruesome of ways: they killed the children of government and military leaders. The insurgents had grown to cover people in every field until a vast underground terrorist group had been formed that could infiltrate and expose the families and their children. One of the group's more dramatic and public displays involved members of the cleaning and wait staff of one of the legislation leaders in the government; while the legislator was at the government building, the terrorist members had overtaken, bound and gagged the legislator's wife. They then shot the couple's four-year old daughter and then hung her from a tree that reached out across the large stone wall surrounding the property, with words of hate, malice, and warning written in blood upon the wall beneath her hanging body. Shortly after this, the group was ratted out and the majority of them captured and taken to the Central City military prison. Unfortunately, this did not spare Roy and Riza their share of heartache. In fact, they were one of the first ones attacked. The insurgents knew that it was Roy who had killed their beloved fuehrer, and it was he who would pay: with blood. Riza had gone to the hospital to give birth to their first child, neither parent knowing about the terrorist group or what would happen a few hours later. The doctor, a firm supporter of the fallen fuehrer, had agreed to help the insurgents. He purposely botched the delivery, killing the baby and nearly doing the same to Riza. Roy was furious and devastated: his wife had been severely injured, and they had killed his child before it could even take a breath – they had killed his only son.

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