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Lesson 4:

Find Out What She Likes



End November

"…That's it?"


"There's gotta be a catch. Is there some hidden assignment that you know I'm going to fail?"

"Of course not! I don't work like that, Jaden," Atticus winked.

I rolled my eyes. Of course not. This whole course was full of hidden things! Like Syrus in a dress. That, I would never live down.

"Besides, dear Jaden," he slung his arm over my shoulders and I almost crumpled under his sudden weight, "why should I want you to fail? I want to see you –and ONLY you- with my darling sister, Alexis." He flashed me a smile as bright as a million suns.

I think I might go blind by the end of these lessons.

If there ever is an ending.

…Best not to think like that.

"So all I have to do is find out a majority of what Alexis especially likes, write it all down in a notebook, and give the notebook to you?"

"That's it!" Well, he seemed sincere enough.

I took a deep breath. "Well, that doesn't sound so bad…."

"By the way, Jay…I just wanted to mention that "duel monster cards" is not an acceptable paper. I want the juicy stuff. The stuff she won't even tell her own brother!" He walked around the room, waving his hands around dramatically. "In fact, make it a double assignment! I want to know her deepest-" he turned on me with an evil glint in his eyes. I cowered. "-darkest-" he advanced on me, and I scrambled back to the wall. "…secret." His eyes were now level with mine, and he was nary an inch away from my nose. Awkward much? I don't think this guy understands the concept of personal bubbles.

And then what he said actually hit me (I had been too concerned with his body coming within ten feet of me, simply because, after what he made Syrus do, I wouldn't put it past him to grab me and put me in a dress…or do something of similarly embarrassing nature).

"Wait…I have to spy on her?"

"Oh, don't call it spying," he frowned, waving his hand in my face. He stepped back, thankfully. "More like…stalking."

Oh, because that made it all better.

But he would have no more of my questions. Our time was up, he looked exhausted (though why, I couldn't imagine…. All he did was give me some homework. Oh bleckhomework.), and he was forcefully pushing me out of his room.

"In fact," he added, before shutting the door, "I want you to write detailed descriptions of what lengths you went through to obtain such information. You never know – some poor soul could one day be in your very predicament. It would be most helpful to see what succeeds and fails. Use-your-imagination-don't-get-caught-you-have-a-week-yadda-yadda-ya, goodnight." And with that, the wooden door slammed in my face.

I felt like crying. I just had to jinx myself, saying this would be an easy assignment. Now, I had to spy. Stalk. WHATEVER.

Good God, it was time for a nap.

And it was only 8:15 in the morning. I never go back to sleep this late. Never.

But today, I just wanted to die. Get death over and done with, so it would be so much less painful than dying of embarrassment when Alexis catches me stalking her.

"Sy, stop laughing…" I whimpered, my lip trembling. Syrus just chuckled harder, but placed his hand over his mouth to try to seem like he was being polite and trying to hide/stop his incessant giggling.

It didn't have much effect.

"Seems as though you're in a bit of a predicament, Jaden," Bastion frowned, holding his chin as he thought. No duh, what gave you that idea? Honestly, my friends sometimes….

"But how am I supposed to know what her "deepest, darkest secret" is?"

"Well, I'm guessing that Atticus means: find out whether or not she likes you. Otherwise, why would he want to know?"

"That's a good point, I suppose…" I answered.

"Anyone have some paper?" Bastion suddenly asked. Syrus nodded and dug into his backpack for a sheet. He tore some out and handed it over to our genius friend, who magically pulled a pen out from his ever-producing vest. He scribbled some short phrases down and then handed them to me. "Here, Jay. Try these first. I have a larger plan in the making, but we can scrap it if these don't help you glean enough information first."

"Gee," I said halfheartedly as I looked over the paper. "Thanks."

------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------

Jaden Yuki's Personal Log

ObjectiveFind out what Alexis Rhodes likes (and REALLY likes) and find out her deepest, darkest secret (whether or not she likes me?).

InstructorAtticus Rhodes insert death glares here

AccomplicesSyrus Truesdale, Bastion Misawa

Attempt 1:

The Direct Approach

Monday, 11:45 AM – Lunch

Jaden: (sits down opposite Alexis at an empty lunch table) Can I talk to you?

Alexis: I don't see why not. (smiles)

Jaden: Awesome. Favorite color?

Alexis: Purple.

Jaden: Favorite animal?

Alexis: (with weird looks) Swan…?

Jaden: Wonderful. Favorite food?

Alexis: Red Velvet Cake. Why the barrage of questions, Jay?

Jaden: Favorite music group?

Alexis: Jaden….

Jaden: None? Okay…favorite flower?

Alexis: Jaden, answer me!

