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It started out like any other day for the rookie nine, but once their sensei went to get a mission, it changed their lives in more ways than one. Everyone was talking about the type of mission they wanted. Naruto hadn't said any thing since they got there, so everyone turned to look at him. He was leaning against a tree, ignoring the other kids, but before any one could speak to him their sensei reappeared, asking them to move inside the Hokage's office.

Once they arrived in the Hokage's office they saw a man with thigh length brown hair, sandish colored ears, and ten kitsune tails. "About time. This is Riku and he has hired you to locate a princess." Tsusande said smiling at them.

'She must have been paid a lot of money to smile like that…' Was the only thought that ran through everyone's head. "Since you're going to be working for him until the princess is found and escorted back to the demon fire village, you should introduce yourselves." She said leaning back in he chair.

The first to introduce himself was Konoha's one and only green beast. "My name is Maito Gai and my team burns the power of youth! And shall be the first to introduce themselves." Right after he said that his team stood up, one by one, and said, "We are "Hyuuga Neji" "Tenten" and "Rock Lee"" after they finished, everyone else proceeded with their introductions.

But when it was nartuo's turn but he said nothing. Fate was not on his side that day, because Sakura punched him on the head yelling, "Geez Naruto! This guy is our client! At least be respectful to him!." As a reaction to his long silence.

A gasp from their client drew everyone's attention. Riku moved to stand in front of Naruto, gazing down at the boy.

"So this is how we where unable to locate you." He muttered under his breath as he kneeled down in front of him, peering at him from eye level "Hireki no jutsu!"

"NO!" Naruto exclaimed but it was too late.

A large pop was heard and a haze smoke filled the room. 'That bastard better not have hurt my Naru-chan.' Sasuke thought, clenching his fists. 'Wait? What am I saying? I do not even like him.' He growled, mentally slapping himself.

"There now, you are as you where born Naruto-sama." Riku stated as he moved to stand behind a figure. 'What is he talking about?' everyone wondered as they strained to see through the clearing smoke. In the place Naruto had once stood, there now was a scowling female, her hair being waist length but the same golden blond color that Naruto had, and the girl's sky blue eyes had a slightly reddish tint to them.

"NARUTO!" Everyone exclaimed before the shock became to much for them, and they all passed out.

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