NOTE: (Mar. 31, 2006) Okay, I want you all to know that the episode that appeared on yesterday (Thurs., Mar. 30, 2006) about Chazz and his love for Alexis and how it all involved Atticus was NOT my inspiration for this! I began writing this on Tues. Mar. 28, 2006 and I did NOT look up any plot summaries! I was just as surprised at the episode because it reflected almost exactly what I wanted to write! But it will NOT be exactly that! The plot will be slightly similar in a stretched-out version however.

So, I just wanted to repeat that I did NOT steal the plot idea – I have TWO WITNESSES! Anywho, thank you for you time.

Warning: Mini-Spoilers Contained.

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Atticus' School for the Hopeless


Chapter 1:


Something was not right.

Something was definitely not right. I knew that much at least.

I mean, there was nothing very unusual about Alexis and me sitting down on the beach away from the society of Duel Academy. Nothing unusual about that.

We had been friends for a few years now. It's been, oh, three years since we joined the school? Yeah. I'm older now. I finally advanced onto Ra Yellow since Syrus had made his way there long before and Chumley was still off working for Pegasus. Chazz himself had moved back up into Obelisk Blue.

I had had the chance to move into the Blue dorms, but I didn't want to leave Sy. Besides, despite all the great food, bigger and solitary rooms…I kind of missed the more primitive aspects of the Slifer Dorm. Ah well.

So, I was older, in Ra Yellow and…. …And…. More…mature? Is that the word for it? I'm not sure. Maybe it's this "maturity" that was affecting my mind at the time.

Or what's happening that is completely wrong.

Back to my story.

So there was nothing wrong with us sitting on the beach.

There was nothing wrong with the fact that as the sun began to set, we turned to look at each other. Even lying on the beach in the next few moments making out wasn't what was wrong. Heck, that was fantastic! Bliss even! It was…what came next that was strange. I'll just say that things began to get unrealistic at this time. I think my vision must have been fading because I don't remember it well.

Now, to get back in the mood.

So we were kissing. Passionately. Yes, yes…I like that word. Passion. Not only did I have it for dueling, but apparently I had this for other things as well.

We lay out on the beach for a little while just…doing that. (Aren't I a great storyteller?) But when Alexis began to peel my yellow blazer off, two flashing lights went off in my brain.

One was a warning.

This should not be happening.

The other, surprisingly, was euphoria. (Euphoria…did Bastion teach me that word? I know it always stuck with me for some reason…. Forgot I knew that word….) In fact, I was half glad that she was slipping my blazer off!

But what I did next surprised even myself. I'm ashamed to say it.

I was fiddling with her skirt. Not just…flipping it up or anything, like a bunch of the guys at school tried to do daily. But I was fiddling with the zipper.

Dangerous territory, Jaden.

"Jaden," she said softly, laying her head against my shoulder. I held her close, meanwhile slipping my hands just under her shirt.

Something else that was not quite right.

"Yeah, Alexis?" I breathed, not wanting to ruin the moment for some reason. The kissing I had been fine with. This…whatever-was-going-on was starting to make me jumpy.

"Jaden," she repeated.

"Yeah? I'm right here."

She looked up at me and smiled in a very…flirtatious way. Far more flirtatious than I've ever seen in my life.

She was fiddling with my clothes again. What was going on? I mean, I liked it, but at the same time, I didn't.

She leaned close to me as if to kiss me again…..


"What the he-…llo, Syrus!" I must have vaulted out of my seat at that moment. I had caught my tongue a moment before any teachers had heard anything profane. They didn't really like profanity. It was punishable by clean-up duty. Fun.

But seriously. Syrus was right there in my face. And I had been sleeping too!

Wait. I had been sleeping? Where was I anyway?

"Are you quite finished now, Mr. Slacker?"

Lord, I hated that voice.

And that hair.

And those frills.

And the earrings.

And the purple lipstick. Honestly, what man in his right mind would wear lipstick?

Right mind. Right. This was Dr. Crowler I was talking about. I'd have to remember that for future reference.

I stood up and bowed my head (I had learned to do this over the past three years of falling asleep during Crowler's lethal lectures), "Yes sir. I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

"I'll see that you hold that promise in detention! No more sleeping in my class!" he cried out.

A good half of the student population in the room raised their heads immediately. Well, at least I wasn't the only one. But I was still his favorite student to pick on. Go me.

Crowler turned back to the board teaching us something…about…something. Yeah. I'd grab the notes from Sy later and try to figure out the puzzle of his untidy scrawl, and then figure out what the heck Crowler was even trying to say.

Another night of riddles. Joy. At this rate, I would definitely become the next person to harness whatever Millennium Puzzle came around.

"Sy, why'd you have to wake me up?" I whispered to him once Crowler had no ears for the class once more.

Syrus grimaced. That wasn't good. "I could tell…you didn't want to be disturbed, but-"

"Mr. Truesdale! If you have something to say to that slacker, then you might as well say it to the rest of the class!"

"I have nothing to say, sir," Syrus replied, shamefully.

