Glinda chattered happily on the way back to the manor. She told her parents about the shopping and all of the people she saw. Elphie nodded and smiled, but remained quite.

"Momsie, do we have time for a ride before dinner?" She heard Glinda ask

"As long as you use proper tack and saddle, a short one yes." Her father chuckled

"Elphie, want to go on a ride?" She said accepting her father's help down from the carriage.

"Why not?" Elphie said accepting the same assistance, "But must I wear trousers?"

Gwenot chuckled

"Jodhpurs Elphie, for the hundredth time they are called jodhpurs and they are specifically for riding horses." She giggled walking up the stairs.

"3 hours girls. You have 3 hours until dinner" Gwenot called up after them

"Yes Momsie, Yes Gwenot" They said in unison.

"You don't wear pants when you run with your horse " Elphie complained.

"I'm used to it. You really don't like the jodhpurs do you?"

"Not really, no. Can't I just wear a loose skirt?" They were in Elphie's room now, sitting in her chairs.

"Yes my love you can" She sighed "But wear proper boots and bring your helmet. I'll change quickly then be back over."

She kissed Elphie and went to change. Elphie put on her loosest black skirt, but all of the rest of the riding habit, thinking it matched rather well. Glinda was back in full riding gear within 15 minutes.

"That works Elphie" She nodded approvingly "But if you start to feel chaffing, let me know, we will need to get you off the horse."

"You can count on it." Elphie smiled

They walked quickly down to the stables and called for Tymik.

"Miss Galinda, a pleasure as always. May I assume from your attire that I'm allowed to actually saddle Starlight this time" he chuckled and bowed.

"You may assume so, yes" She laughed. "Elphie, tandem or solo?"

"Tandem please" Elphie said to Glinda's surprise.

Starlight was saddled and ready to go. With a boost from Tymik Glinda mounted, and Elphie managed with a boost and a hand from her love.

They rode slowly around the grounds; Elphie didn't have to cling so tightly to Glinda but did anyway.

Her emotions were a little stirred up, and this seemed to help. She leaned her chin on Glinda's shoulder.

"Are you Ok my love"

"Oh I think so, My thoughts are a little jumbled today for some reason, that's all. Can we run?"

Glinda chuckled "How are your legs?"

"Green and gangly" Elphie laughed "But irritation free"

"Hang on then "

Glinda ran the horse and Elphie let the feeling engulf her. She was very stressed about what had happened last night when Glinda tried to rub her stomach; she couldn't seem to get past it. They were galloping fairly hard, although not even close to what Glinda did when she was alone. Elphie sat up slightly and yelled into the wind, like she had done before. It was thrilling. She could get used to riding. They galloped around the grounds for awhile then Glinda signaled the horse into the horse meadow and slowed her to a walk.

"Were you able to work out whatever was on your mind my love? Do you wish to ride on?"

"No we can stop. I feel a little more settled. Being near you helped" It was a true statement, but incomplete.

Glinda walked the horse up to the house and looked for Jefet.

"Jefet, would you please take Starlight back to the stable for me and tell Tymik she had a good run."

"Certainly Miss Galinda, Nice to see you on a saddle" He chuckled

He helped Elphie down, and then Glinda slid off into his arms.

"Thanks Jefet" She watched as her horse walked away.

"That was fun Elphie, thanks for riding with me"

"I think I enjoy being an equestrian, as long as I don't have to wear trousers…. Sorry jodhpurs"

Glinda smiled at her lovingly.

They went in through the back door where cook met them.

"Are you feeling better, Miss Elphaba" Cook said

"Very much, and I'm actually hungry," Elphie said

"Well I made something safe for skittish tummies" Cook smiled

"Mmmmmm smells wonderful," Glinda said

"You have forty-five minutes to clean up and change. So off with you" Cook admonished with a grin.

They separated and went to clean up. With 15 minutes to spare Glinda came over to Elphie's room and watched her from the doorway, she looked a little stressed and not upset really, just not herself.

"See anything interesting" Elphie chuckled

"Very, very interesting, and sweet and beautiful and kind and…"

"I get the point"

Glinda went and squished into the chair beside Elphie.

"I would sit on you lap, but running on a horse taxes the leg muscles."

"A little, yes. But no chaffing, so no more trousers, right?"

"Right, unless you change your mind about them"

"No trousers then" Elphie grinned broadly.

