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When she got to her rooms, she found the door open. Studying her door, she pushed it open to find a hooded stranger sitting on one of the chairs.

"Can I help you, sir?" Alanna asked.

"O' course ye can, lass," the man replied.

Alanna's eyes widened before she turned to shut the door and lock it.

"George! What are you doing here? There are people who know what you look like. If you get caught, it is the noose for you!"

George winced as he pulled his hood down.

"Ye don't need to remind me of the fate tha' waits me. I just needed to see ye, lass," he said, giving her puppy dog eyes.

"No, don't give me that look. You did before, and what happened after that?"

George lowered his head.

"Sorry, lass, but we both know that we can't change it."

Alanna sat down on the chair next to him.

"I know, but even knowing what I did was wrong, I don't regret it."

George looked her in the eyes and saw the truth staring at him in the face. But before he could reply, someone knocked on her door.

"Alanna! Need to talk to you!" Came Thom's voice.

Alanna and George looked at each other in shock.

Alanna gritted her teeth then answered.

"Come in, Thom."

George raced to Alanna to clamp her mouth closed, but he had just reached her and had his hand over her mouth when Thom opened the door and saw them.

"George, what in the name of Mithros are you doing here? After telling me the truth to me, I am surprised that you would follow through on angering anymore."

Alanna gripped George's wrist and wrenched it off of her mouth.

"Thom, these are my rooms. There will be no killing here, not unless I am dead. You are here and you will act civilly to my guest. However much he is endangering his life."

Thom hung his head. Then he brightened.

"I have an idea. It may help both of you, if I can get his Highness to help me."

As Thom raced out of the room, George and Alanna stared at each other before racing after him. George, even in his preoccupied state of mind, pulled up his hood before racing after Alanna, the love of his life.

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