"Detention for you too!" Crowler frowned. His hawk-like, beady eyes scourged the room, looking for anymore trouble makers. I had learned to read these signs over the years as well.

"Very well then," he looked somewhat satisfied. "If you would all turn to page three-hundred sixty-three and do the first three exercises as class work. The next five will be your homework.

Then came the universal groan. Moans from the Slifers, groans from the Ras and sighs from the Obelisks.

I had figured out a while ago that I really ought to do class work. It really helped my grade in ways unimaginable. As for homework…. Well, there I had to call myself a Slifer Slacker as well. I mean, I did it! …During class…right before we had to hand it in. …And at lunch. …And in other classes….

The point was: I did my homework. Just not…at "home."

Crowler said we could work in groups of up to four. Thank goodness! Now most of the work was cut!

I grabbed Syrus' arm and dragged him up the steps to one of the top rows, "Let's find Alexis. She's always willing to help us-"

I stopped.

It was disgusting.

Utterly, atrociously, repulsing! I nearly gagged on the spot.

Mr. High-and-Mighty-Once-Again-a-King-of-the-Obelisks Chazz Princeton was sitting next to Alexis, working with her.

It made me sick.

For no reason whatsoever.

Seriously…I had a serious case of the Monday-Stomach Blues. I think I ate too many pancakes this morning. Two of mine…most of Sy's (he doesn't always stomach breakfast too well)…some bacon…so eggs…a lot of eggs…. Okay, maybe I did eat too much.

Now then. Chazz was sitting there. In my usual seat. Working with my…our partner, Alexis.

Why could we not all work together? Well, his two old buddies were working along with them.

Great. Just great.

I don't have a problem with Chazz. He's a nice guy, really! And we had some good times back in Sliferdom. But seeing him sitting there….

Okay, even I think I'm starting to sound a little obsessive.

"I guess we get to work with just Bastion," I told Syrus. What was I saying? Only Bastion? He'd have all the work done for us in two minutes flat! We timed him once. Our record has been two minutes, forty-seven seconds and thirty-two milliseconds.

And fifty-eight nanoseconds, according to Bastion. Whatever nanoseconds are. I knew only the basics.

We ran down the steps over to Bastion's seat.

Three extra places were already filled.

Great. Just great.

Of course, Sy and I were the last ones finished with the class work. But the rest of the students looked at us happily. We had cost everyone class time, meaning they got to goof off while we worked tirelessly on those stupid exercises. I will admit, it was better than Crowler's lessons.

Still I shiver at the thought.

After that class, we had lunch. Good old joyous best-time-of-the-day lunch! My stomach was still acting up a bit, but it would just have to live with it. I mean, come on. Food or comfort?



Jaden Yuki's number one rule in life:

Never deny thyself beautiful, God-given food.

It was like my commandment. To break it was a mortal sin.

So I would pay for it tonight at midnight, tossing, turning, groaning, and running to the bathroom constantly? I did not like to think of the future. Only the here and now.

That philosophy was going to change soon.

Syrus and I sat down at the only table left in the cafeteria. Only two chairs had been left at it: the others had been stripped away from it to occupy cramped spaces at other tables. But we were just fine with that.

After setting down our delicious lunch trays (today's special was Italian! Gotta love that pasta Dorothy makes…) we just ate away.

That's when I remembered what I had wanted to ask him.

"So Sy, why did you wake me up? Usually you at least wait until five minutes before class gets out."

Syrus choked on his milk. "Yeah, um, Jaden…about that…. Were you…by any chance…dreaming about…Alexis-or-anything-of-that-nature?" he blurted out that last part so quickly I almost missed it.

I blinked, looking at him shrewdly, "Why do you ask?"

"Well," he poked his index fingers together, "you were…talking in your sleep…again. Not enough that you do it at night. I never got a decent night's rest back in Slifer. But anyway! You were mumbling again. People around us were starting to…stare. Luckily, Alexis was further back than usual…."

"What was I saying?" I asked, somewhat scared to find out. If I had said anything like what my dream had been like-

Well, I didn't want to know.

Syrus folded his hands together and put them near his chin. I knew that pose. He was going into theatrics again. Seriously, if he failed dueling –which you will never hear me talking about him like that- he should really try out for acting. He'd be great at it!

"You said something along the lines of, "Oh, Alexis," and "I'm here for you," and you were making these weird little noises too…almost like you were enjoying whatever was going on in that head of yours."

I could not stop the little bit of red that escaped to my cheeks. "I…I did not say that!" I was probably lying. I vaguely remember saying something along those lines….

"Alright, you got me," Syrus put a finger to his chin, "It was actually more like, "Oh Alexis, I can't tell you how much I'm in love with you! I'm head over heels-!"

"Stop that!" I hit his shoulder playfully. He just laughed.

"What's so funny over here?"

Both of us looked up at the same time. Speak of the devil herself.

Alexis looked around the table, "Ah, no room left? Everywhere else is packed too. I think some chairs have been stolen from the room."

"Nah," Syrus stood up, "I'll go grab a chair over there! Just take my seat!" and with a quick wink at me, he left to go find some chair that he was obviously never going to find.