Glinda leaned her head on her friend's shoulder "I know something is troubling you my love, can I help?"

"You already are my sweet, and I'll figure it out. Please be patient with me" Elphie said softly

"I love you Elphie."

"And I you Lyndie. Now let's go see what Cook considers safe for skittish tummies" She chuckled

Before they left the room she gave her love a fierce hug and a lingering soft kiss.

"I'm fine Lyndie really, as I said my emotions are just a little stirred up, but I'm Ok."

Glinda smiled "As long as you don't go catatonic again."

"Not a chance my sweet, what I have here is to precious to ever leave."

They kissed again and went to dinner

Cook's idea of skittish tummy food was her delicious potato leek soup and home made flat bread with a light fruit custard whip for dessert.

While they ate, Gwenot explained to them about tomorrow's activities.

"Galinda, you remember tomorrow is a Holiday"

"Holiday?" Elphie said sipping cider

"It's Frottica thing, to celebrate businesses" Glinda explained

"You're not going to drag me to daddy's stuffy old party again are you?" She whined

"Galinda, you are far to old for such childish whining" She smiled and Elphie chuckled "And no we were not going to require you to accompany us."

"Thank you so much. Elphie it's so dull" She whispered the last part.

"We will be leaving not to long after lunch and will be gone all day and most of the night. The staff will be gone as well, although as of now I don't know when. Will you two be alright here all alone?"

"Sure Momsie. We'll be fine right Elphie?"


"And Galinda darling" Her father said puffing his pipe "Since no one will be here, no riding at all tomorrow evening."

"Yes Popsicle, any thing else?" She tried to sound put out

"No, we figure Elphaba will keep you out of trouble" He chuckled

"Or aid and abet while I get into it… I can be very persuasive" She winked

"Leave me out of this" Elphaba chuckled "I was a calm, quiet loner until I met you"

"You still are Elphie, and you forgot hostile, mean and antisocial, but enough about your better qualities" She said seriously

"You forgot sarcastic" Elphie smiled

"You can continue this character appraisal on your own time, but now may I continue?" Gwenot said, but she didn't care really she loved watching them interact.

"Go ahead Gwenot, Glinda is out of her element anyway" Elphie smirked

Gwenot sighed "I give up, we will discuss this later, you two are excused."

Glinda giggled "Come on you mean green thing, let's get some more dessert. Come by later and say goodnight?" She kissed her parents

"Certainly dear"

"She's very happy isn't she?" Samion said

"Yes, she is and seems to be taking this new relationship in stride, I don't think we need to worry at all, although I may have a little talk with her before she leaves, slightly adjusted for the circumstances."

"Indeed" Samion chuckled "I think you can leave out the – wait until you finish school before you get pregnant – part of the talk"

Up in Glinda's room, Elphie finished off her second dessert. That was so good"

"I know, I love Cook's whips, her chocolate is divine."

Glinda had taken off her shoes and stockings and was sitting with her feet on the coffee table, licking her bowl.

"Lyndie, I'll go get you more" Elphie chuckled

"I don't want more, this is the fun part, try it"

Elphie looked skeptical

"Come on, it's fun, and the whip tastes better like this"

Elphie help up her bowl and licked a little from the edge

"I feel silly, this is a child's activity" She chuckled

Glinda finished off the rest of hers licking the little bowl clean. Elphie shrugged and licked her bowl.

"Fun isn't it? You can admit it."

"Interesting. Do you do this frequently?"

"No only certain desserts require bowl licking" She giggled

"I see. I'm assuming you will inform me when I need to do this again."

"Absolutely my love." She giggled and put her herself into Elphie's arms.

"The perfect ending to a great day" She kissed her love's cheek "You still seemed stressed my love"

She intertwined their fingers and gently stroked. "I can feel it"

"I'm not really stressed, It's just I'm confused about my reactions to your touch. It bothers me"

"My rubbing your tummy bothered you that much?" She sat up distressed

"No, no my sweet, my reaction to it bothered me. I can not even seem to form intelligible thoughts anymore."

"Elphie, I was going to suggest I give you a backrub. I haven't done that in awhile, and you are already familiar with it. It might help."

Elphie pulled the adorable girl back into her arms and kissed her

"I appreciate the thought, I'll see. I know we've talked about this before, but for some reason this was different. I don't know, maybe I'm just to far gone." She chuckled lightly

"Elphie, you're not, you're just confused and need some time to put whatever it is perspective. I touch you all the time, and this isn't the first time you've reacted like this."

