(A/N- First, I am not an author. The ability to write prose is not my gift. I am a reader; I have great admiration for people who but pen to paper and create stories that engage the imagination. I felt compelled to write this after having read some of the great fanfics on this site, and suffering through a very traumatic week. I would be interested to know what people think of it as long as they keep in mind- I'm not a writer. Second, I have been very intrigued by the concept of Gelphie. Although I did not take this as far as some of the others have, and I'm not sure I would even know how, the underpinning of a Gelphie pairing are defiantly there.)

WARNING: This chapter contains an act of personal violence against the character of Elphaba. Subsequent chapters contain memories of and references to it.

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story, and am using them for cathartic purposes, not profit


As Elphie walked through the dew-covered grass, she loved walking in the soft grass; she contemplated the dew- moisture-wetness. Water, or rather moisture, had been the bane of her existence since she was born. It no longer bothered her really- she'd adapted- boots protected her feet from dew- umbrellas or capes protected her from rain and snow- oils were an adequate substitute for bathing. The only moisture she couldn't protect herself completely against was tears- except by not shedding them. "Sometimes easier said than done" she mumbled to herself as her boots went from the soft dew covered grass to the hard concrete of the sidewalk and brought her out of her reverie.

Elphaba didn't usually walk this way- from class to her dorm, it was out of the way, but the grass was so tempting-and she was in a grassy mood- she didn't really know what that meant- but it made her smile. As she amused herself with a little uncharacteristic silliness, she didn't hear the footsteps behind her. All of a sudden someone bumped into her, shocking her out of her silly spell and almost knocking her down.

"Oh excuse me sir," she said.

"The fault was all mine," the man said as he grabbed her arm to help steady her.

"Well, thanks for helping me" she said- trying to pull her arm away.

He gripped her arm tighter and sneered- "My pleasure, or at least it will be"

Frightened, Elphie twisted and tried to get away from his grip, but the man overpowered her and drug her into an alley, where another man was sitting on a box.

"Well looky here" man #2 said- "It looks like the rumors are true- there really is a green girl at Shiz, I've never done a vegetable before" he laughed "An Animal- yes, but a veggie…." Man 1 laughed and pushed Elphaba roughly to the ground "Same here- this should be fun" he sneered down at her. Elphie in a fit of fright and rage started to scramble away and scream. Man 1 caught her and smacked her hard, Man 2 pinned her down and said "Now don't be rude missy, you wouldn't deny us a little fun would you"

Elphie couldn't speak, blood dribbled from a cut on her mouth, and her stomach was knotted with fear, but she twisted and swung wildly with her free hand. Which earned her another smack- "Hold still" Man 2 said as he climbed on top of her and pulled at her dress- man 1 grabbed her arms and covered her mouth. At the same time as she felt the first horrible stab of pain- she felt the burn of the tears streaming down her face. After what seemed like hours- the men left laughing and congratulating each other on capturing their "prize" so readily.

Glinda was waiting- rather impatiently, for Elphie to return. She was supposed to help her with her sorcerry homework. Now that they had declared a truce- and had become friends, she looked forward to her tinged roomies return and sort of missed her when she was gone. It was uncharacteristic of her to be late, she started to worry- and pout. Then she remembered that Elphie sometimes liked to take the long way home- through the grassy field- especially after a light rain- or early in the morning- when it was dewy. She smiled at the thought of her rather stoic friend skipping through the grass and she stopped worrying- but still pouted. After all, she was waiting!

After what seemed liked an eternity of waiting and boredom she heard the clumping of Elphaba's boots- not the usual hurried stomping that usually marked her roomies return, but more of a slow clumping shuffle. "Hmmmm" she mused, but quickly dismissed the musing as she prepared to read Elphie the proverbial riot act.