Just My Luck

Chapter Fourteen

One thing before I begin. I have not abandoned fanfiction. I took a much-needed break, and then I had some personal issues to sort out (not drugs. Depression came back). And, yeah, I know I don't update frequently, but I'm in college (a music education major- I have eleven classes in the fall. My friends all have four. Eleven. ELEVEN- and thats not even counting Symphonic Band). I also work two jobs. And I have an actual life, and sometimes, I just wanna go to the beach, ya know?

I promise you I'm not leaving anytime soon. And that eventually- this story will be finished.

In this chapter: Danny saves Sam (multiple times), Tucker is a dork, and a ghostly visitor. Oh, and chick flicks.

I turned around just as I began to push the chord in. "Danny, are you-"

Danny shoved me out of the way a nanosecond before the outlet began to shoot sparks. I lay in a heap on the floor, Danny on top of me, as the lights went out.

Tucker came running over as fast as he could. "Sam! Sam! Are you okay?"

"I think so." I sat up gingerly and rubbed my shoulder where it had smacked the ground.

"Sam," Danny's hands were all over me, checking for injuries, "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," I grimaced, "Just a little sore from hitting the ground, that's all. I'm not electrocuted or anything."

Danny withdrew his hands from my shoulders and gave me a brief hug. "That's good."

Suddenly Danny's eyes grew wide. "I know why that happened."

"Why?" Tucker asked, helping me up. "Is the wiring faulty or something?"

Danny shook his head, and the lights went back on. "No. I remember."

I shook Tucker loose and took Danny's hand in mine. "What do you remember?"

Danny's eyes met mine, though his were far away. He said slowly, "Vlad. Vlad used to tinker around with this machine… the Ghost Portal. That's what it's called. Yeah. The Ghost Portal…"

Danny had trailed off. "And?" I prompted him.

Danny's gaze was still in the past. "My parents believed that using the Ghost Portal was a safe and foolproof way to contact ghosts. It's kind of like an Ouija board. Only safer."

"Safer?" Tucker snorted. "Is it supposed to electrocute the people that want to use it?"

Danny shook his head no and released his hand from mine. "It's not supposed to. It was very close to working at the time I died. I just can't remember why Vlad was always screwing around with it…"

Danny had trailed off again, but this time a look of comprehension had dawned on his face. He whirled around and stared at the Ghost Portal again. "Vlad didn't want it to work," Danny finally said, "He wanted it to do that… electrocute… but now I can't remember why."

I reached out and took Danny's shoulders. "You'll remember. I promise. I'll help."

Danny smiled at me. "Thanks, Sam."

Tucker snickered until I glared at him.

We searched for only an hour more before Tucker began to complain, very vocally, about how hungry he was. "Saaaaaam, I'm huuungryyyy."

"Tucker, you just told me that not even five minutes ago!" I stuck my head up from a box I had been digging through.

"It doesn't change the fact that I'm hungry." Tucker stated, stabbing his finger into the table for emphasis.

I sighed exasperatedly. "Okay, fine, you win. Danny, I need to get PDA-boy his food."

"I can make pancakes again," Danny said excitedly, scooping me up.

"Um…" Tucker's face was very amused. "Pancakes? Since when do ghosts cook?"

"Since always," Danny said conversationally, picking Tucker up. Tucker let out a little squeak of surprise at being touched, "And I happen to make good pancakes. Just ask Sam."

"Ohhh…" A mischievous look crossed over Tucker's face, "I can just ask Sam, can I?"

Blushing furiously, I mumbled, "They were good."

Tucker continued to snicker, "I was just going to ask if we could order pizza."

"Pizza's fine, I guess… just no meat," I said as Danny placed us down in the kitchen.

Tucker raced toward the phone. "Why, are you a vegetarian or something?"

"I'm an ultra-recyclo-"

"I know, Sam, I know. Half and half, then?" Tucker widened his eyes at me and stuck out his lip a little, "Please?"

"Oh fine," I smiled. "Just as long as my half is bigger."

"No can do, goth girl. Didn't you ever take math?" Tucker said cheerfully as he dialed the number. "Yes, hey, I'd like one pizza…"

The pizzas came quickly and Tucker ate with gusto. "Have you ever seen anything so disturbing?" I asked Danny, daintily biting into my slice.

Danny laughed. "If you had seen my dad eat, then maybe you'd have to rethink that question."

"Oh really?" Now I was intrigued.

Danny laughed again. "Well, my dad tried to make a grill that would cook things faster. He decided to power it with ghost-energy…"

"Go on," I urged, reaching for another slice.

Danny's eyes twinkled with amusement. "Well, whatever they cooked ended up… haunted."

"Haunted?" I snorted. "How does food end up haunted?"

"If you cooked something, it ended up possessed. We cooked hotdogs once…" Danny sighed, "They took refuge inside the fridge for two weeks before Jazz figured out how to get rid of them."

I started laughing. "Is this invention still around?"

"No, Jazz and my mom dismantled it and buried it in the backyard. They told my dad the hotdogs took it."

For a brief instant, I imagined telling Mr. Lancer the reason I didn't do my homework was because the mutant hotdogs ate it, and I laughed harder.

"Mmmph!" Tucker exclaimed, looking at his watch. "Oh man, I've gotta go."