"I know, but not like this" she sighed pulling away.

"Elphie, why don't you rub my back. I'll talk you through it. You need to do something, you're becoming agitated."

"Alright, my sweet, if you would like me too." She sighed


Glinda led Elphie over to the bed, then went to go get some oil from her bathroom. She removed her top and undergarment then lay down on her stomach. Elphie watched all of this with fascination. The ease and grace with which she disrobed intrigued her, as did the sight.

"Now my love, think about what you do when you rub my temples and start there, then just do whatever you feel."

Elphie warmed some oil in her hands then reached out and gently stroked Glinda's bare back with her fingers and made small circles with her hands. It felt good to feel her love like this.

"That's nice Elphie, I like this, your touch is so gentle, safe and loving"

She applied a little more pressure and moved up and down the soft pale back.

"Mmmm, that is so nice." Glinda moaned slightly

Elphie rubbed her shoulders and neck, and down her sides then back up over and over in a slow pattern, She really enjoyed the feeling, which added to her general confusion.

After a time Glinda sat up, yawned and kissed Elphie softly, then put on her top and handed Elphie a towel.

"I was about to fall asleep." She giggled throwing her arms around her love.

"That felt so good." She kissed her again. "Thank you."

" You are welcome. Let's get ready for bed, then we can talk"

"Sure Elphie, I'll be here" She grinned broadly and gave her love another kiss.

Elphie cleaned up and changed. She knew something was going to have to give soon, She needed to figure out something she could do to get herself through whatever this was. Then a sound brought her back.

"Yes?" She said surprised when she heard the knock again. Glinda never knocked any more

Gwenot peeked her head in "I just wanted to say goodnight darling. Galinda said you gave her a massage and it made her sleepy."

"Yes, it was the first time I tried that, it was fun."

"Massages can be very enjoyable" She chuckled knowingly "Well goodnight dear"

"Goodnight Gwenot, Fresh dreams"

"You as well my darling"

She left and for a brief moment, Elphie thought about talking to her about all of this.

"I wouldn't even know how to start," She said out loud walking across the hall.

"Did Momsie pop in to say goodnight." Glinda was sitting on the sofa in her nightclothes

"She did. Lyndie your mother is so…."

"Great, wonderful, incredible" she bubbled snuggling

"All of the above" Elphie smiled

"That's my mommy" Glinda sighed happily

"I think I'm going to take my last oil bath tomorrow, if the staff is not to busy to help, will you request it for me?"

"Absolutely my love, and they will be delighted to assist, we talked about this."

"I know I know, we talk about a lot of things, I'm glad that we can"

"Me too" She cuddled and played with the long soft fingers, every so often bringing one to her lips and giving it a kiss.

"I never would have imagined that someone playing with my fingers would feel good." She sighed

After a short time Glinda yawned and sat up. "I'm sleepy"

"I see that" Elphie chuckled

Glinda got up and led Elphie across the hall to her room. "Tonight I'm going to tuck you in properly." She smiled.

"Oh really" Elphie said amused

The bed was turned down so Glinda pulled back the covers and plumped her pillow.

"First is the goodnight hug" She embraced her hard, holding her close

"Then the goodnight kiss " the shared a light, but loving and lingering kiss

"Now you climb in bed and get comfy"

Elphie did and wiggled dramatically, getting comfortable

"Now I pull up your covers and kiss your forehead, then your cheek, then your lips."

She did all of those things, repeating the last one several times.

"I love you Elphie"

"I love you too. Lyndie, very much. Good night my sweet"

"Good night my love."

Elphie lay in her dark room, sorting through her thoughts. Maybe she should have made herself accept Glinda's back rub and dealt with whatever happened, Maybe she should just tell Glinda how the touch made her feel admit that she was frightened of those feelings. Maybe…"

"Damn the maybes" She spat

For a good part of the night she battled with herself. When at last she drifted off to sleep, the only thing she knew for sure was that she loved Glinda, and wanted more than anything not to be afraid of it, if that is what this was.

Glinda climbed in bed, wanting to be with Elphie, but considering her mood since yesterday, it was best that she be alone.

"I'll be patient Elphie, I can wait as long as you need" She whispered into the dark and feel asleep dreaming of waltzes.