Jaden: Favorite. Flower. Now.

Alexis: (frowns) Hibiscus. Now answer my question!

Jaden: Any deep dark secrets?

Alexis: ANSWER THE FRIGG-…what? (blinks numerous times with wide eyes)

Jaden: Right(abruptly leaves)

MISSION FAILED. (Well, the biggest part, at least.)

Attempt 2:

Instigated Alone Time

Materials (supplied by Bastion): one microphone, well hidden (and can supposedly pick up all sounds within a ten-foot radius); one earphone, well hidden behind giant wall of hair

Transmitter: Syrus Truesdale

Writer: Bastion Misawa

Poor Sap Who Has No Chance: Jaden Yuki

Tuesday, 9:34 PM

J: Oh no! I think we are lost. (totally fake surprise) And it is getting dark out. Whatever shall we do? (broken up sentence structure)

A: Uh, Jaden, are you alright? You sound funny.

J: Do I? Oh look – a tree! I think I'll climb up it to get a better look at the forest. Hold the flashlight, will you?

Syrus: (into headpiece) Jaden, quit talking like that! You sound like an idiot!

A: What was that?

J: What was what? (is climbing into tree)

A: That noise. It sounded like the high pitched squeal of a strangled chipmunk.


A: There it is again! Poor chipmunk! I wonder what could be happening to it?

Bastion: Syrus, shut your yap! She can hear you!

S: Don't tell me to shut up!

B: I'll tell you to be quiet if I want to tell you to be quiet!

S: What are you writing our dialogue for?! Concentrate on Jaden's predicament!

B: He's still grunting while climbing a tree: what else can I write?

J: (is grunting whilst climbing a tree)

B: There, happy?

J: (with labored breath) Hey look! I made it up!

A: Do you see any lights?

J: Uhhhhhh….. (whispers) Sy, what do I say?! I see them, but….

A: Jaden, who are you talking to?

J: Myself!

A: (implied look of disbelief and fear – simply because I can't see her face) …Okay.

S: Well, ummm…you could say…uhhh….

J: …Alexis? …I'm stuck.

A: What'd you do? How'd you get stuck? Do I have to come up and get you? (exasperatedly)

J: Actually…I think I can jump from here. Just catch me.

A: What?! You're kidd-

J: Look out!

A: AAAIEEK!!! (insert strangled sounding "oomph" noise in here)

J: Hey Lex, you okay? Ah, thanks for catching me, by the way.

A: No…problem. C-Can you…(huff) get o-off me now? Your laying on me…is rather uncomfortable.

J: …But not awkward?

A: Wha'?

J: Hey look, the lake! (runs off)

A: Oh thank God…. (sigh of relief) Sometimes I love his ADD moments.

S: ADMISSION! Jay, did you hear that?

J: Hear what?

A: (walks over) You heard it too, didn't you? That chipmunk is still out there, isn't it?

S: (goes to cry in a corner)

B: (gloats)

J: (sits down by the lake) Wow…what a beautiful night! Come and sit down, Lexi!

A: Shouldn't we be trying to get back to school?

J: Nonsense! Whoever heard of trying to get to school? Now it down! (tugs her forcefully down)

A: Eep! (voice is suddenly louder – closer?)

J: What's wrong?

A: You really don't have any like…personal bubble issues, do you? Nooo, nothing weird about you pulling me down to sit in your lap. Not at all….

J: Oh. I was just trying to warm you up, see? It's getting kinda chilly out. (wraps arms around hers) Guess you don't like that. (pulls arms away)

A: Well, I mean…er…well, you know-

J: (wraps arms around her again) There. Better?

A: …I-…yes. (relaxes into arms) You know…it is a pretty nice night outside. I love stargazing.

J: Do you now? (coughs to get emo Syrus' attention)

S: Why did you label me as emo?

A: Yeah. I love nighttime. It's just so relaxing and serene. The beautiful stars…the shining moon…. I don't know. There's just something about darkness that's so ethereal…so ideal and…romantic, you know? I-ah!

(footsteps stop)

Chazz: Oh, sorry. …Didn't know this spot was already taken for the night. Well…come along then, Mindy.

A: (scrambles up) N-No! It's not like that! I…which way is school, Chazz?

C: That way. (points in some odd direction)

A: Thanks. (runs off briskly)

C: Tough luck, getting the shaft, slacker.

J: …The shaft?

C: Oh my God, here we go again. No…no, I won't. Mindy, come on. We're leaving, before any more of my brain is sucked into that black void over there.

MISSION FAILED (again, the main point here).

Attempt 3:

The Not-So-Direct Approach

Thursday, 5:02 PM – Girl's Dorm (aka Forbidden Territory)

Jaden: (peers around corner. Sees Alexis and Co. enter Alexis' room and shut the door. Knows that girl-talk spilling of secrets. Once door closes, tip-toes over to door and pressed ear tightly against it.)

