Okay, sorry for taking so long uplodaing this but life has been hetic lately and I've be torn on what to do with this fic so without further ado the last chapter.

It's been seven years since the kits were born, and after the scare with their youngest did the two decide to wait on having anymore. Yes their youngest kit was not only born healthy, but also alive something Sasuke was thankful for everyday. Naruto stayed at home and took care of the kits while Sasuke continued being a ninja, they already discussed whom would do what until the kits were old enough and Naruto stated that she would stay at home and take care of them until they were old enough to take care of themselves. Sasuke knew that she meant after they graduated from the academy and did not mind, after all he wanted nothing more than to go out on missions knowing that when he returned home his beloved wife was safe and sound with their kits. Itachi and Aiko soon became mates and had a kit of their own a few years after Sasuke and Naruto's kits were a year old, of course they argued most of the time so it was pointless to try to get the two to get along as the two seemed happier when they were arguing so everyone left them alone especially after Kiba walked in on them making up from their last argument. For the rest of their lives everyone in Kohona was content with their lives, and could not help but be thankful for that day when Naruto's secret was revealed as it made the lives of everyone happy.


Okay, yes this was a short chapter but I figured ending it this way was a lot better than not completing my story at all. I tried thinking of so many different ways to do this chapter and nothing seemed to work. Thanks to all whom reviewed.