Elphaba awoke feeling slightly better than she had when she went to bed, somewhere in her battles and/or dreams she figured out what she needed to do, not the exact thing, but the type of step she needed to take. That gave her a sense of balance.

Glinda was sitting in one of Elphie's chairs watching her stir.

"Good morning my love" She said when her love stretched

"I wish you would stop doing this, you don't need to watch me sleep any more" She huffed

"I know, but you just looked so peaceful, and when I do this at night, in our room, your skin glows in the moonlight, it's nice."

"So now I'm a nightlight, goody goody." She grumped off to the bathroom

Elphie's morning grumps didn't bother Glinda any more; she actually found them amusing.

"And cute when you grump around" She yelled at the closed door

After breakfast they went for a walk down through the horse meadow, Elphie allowed Glinda to hold her hand, since no one was around. When she didn't pull away when they saw Gardener, the blonde bubbled and squirmed with delight.

"I'm trying" Elphie said quietly

"So noted." She replied kissing the green hand and grinning broadly

They walked down to the greenhouse and finally got to go in. Elphie loved it. Gardener picked two beautiful and unique flowers, a white one for Elphie and a deep blue one for Glinda.

"For your hair" he smiled and bowed

"Elphie, it suits you" She smiled

"As does yours, my sweet"

She took Glinda's hand when they were out of sight of Gardener and they walked slowly back up to the house, chatting about nothing in particular. Holding hands like this in public was costing her, but not as much as she thought it would.

Back at the house, they spent some time in the library, then went up to their rooms to get ready for lunch.

While they were cleaning up, Glinda was talking non-stop about things she still wanted to do before they had to go back to Shiz.

"Elphie, I thought before we leave, it would be fun to go sailing"

"Oh that sounds delightful, you and your parents should have a wonderful time" Elphaba smiled at the excited girl

"And you too Elphie, I meant all of us."

Elphie looked at her roommate flabbergasted "Glinda you can not be serious."

"Sire I am, It'll be fun!" She said happily

Elphie wasn't sure she had understood correctly.

"Are you honestly suggesting that I go out into the middle of a body of water?" Elphie said as calmly as she could.

"On a boat Elphaba a safe and dry boat."

"No" Elphie said simply

"No? Elphie, you'll be fine, it's a big boat and you'll be well protected"

"Glinda, I said no and I mean no. I am not going sailing with you." She was slightly irritated

"I don't understand why exactly, but we can talk and work out the details later. Let's go to lunch."

"Glinda you are not listening to me, I am not going out on a boat so there is nothing to discuss," She was struggling to stay in control

"Go on down and have lunch with your parents. I'm not hungry."

Glinda was biting back tears, she knew Elphie was upset, and she knew she caused it, but not exactly how.


"Glinda, please, just go and have lunch. We will talk later." Elphie said quietly "It's Ok, I'm not angry with you."

Glinda looked in her love's eyes. She saw hurt.

"Alright Elphie" She said knowing better than to try to talk to her further right now.

Sniffling and very unhappy Glinda entered the solarium. Only her mother was there.

"Galinda? What's the matter?" Her mother said "Where is Elphaba, Is she on her way?"

"No, she isn't coming down, she isn't hungry"

"Is she not feeling well again dear? She said concerned

"She's fine Momsie" Glinda sniffled "But she is irritated with me"

Glinda started to cry and her mother came over and sat by her

"Darling I'm sure it's not worth crying about" She said putting her arms around her daughter.

"I hurt her Mom, her eyes were filled with hurt" she sniffled

"Tell me what happened" Gwenot said soothingly

She told her mother about the sailing conversation.

"I know you are excited about sharing all of the things that you love to do darling, but you can only ask so much of her. And this may be the thing that she can not yield to, no matter how much she loves you."

"I feel terrible," Glinda said miserably

"Eat some lunch, then go talk to her, You will work it out." Gwenot kissed her daughter and went back to her lunch.

Glinda sighed and picked up a sandwich, cream cheese mixed with chunks of vegetables and herbs, Elphie's favorite. She nibbled at it half-heartedly, not really hungry. She had only been gone half an hour or so, but she needed to go and apologize.

"I should take her a plate" She put some sandwiches and melon slices on a plate and poured a glass of milk

"Galinda, do you know why she was feeling hurt?" Her mother asked

" I think I hurt her, because I did not hear what she was telling me, and I just kept insisting." She sniffled again

"It's going to be alright darling. Elphaba loves you and understands you. Now take something for both of you to eat, and talk it through." She kissed her very sad daughter again and then left her.