Mindy: Alright girl, what's going on? You seem kinda bummed out lately.

Alexis: Aw, it's nothing. …It's just-nah, never mind.

Other Girl Whose Name Escapes Me: Just what? Come on! You know you can tell us anything.

Alexis: Well…it's just that Jaden's been acting really strange this week. It's worrying me.

Two Cohorts in Unison: Ooooooh.

Mindy: Yes, that would bother you, wouldn't it?

Jaden: (perks up)

Alexis: Just what are you implying?

OGWNEM: (strangled sigh) You know full well what- (stops as she opens door.)

Jaden: (falls flat on face in front of her. Looks up.) Oh…hi there….


(numerous clicks from locks)



(various war cries and stamping feet)

Jaden: (runs off) Ahhhh! Girls, is this really necessary?!


Attempt 4:

The Disguise Attempt…that Ended Up Not Being an Attempt at All

Friday, 4:21 PM (One day left to find out about Alexis)

Bastion: Jaden, are you ready yet?

Jaden: I refuse to come out looking like this.

Syrus: Oh come on! I'm sure we can make it happen!

Jaden: (opens door) Syrus. There is no way you can make me look like Mindy. Borrow as many wigs, shirts, skirts, and bras you want: it can't happen! …Where did you get this anyway? It's so uncomfortable…. (pulls at bra straps)

Syrus: Uhh…it looks…just like Mindy! Yes…you'll pass fine! Now just remember: when you find Alexis, start acting just like how you see Mindy act. Get her to spill something. Any bright ideas, Bastion?

Bastion: (with a "hmmm.") …Don't girls shave their legs? Because honestly…that just looks wrong.

Jaden: (slams door shut) NO.



An Accidental Attempt

Friday, 10:15 PM – the Hot Spring Baths

I knew it was late, but I didn't care. I knew we weren't allowed to come to the springs after hours, but I didn't care. I was depressed, and I wanted to take a bath, dang it. So I went. Everyone else in the yellow dorm was asleep, so I simply took my leave.

So there I was, relaxing the hot baths with not a care in the world. Okay, well…I did have a care. A BIG care. A care that my neurotic "dating teacher" gave me: and that was the stupid assignment due the next day. I knew I was going to fail the assignment. Why I cared, I don't know. For some reason…part of me wanted to succeed. I dunno. Usually, failure doesn't bother me too badly – not until the final test, where I'm absolutely terrified of failing. But this was no test. Heck, this wasn't even a real class! But I was taking it seriously. (Take note, "Professor Rhodes!")

And suddenly, I heard talking. I jolted out of my half-dead state and listened.


No other creature on earth can chatter so much or so much without fear of anyone overhearing.

Suddenly, the door to the springs opened, and I was graced with views of three towel-clad ladies before I ducked under water.

Crap. I had gone into that ladies' bath. …You'd think I'd know my way around the school after four years, yes? But no. In my misery insert EMPHASIS here!!!!!, I had taken one wrong turn and ended up in prohibited territory. I swam as fast as I could to the safety of the waterfall. Once behind it, I peeked out, wondering where they were. They had settled in the spring now, and I could clearly see that karma, fate, destiny, and whatever other forces are out there that like to mess around with my person, had all screwed me over again. Lo and behold, there sat Mindy, Jasmine (maybe Bastion can't remember her name, but I did! …Why does that matter?), and of course, Alexis.

After getting over the shock of seeing them breaking the rules, I realized I was in the girls' bath.

…Shouldn't I reverse that? And yet…the latter does take precedence. Ah, whatever.


There are only three ways out of the hot springs. The first is through the front doors. The second is through the lockers. The third is over the giant wall of stone and fake foliage that separates the genders.

There was no way I was going through the doors, so that left the wall.

After calculating how much trouble I would be in if seen, I realized I didn't care, it didn't matter, and that I was still going over the wall anyway. So I ducked behind some artificial ferns, clad in naught but a towel, and waited for my chance to dart to the next bush.

Meanwhile, I heard some most interesting news.

"So how are you and Chazz lately, Mindy?" Jasmine asked, bubbly as ever.

"Oh my gosh, he is sooo charming!" Mindy squealed. "And romantic. We had the best night together a couple days ago. Walking romantically through the woods…passionately kissing…playfully flirting…oh, it was great!" She suddenly was brought out of her reverie. "Say, Alexis…what were you and Jaden doing that night? I mean…you two looked like you were getting pretty snuggly there," she winked at Jasmine.

I took this as the perfect time to start moving. Part of me didn't want to hear what Alexis was going to say. But part of me did.