Mine and Danny's head turned to where Tucker was frantically gathering his things, and stuffing the rest of the pizza in his mouth. "You okay, Tuck?" Danny asked.

"No no no, I have to be home in five minutes and I'm never gonna get there on time!" Tucker ran from the dining room and into the hall, gathering his coat and his boots. "Gotta go Sam, thanks for having me, loved the food- but I gotta run now."

"You fail to realize that we have an excellent mode of transportation among us," I said, snickering. "Danny, can't you just teleport him over there or something?"

Danny was snickering as well. "Yeah. I believe I can."

Danny took Tucker home in the time it took me to clean up the kitchen. When Danny rematerialized, I said, "Nice to have you back. Did Tucker make it home okay?"

Danny nodded. "He made it just in time."

"That's good."

Conversation lulled, and I didn't feel the need to make small talk. It was always the way I felt with Danny- at ease and not rushed. It was comforting.

The next day I slept until almost noon. Aunt Elma was sick and informed me that she would be taking over the couch for the day.

"Would you like to join me? We can have another movie day." Aunt Elma sniffled miserably.

"That sounds fine. I can walk to Blockbuster or something. What do you want?" I gathered my coat, but I was hoping Danny would show up and take me there instead.

"My soul is in need of chick flicks," Aunt Elma said, "Get a lot."

I nodded. "Sure thing. I'll get some."

I walked upstairs, whispering, "Danny? Are you there? I need a favor."

Danny appeared sitting on my windowseat. "I'm glad to help you, Sam. What is it?"

I smiled in spite of myself. Where had my independent spirit gone? "I just need to go to Blockbuster. Aunt Elma's sick and she wants movies, and I don't think she wants to spend the day alone. Can I get a lift?"

"Of course," Danny smiled. "Let's go."

Danny took me off guard by scooping me up into his chest. "Hang on,"

"I will, don't worry," I tightened my arms around his neck, watching as Amity flew by beneath us.

Aunt Elma and I made a day out of chick flicks. We watched musicals, like Rent, fashion ones, like The Devil Wears Prada, and classic ones, like Gone With The Wind.

As we headed up to bed, Aunt Elma called, "Sam, I know tomorrow's your birthday. What do you want for dinner?"

I paused a moment. "I'm dying for some pasta," I said finally, "How about Fettucini Alfredo?"

"Sounds perfect. I'll go to the store tomorrow and pick up the ingredients."

"Thanks," I opened the door to my room. Danny was still sitting on my windowseat.

"How was your day?" He asked me.

"It was fine," I said breezily, grabbing comfortable sleeping clothes from my drawers.

"Good to know." Danny stood up. "See you in the morning, then."

I nodded. "Till morning."

It was only a few hours later that I was rudely reawakened. Cold hands grasped my ankles and pulled me onto the floor with a thud.

"Ow," I sat up, holding my head. "Now, what the f-"

Cold hands pushed on my chest and smacked my head into the floor. "Language, medium."

Great. Inviso-Girl was back again. "Look," I said, pushing myself up to a standing position, "What do you want from me?"

Another shove and I was sent sprawling into my dresser. The clock fell off, striking my toes. The time was close to midnight.

"At least you're doing this at an almost decent hour," I grumbled to no one in particular. "I'll say it again: What do you want from me?"

A slap across my face. "Stop investigating."

"No," I swung wildly with my fists. "Look, you coward! Show yourself so we can have a real fight!"

A foot connected solidly with my stomach and I doubled over. "No!" The girl said harshly, "Stop investigating, and I will stop coming!"

"I won't stop investigating even if it's the death of me!" I screamed.

"Bad choice of words, little medium."

Hands closed around my throat. I gasped, clawing at those hands, kicking at the invisible ghost, but her superhuman strength prevailed.

A bull-like roar broke the silence. It was Danny, who pried the girl off me in less than a second. He had her pinned on the floor, again.

"Show yourself," He said harshly, "Now."

For a brief instant, a girl flickered before us: long blue hair, heavily done-up eyes, and a pair of black leather boots. Then she was gone.

I sat down in a heap, gasping.

"Are you alright?" Danny had forgone the injury check and went straight to the hugging this time.

"I'm good." My throat felt raw, my head was throbbing, and my toes hurt like hell, but I wasn't going to complain. It was far to nice to be in Danny's arms.

"You sure?" Danny let go of me, only to hold me at length and look me up and down. "Are you sure you're okay?"

Maybe I should have said something hurt if it made for a longer hug. "I'm just a little banged up, but none the worse for wear. I'm fine."

Danny's reproachful look made me giggle. "I'm fine," I insisted.

"What did this one want?" He asked, all business.

Now I grew uncomfortable. "She wanted me to stop investigating."

Danny reacted just as I thought he would- badly. "Then stop! This isn't important if you're in danger, Sam!"

I rolled my eyes. "I am not in danger. This is nothing too different than any other messy investigation I've been involved in. Ghosts come after me- I'm used to it. I've been doing this for fourteen years-"

"You mean fifteen," Danny said suddenly.


Danny motioned to the clock. "You've been doing this for fifteen years now. Happy birthday."

I looked at the digits on the clock. It was a little after midnight. "Yeah, you're right. Fifteen years and I've never gotten seriously hurt, Danny. Have a little faith."

"Sam. I've always had faith in you," Danny said softly, "And I always will."

He gathered me into a hug and didn't let go.

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