Elphie fell into her chair; She had no idea why she had been so harsh with her precious Lyndie. She was just excited about something she loved to do

"But she didn't listen to me, wouldn't listen to me." She tried to shake it off; they would talk it out.

She sighed. She had no intention of going sailing, ever, but she wanted to find a way make amends for being so harsh. While she was thinking on it when she remembered that she had wanted to try and take her oil bath today. Since she didn't know when Glinda would be back, she would have to request it herself.

Taking a deep breath and telling herself it was a perfectly acceptable request, Elphie walked down the hall and around the corner to see if she could find Sargy, More than ever, she wanted to take her oil bath tonight, she needed the relaxing warmth of the oil. Her nerves were a little rattled and her emotions jumbled. She was still unsettled about the way she had reacted to Glinda rubbing her stomach, and unnerved by her dealings with the Munchkin tailor and the Quadling jeweler and to Glinda's insistence on taking her sailing. Which is probably why she had over reacted to her simple suggestion.

"Sargy" She called knocking on the maids partially opened door. She had never sought her out before and wasn't sure where to find her.

"Miss Elphaba. " Sargy said a little surprised "Is everything alright? Do you need something?"

"Everything is fine and I'm sorry to bother you, I know you and the others are going out today."

"Oh, it's no bother, we are not leaving until later. Is there something you require?"

"I know I should have asked earlier, but I wanted to take my oil bath, and Glinda made it very clear that I was not to draw it on my own." She looked sheepish and felt terrible for asking for something this complicated.

"Oh gracious. Miss Galinda was correct. You mustn't do that by yourself, or even at all. I will see that it is done." The woman was very flustered.

"I'm sorry to have upset you" Elphie said "And I truly do not want to interfere with your day off."

"We are not leaving until later this afternoon, and can fix it before we leave." She smiled at the obviously uncomfortable girl.

"Miss Elphaba, we, the staff that is, have loved having you here and it is our pleasure to do this for you, honestly"

"I thank you Sargy, Please forgive me, I am still not used to this kind of attention."

"I know Miss Elphaba, which is why I have come to terms with you tidying up your own room." She laughed lightly. "Now you go on and not give this a second thought, I'll let you know when your bath is ready. Ok?"

"Ok. And thank you again."

Sargy simply nodded and Elphie headed back to her room.

Glinda came up with the tray and went into Elphie's room

"Elphie, I'm…" She looked around but Elphie wasn't there. Putting the tray on the table she hurried over to her room

"Elphie?" She wasn't there either and she felt tears in her eyes.

"Elphaba?" She said walking into the hall, tears on her cheeks

"Glinda. I'm right here. "Elphie said coming around the corner

Glinda ran down the hall and almost leapt into her arms.

"Elphie I'm so sorry, I wasn't listening to you. Please forgive me." She wiped her eyes "I was scared, I thought you went out again, like before."

Elphie held Glinda for a moment then walked her back to her own room.

"Lyndie, my sweet, please calm down. I told you I was not angry with you, I was just…"

"Hurt, I know I saw it in your eyes. Please forgive me my love, I was very…."

"Excited. I understand that. Lyndie I would do anything you ask of me, and have actually," She smiled "but please don't ask this, I'm sorry, but I can not do it." She sounded sad.

"Elphie, no boating. I will not even approach the subject with my parents."

They were sitting on Glinda's sofa at opposite ends. Elphie held out her arms and Glinda slid into them, snuggling close.

"My sweet, I did not say I didn't want you to go, I merely said I would not go.

"I don't understand Elphie"

"Plan your outing on the lake, I'll settle in on the shore, watch from a safe distance and enjoy myself immensely."

"I can't do that, leave you behind!" Glinda was horrified at the thought

"You're not, at all. I want you to spend some more time with your parents, alone, before we have to go. This is a perfect way to do that, you all go out and sail, and then maybe we can all have a picnic or something on the shore when you are finished."

"Elphie, my love! A picnic! What a wonderful idea." She perked up.

"I'm glad, I wanted to find a way I could share this with you, because I know it is a part of your world here that you love." She turned her love's head and kissed her lightly.

"I'm sorry I was so harsh with you, my sweet, I wasn't as irritated as I appeared. I've been slightly out of sorts, emotionally, since being sick, but I had no right to take it out on you."