Some days, I could wring his scrawny little neck.

And then Zane would wring my neck.

It'd be a whole chain of neck-wringing. …Who would wring Zane's neck? I couldn't think of anyone at the moment….

Alexis took Syrus's seat and began eating. I had already cleaned my plate down to the plastic. Syrus had timed me before. The record for my lunch disappearing was six minutes, forty-eight seconds, and twenty-two milliseconds.

Oh, and Bastion was there. He said something like thirty-five nanoseconds.

Honestly, why are we always counting down to the bare minimum? It's a bit strange really….

So, Syrus Truesdale-Traitor left me to fend for myself next to Alexis.

What kind of friend is he?

And why am I getting so worked up about this? It's not like my feelings towards Alexis have changed or anything! We're still really great friends! Nothing has changed about that.

I'm only freaking out because of that really weird dream I had. What were we trying to do anyway; take off each other's clothes? Where would that get us?

I'm clueless.

"Fell asleep in class again, did you?" Alexis looked at me accusingly.

I gave her an apologetic look, "Sorry…but it happens."

"What time do you go to bed anyway?"


"So early and yet you sleep the whole day?"

"Oh, come on Alexis, it's Crowler's class. Who doesn't fall asleep?"

Alexis screwed up her mouth, "As true as that is, you should still try to pay more attention. I don't know how you've passed these last couple of years. But we're graduating this year, Jay. This year, everything counts."

"I know. I'm working on it. My grades have improved: you have to admit."

"I don't deny it. Nevertheless, if you paid more attention, your grades would improve even more."

"So are you saying you don't like my slacking habits? You'd like me better if I was more of a "model student" like Zane or Chazz?"

She looked somewhat irritated and hurt, "I didn't say that Jaden! Don't put words in my mouth! I like you just the way you are! I'm just saying that there's always room for improvement."

I nodded slowly and turned my gaze away from her to look out over the cafeteria. Syrus was nowhere to be found.

His new name was to be Benedict Arnold.

"What are you planning to do after you graduate?" I randomly asked her.

Alexis stopped eating for a moment. "Well…I was planning on doing something in dueling. I'm not exactly sure in what field though." She paused and then asked, "What about you?"

"I want to go into Game Designing. I want to take Duel Monsters to new levels. Like…how Dungeon Dice Monsters uses Duel Monsters, but in a dice form," I answered sincerely, feeling a smile of anticipation creep up my face.

Alexis looked shocked, "Game design? Really? I thought you wanted to be a professional dueler or something!"

"Maybe in my spare time." She just laughed. I looked at her incredulously, "What's wrong with that?"

She just shook her head, "You just have so many ambitions, Jay. I'd pay to see them all fulfilled. I want to see how you make out your life." I smiled at her. That really meant something. She smiled sweetly in return. I felt the spaghetti in my stomach flip over. What was that all about?

I ignored the feeling. "So, you're not sure about what field to go into? Hmmm, professional duelist?"

"It's a possibility," she took a sip of her water, "Hey, we could be rivals you know. That'd be fun." I nodded enthusiastically.

"What about…" I put a finger to my chin, trying to think, "some position in a company like Kaiba Corp., or Industrial Illusions? You'd rock at that! You're organized, smart, fast at work, but still great at it, and…and…." I faltered. What else was related to work that I could say about her? I would have said she was really pretty, but that had nothing to do with the conversation at the moment. And I wasn't about to make a fool out of myself. If I had said something like that to her, she would most surely have whisked me off to the clinic to see what was wrong with my head. I'm just not that type of guy…. I think.

Alexis tilted her head, "That's really sweet…but I'm curious as to what else you wanted to say. And what?"

I shrugged, "I don't know: everything! You're just perfect I guess."

"Stop it! I am not!" she shoved my shoulder playfully. She was blushing too.

"Are too," I poked her bare shoulder.

"Are not!"

"Are too!"

"My, my, my, what do we have here? Flirting, are we?" I stopped and looked up behind me.

"Atticus!" Alexis frowned up at him, "We are not flirting! Why must you always butt into my social life? …Is it your job to poke at my non-existent romance life or something?"

"But of course," Atticus smiled. Several girls at the tables around us swooned. How did he do that?

After lunch, I went back to my room for a little bit: just to rest before the afternoon classes. I opened my door, only to find Syrus lying on my bed throwing a small hackey-sack up in the air.

"So how'd it go?" he asked causally, catching the sack.

I walked over to him and yanked my pillow out from under his head. "You are a dead man."

Yes! That is the first chapter to my new GX story! I hope you liked it! I hope it was funny enough for a beginning, haha. It was successful to my first two readers…. Anywho! Yes, Jaden is going to be a little sheltered and unknowing about the more intimate aspects of a romantic life, but that will all change…next chapter I think? In other words, he still doesn't know what a fiancé is, or sex for that matter (hence all that "wrong" stuff up there). Anywho, I still hope you enjoyed it! I had so much fun writing it! PLEASE REVIEW!