"It's not like that!" she cried out. "Jaden and I are just friends you two: can't you get that through your thick heads? There is nothing going on between us. No letters, no poetry, no secret love affairs: nothing. So quite with all your fanciful ideas and stop bugging me about it! It's just ne-" her words were blocked out to me as I passed near the roaring waterfall on my scaling expedition. I frowned, trying to maneuver into better hearing grounds. Unfortunately, by that time, Alexis had finished what she was going to say.

"If you say so. But I still think it could happen," Jasmine answered.

"Ooooh, think of it! What if he asked you the graduation dance? Wouldn't that be sweet?" Mindy cooed.

"It would be," Jasmine nodded. "But on the other hand…I've been taking your advice lately, Lex, and I've started dismissing Jaden. He-"

Another trip near the waterfall. Curse this darn contraption! And yet, it was what was saving my life so far. I bet it's bad karma to curse the thing that saves you.

I was almost to the top….

"You know what I think?" Jasmine continued. Mindy looked thoughtful and Alexis looked utterly hesitant.

"No, I don't know. And I don't really think I want to," the dirty-blonde answered. I was just one step away from going over…. (Weird how they made this wall so accessible. …Was it built that way for a reason? …What pervs!)

"I think Aster would make a much better match."

I jolted upright, shocked by what I heard. And suddenly, I felt my towel snag on the branch of the ferns, and I wobbled on my stone ledge.

And before I knew it, I was back in the water, but with a serious stinging sensation on my back.

"What was that?!" I heard Mindy cry out, though slightly muffled. Yes! I had made it to the other side! I ran out of the pool and through the front doors, running straight for the dorms. But I had only just made it to the threshold when I heard another screech and a, "Look! There's a towel up there!"

And thus I ran stark naked back to the dorms in the dead of night.

Thankfully the dead of night.

Why did I write this? Not for your viewing pleasure, Atticus. Quite the contrary. I expect at LEAST a B for this – after all that embarrassment and the information I practically gleaned from her, it's only natural to deserve a good grade! So there are some secrets…maybe…and a lot of likes…and…yeah. Enjoy.


Duel Monsters (couldn't leave that one out)



Red Velvet Cake


Sitting in Jaden's lap



Romance-related things



Squealing chipmunks

------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------

Monday morning, I walked into Atticus Rhodes' class, having completely forgotten about the assignment. I slumped over to my seat and promptly laid my head down on my books, ready for my next nap. (Our previous class had been Crowler's – that was an especially relaxing snooze.)

Imagine my not-surprise when Atticus suddenly called out, "Jaden, my boy! Can I talk to you for a minute?" Suddenly remembering that I had turned that godforsaken "journal" in, I looked up blearily and made my way lazily over to his desk. He brought me out into the hall and closed the door. Atticus then pulled out my notebook and handed it to me with the widest beam on his face that I've ever seen.

My confidence leapt up. "Did I actually pass something?" I hastily took the notebook and flipped to the last page:


1. Missions all failed completely

2. But you DID manage to put her into some uncomfortable positions: nice job.

3. AND, you entertained me. That's what this whole assignment was about. An A+ for effort!

-Atticus Rhodes

I looked up at him, astonished. "That's why you gave me this assignment? To amuse you?"

"Pretty much!" he smiled again, laughing. "Why do you think I wanted to know Alexis' deepest secret? I'm in this for the amusement! I didn't have any other lessons planned, so…yeah. It's all about me having fun. I mean, hello Jaden, this was a pointless assignment. Come on: write down what she likes? Give me a break! Of all the stupid assignments…. But hey, you did it, and now I have a favorite ten-page novella to read. So if you'll just give that back-" he snatched it out of my hands, "I'm going to have some more laughs while you all work on your busy-work." With a smirky-smirk that was just too…smirky…he straightened up and went back into the classroom.

I stood there and fumed.

It was official. Atticus Rhodes was the most conniving, diabolical, two-faced, dubious, evil person in the entire universe. He had Sartorius' "dark" side beat.

I mean, a stupid and embarrassing assignment – that's pretty sneaky.

But busy work? That's just plain evil.

…Yep. A filler chapter, it seems. Well, too late, now that I've written it. I think it WAS supposed to have some significance…but it ended up not. Mainly just for laughs (did it even have any of those?). Sorry if it stunk…writing in script-format for most of it was pretty tiresome. But I still hope you enjoyed it! But next chapter, I PROMISE will have an actual plot line. I have the whole story vaguely outlined…and the next chapter looks pretty promising. Anywho, PLEASE REVIEW! I probably don't deserve them (for lack of updating and a not-so-good chapter), but…it would be REALLY appreciated!

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