Glinda kissed her back.

"I forgive you for being harsh," Glinda said softly snuggling back down

"And I forgive you for not hearing me" She whispered, stroking her love's hair

Glinda took the soft green fingers and started to play with them, sighing happily

"Elphie, where did you go earlier?"

"Seeing if there was a back door escape route," She said with mock seriousness

Glinda turned and hit her gently. "That's not funny" She gasped

"I'm sorry my sweet, I am. I was down talking to Sargy. I asked if it was possible to have my bath today."

"Oh Elphie, I'm proud of you, She said it was, didn't she?" She was happy.

"Yes, She said it would be taken care of before they all left later on."

"Good, maybe it will help soothe you, and get your out of sorts sorted out" She giggled

"We can soak in our tubs, then spend the whole evening together." As soon as she said this Elphie had the flicker of an idea, as she was trying to ignite it, Gwenot knocked.


"Come on in Momsie." Glinda sat up, but didn't slide over as she usually did

"Is everything alright?" She said sitting down in a chair across from them

"Everything is fine now Gwenot, just a slight miscommunication."

"Uh huh, We talked, apologized, then kissed and made up" She giggled and Elphie flushed furiously.

Gwenot smiled. "I'm glad to hear it. I saw Jefet making preparations to draw your bath Elphaba"

"I hope they are not putting themselves out, especially today"

"Oh goodness no, they've got the process down pat"

Elphie smiled

"Well you father and I are leaving, it will be very late when we get home, if we come home at all" She winked

"If you two really need anything, Hensign will be in his quarters, his sister is visiting, so he volunteered to stay behind."

"Thanks Momsie, you and Popsicle have a grand time."

"We shall my darlings"

She waved and glided out of the room, closing the door.

"We kissed and made up! Are you trying to kill me?" Elphie said half amused half horrified.

"She knows Elphie, remember and I'm positive she is aware that we do that on occasion" She grinned. "I'm not planning on making a big deal, but can't we be a little more expressive, at least around the house and grounds?"

Elphie sighed "I can only promise I'll try my sweet"

Glinda went back to snuggling and playing with Elphie's fingers. Elphie tried to work her way through her idea. It was crazy. Nothing about it was even remotely possible for her, or so she thought. What would it accomplish? With luck, everything she needed right now. It was the step she conceived of during her nighttime battle.

"Lyndie, I hear Sargy in my room, wait here Ok. I'll be right back"

"Sure Elphie" She sat up and gave her love a quick kiss.

Elphie strode across the hall, her thoughts coming faster than she could process them

"Miss Elphaba" Sargy said snapping her out of her thoughts.

"The bath is all ready, and quite warm, you may need to wait a little"

"That's fine Sargy, I don't know how to thank you, you've been so kind." She took the woman's hands

"You just did, Miss Elphaba, and very nicely. Enjoy your bath"

Sargy left and Elphie started to pace. It was now or never. She was shocked that she could even imagine something like this, let alone does it. She walked into the bathroom and put her fingers into the tub, the oil was very very warm.

"Elphaba, you need to do this, to prove to yourself that you are not closed off. To prove that you are capable of being touched without fear." She said into the mirror

It was drastic, and scary, but it was for Glinda, and to get herself through whatever it was that caused her to fear her love's caress.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, garnering her will.

"Lyndie" She called walking to her doorway "Come over here please" She was in a state of panic, but was controlling it admirably.

Glinda came in smiling "Is you bath ready my love?"

"It is"

"Good, I'll go get mine ready and we shall soak simultaneously."

"Lyndie, I was thinking, since this is the last chance at an oil bath, as I surprise I was hoping…" She lost her will to speak.

"What Elphie? … wait, you want me to soak in your tub, in the warm oil, instead of you" She hugged her friend

"That's a sweet gesture, but you need a soak more than I do"

"Lyndie" Elphie said her stomach in knots, mouth dry. "I don't want you to take my bath instead of me, I want you to take my bath with me" She said quietly, then exhaled sharply looking into her friend's amazed, but beautiful face.

"Elphie" Glinda breathed

Elphaba had spoken the words, but knew that the rest of this was going top be easier said than done.

Thus Endeth the story Easier Said than Done

A/N This story will continue under the title Inevitabilities & Eventualities, with chapter 1 up in a few days. Thank you to all of you who offered their support and advice to the continuation of this story.