Chapter 6: How Soon Is Now?

"Kaoru…we need to talk…I love…"

"No, you can't say this now…it's rushing the story!" Kaoru said, her voice loud and her hands placed firmly on her hips.

"What?" Kenshin countered, completely confused by her outburst. "What story?"

"Who said anything about a story?" Kaoru huffed, turning her face towards the sky, "I said you can't say this now…I'm a little baffled." She bit her lip and the slight soreness quickly reminded her of moments ago…when he had…kissed her.

Maa, Maa! Don't be confused. It wasn't that Kaoru didn't enjoy the kiss; she most certainly did and most likely would have continued on like any normal woman in love with Kenshin…but was very lady-like in the fact it wasn't something to be done in front of others. (Especially perverts like Megumi and Sanosuke!)

"Kaoru-dono, I'm so sorry." Kenshin whispered, dropping to his knees in front of her. "I tempted myself and selfishly took advantage of you…this one is such a low creature, this one never should have even thought to do something like that to you."

"Idiot!" She scoffed, "I don't care about you kissing me, I really liked that you kissed me!" She said, throwing her hands up in the air, "I just didn't like the fact it was in front of other people!" She thought for a moment, though maybe in front of Megumi wasn't that bad.

Her inner evil self giggled madly.

"This one deeply apologizes for it." He said, his voice low and humble. Currently, within his mind he was contemplating on whether or not to leave her because he still hadn't gotten through his thick head that she greatly approved of him…GREATLY SO!


"Jou-chan! Kenshin! We're leaving! It's a minute passed midnight, Kenshin's birthday is officially over!" And with that…everyone left.

It was dead quiet.

And Kenshin felt like stabbing himself with a sword. He broke his promise to himself. What was the point now? Wait another year?

No friggin' way, as Sano says…

And as dirty as it is…

His downstairs brain couldn't wait any longer! It was time! There was no more waiting anymore. He couldn't do it to her or himself. He wasn't trying to be selfish…he wasn't trying to fulfill his needs…

He just wanted to love her…and for her to be his wife.

"What am I waiting for?" He asked her suddenly. His old persona quickly leaving and a new one taking place. The one true Kenshin, possibly? "I know you love me Kaoru-dono!" He shouted, standing up and pointing at her. "Don't deny it!" He said, his voice squeaking slightly with tension.

She gasped and covered her mouth, "You knew?" She turned, quickly trying to figure out where she went wrong in keeping her love a secret…

"Ah ha I knew it!" he shouted again like he didn't know what he had spoken before. Thinking again, no this persona is just crazy with lust…

Kaoru sweat-dropped, "Kenshin you heard me scream it out loud before didn't you?" She frowned deeply, inwardly plotting to kill Misao for making her shout her secrets aloud.

But then suddenly Kenshin got on his knees quickly and took her hand in his own. "I love you."

Oh crap! It was out!

Kaoru blinked, "You actually said it…before I did…" She stared at him in wonder, "It's so hard to believe…did you really say that?!" She was quiet for a few moments.

"Well I'm off to bed now…" She got up, leaving a star-struck Kenshin behind.

"WHAT?" He wondered aloud turning back to see a slightly angry Kaoru, "I'm GOING to BED now!"

Nothing clicked for Kenshin.


Finally, like a timer in his brain. "Oh! BED!" he called back. "Right! Me too!"

Kaoru nodded in annoyance then turned back on her way. A slight excitement rose in her stomach, she felt so naughty for doing something that was so looked down upon; but then she thought that nothing could really stop the love that flowed through the two. She as well as other people felt it and they were waiting for the time when they finally would commit to those oh-so-obvious feelings.

She didn't think she could hold out any longer…and she never actually stated that his little present had ended though the day was finished. She would tell him herself when she was no longer a slave to him. Though maybe, she thought with a smile, she would somehow be a slave to his heart.

She skipped to her room now, excited for the new adventure that was about to start for her. Some many wonderful things could happen now…

He could ask her to marry him!

Or she could get…

She shook her head; she didn't want to think about that right now and she barely had a chance to think when Kenshin ran up from behind her and picked her up in his arms.

"I want to ask you something." He said, stopping in front of her door. He set her on the ground and she opened the shoji for him.

"Yes?" She asked, failing to hide the exhilaration in her voice. She stumbled into her room and feel upon the shoji that had been laid out this morning. Kenshin slammed the shoji behind him and came up to her. He bent over her, a placed his lips upon her neck, slowly working up towards her ear.

"I want you to tell me you'll marry me…my dear slave. Say yes as your last order from your Master." He whispered, in her ear. "You must tell me yes…" He said again, scattering kisses back down towards her neck.

She whimpered happily, "Yes, yes, yes and a thousand more after that." She replied, "Now my Master…can I make one request?" she asked coyly.

He looked up at her and nodded. "Anything for my wife-to-be." He smiled softly at her…he was truly ready for anything now.

"I want you to make me yours now." She said softly, fearing his answer…hoping that her pervious thoughts would come true…hoping that this all would turn out right.

"How soon is now Kaoru-koishii?"