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Summary: An alternative Royai fanfic. This story takes place during the war. Roy and Riza have never met, and to top things off Riza is living with the Ishvarans as their liberater. What will happen when Riza leads a covert mission to capture the famous Flame Alchemist?


Riza Hawkeye was a loyal 'dog of the military.' That's how those in the military would describe her. She was well on her way to the top, and she was loving every minute of it.At least... that's what they thought.

They were her superiors. They were her peers. They were everyone else in the military. They didn't know anything.

Riza Hawkeye hated the very idea of war. It had cursed her with horrific nightmares. Ghosts of the past that haunted her unconscious mind, and poisoned waking thought with painful flashbacks.

- - - -

Riza's weary gaze travelled painstakingly around her office. Everything was exactly where it was supposed to be. Nothing appeared out of place. But, Then again, maybe that was what vexed her. The all-too familiar routine, and the monotony of day-to-day life. Everyday she would go through the same thing. Everyday she would get up. Everyday she would go to work. Everyday she would walk the same road to her same office. Everyday...Everyday...

Riza knew one thing for certain. She had to escape from the uniformity that had plagued her. She stood up, leaving behind half-finished paperwork, and incomplete reports on meaningless propaganda. She made her way to the door in a decisive manner.

After wondering the hallway aimlessly for at least an hour and a half, Riza stopped. She looked around and realized she didn't know where she was. This never happened to Riza Hawkeye. Riza Hawkeye always knew exactly where she was at all times. Then something occured to Riza. Maybe she wasn't the person she used to be. Maybe she changed, but was it for the better, or was it for the worse?

Riza sighed, and turned to go back the way she came. Although, before she could even take even a few steps in the general direction of her office, and neglected papers, she heard a loud thud.

Her curiosity got the better of her, and she headed to where the sound originated from. Riza stopped short of a door marked 'Artillery'. She pressed her back against the wall, and crept closer.

The door was opened just enough for Riza to see through. Inside was something she would never forget. She stifled a gasp.

"Hawkeye!" Called a voice from the other side ofaworn-lookingdoor.

"Yes?" Riza replied heavily. She wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone just now. She was still plotting how to defeat her enemy. With such strong forces, and state alchemists on their side how could anyone even hope to do what she was attempting? To defeat the entire military with such a small force. It was a bizzare sensation to fight the very thing you used to believe in.

No, Riza didn't want to talk to anyone, because she was still unsure what she wanted.

Ignoring Riza's silent pleas, the person stepped into the dimly lit chamber where Riza sat by herself with nothing more than a map and pen. She nodded to acknowledge his presence.

The man who had come in was dark-skinned, and red-eyed, like most Ishvarans. He was also tall and well-built from years of hard work for his people.

Riza looked up from the map and looked at him. "What's wrong?"

He averted his gaze. Riza knew that had to mean bad news. "The others are getting wrestless. They say that if we don't do something to gain an advantage they're just going to attack them." He looked up as he finished what he had to say.

What he saw suprised him. He expected to see her angry or even depressed. Instead she was smiling. A very rare thing indeed. "Tell the men not to worry. I know exactly what to do." Riza stood up and walked to the door.

"Miss Hawkeye. What is your plan?" He said having gotten his initial suprise in check.

Riza turned to meet his eye. "We're going to capture the flame alchemist."

This was just a short prologue to introduce the plot. The next chapter will be longer I promise! It will be titled 'Mission 1: Capture the Flame!' Hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to R&R!

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