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Summary: An alternative Royai fanfic. This story takes place during the war. Roy and Riza have never met, and to top things off Riza is living with the Ishvarans as their liberater. What will happen when Riza leads a covert mission to capture the famous Flame Alchemist?

On the last Chapter:

Riza and Roy stood beside a mound of freshly turned earth. A coffin sat in the middle that Roy had transmuted using some chalk Riza brought along. A tombstone, which was also transmuted, sat at the far-end of the hole. Roy walked up to the hole and made a transmutation circle. When he activated it, the rock from the canyon floor turned into a smooth, white colored stone and moved over the grave.Leaving only a small square indent and lid to cover it. There was no inscription on the stone, except for Aiden's name. Riza made up her mind that, someday, she would come back and put something on it.

Roy moved back to his origional position behind her. He was friends to Aiden as well, but Riza was much closer, so he thought he would give her space. Riza absolutely refused to cry. She thought that if she did that it would make her seem weak, and Riza Hawkeye was not weak. Riza moved closer to the grave and pulled out her silver handgun, the one Aiden had always admired, and layed it down in the square indent. Then she put the stone cover over it.

Nature always had it's way of keeping things balanced, in Roy's opinion, and this was no exception. The clouds darkened, making the night even more dreary than it already was. And since Riza had made up her mind not to cry, the sky cried for her.

Misson Four: § REUNION§

After an hour of trying to persuade Riza to come back with him to the jeep, Roy finally relinquished Riza to the mercy of her thoughts. He had been sitting there for quite some time. The rain ceased, and the horizon was illuminated with the brilliant sunrise. The aurora helped to alleviate the emotions that had barricaded itself into Roy's subconscious.

The sunrise seemed to have the opposite effect on Riza. Her mind kept wandering back two weeks before they set out to capture the Flame Alchemist...


Aiden had been on edge lately. There was a rumor that the military was aware of their new General, and they were sending state alchemists to search for their desert encampment. Although it was doubtful that the military would send state alchemists after a presumably small threat, the rumor still circulated.

Riza stood on the deck watching as the sun seemed rise from the endless sandy sea. Despite the fact that she had been living with them for over a year, some Ishvarrans still didn't trust her. She didn't blame them. they had been betrayed before, what proof did she have that she wouldn't betray them as well.

A knock at the door brought Riza from her thoughts. She opened her door to find Aiden smiling nervously.

"Is something wrong?" Riza asked. Aiden never came up to her room unless he had a problem.

"Do you think the military will send people to kill us?" Aiden was usually straight forward in a conversation, and today was no exception.

"Aiden you know that they won't risk making a big deal out of anything unless they have proof of some kind." This was the third time Riza had to reassure him.

"Yeah I guess...General!" Aiden suddenly realized he was speaking to a 'commanding officer' inappropriately, and quickly saluted.

Riza sighed, he just wouldn't stop calling her that. Suddenly Aiden walked passed Riza to her window. Riza was taken aback at the sudden change in his behavior. After recovering, she walked to her window to see what had gotten him so worked up.

Aiden was beaming out of the window at the surnise. The beautiful array of color danced off the sand in the distance.

Aiden turned to Riza slightly. "You know the sunrise is especially amazing in the desert. You know why?" Riza urged him to go on. "The desert has a different kind of beauty, so when the sun comes up it turns the sand into a giant mirror that shows the true beauty of the desert...my mother used to tell me that..."


Riza usually never dwelt on things, but she felt like she owed something to him. Aiden never liked to be alone, and Riza felt like she was abandoning him, so she stayed until sunrisel, thinking that if she did Aiden wouldn't hold her refusal to cry against her. It sounded childish but it was the only thing that put her mind at ease.

Riza headed back to the jeep to discover Roy hadn't slept at all but instead he stared blankly at the sunrise. Riza got into the driver's seat wordlessly. After two minutes of silence Roy spoke up.

"...It was like he knew..."

"What...?" Riza asked quietly, suprised by his voice.

"He asked me to promise that if something were to happen to him that I would make sure you were safe so that you could save the others." Roy kept his eyes on the sunrise in front of him.

Riza could only stare, dumbstruck by his statements, and Aiden's wishes.

"I failed him...after I made that promise I said that nothing would happen to him..."

Roy was so deep in thought that he jumped somewhat when the jeep started.

Riza drove directly into the sunset toward West City.

After the arrival in West City Roy and Hawkeye spoke to the 'man in charge', General Whitman. They went through every detail they had come up with: How they met, how Aiden had been a hero, and how they escaped.

Luckily, they believed every word from the newly reinstated Colonel, and First Lieutenant. Everything went smoothly. As they left the building, Roy became annoyed by the silence that overcame them.

"First Lieutenant." He turned to her for emphesis.


"Do you blame me...for Aiden's death?" He asked.

Before she could answer, a man with black hair put his arm around Roy's shoulders and messed up his already dry hair.

"Roy! You're ok! We were worried about you, ya know. You missed out on all five pictures I took! We'll just have to catch you up won't we!"

Roy wrestled out of his grasp and turned to face him. "Nice to see you too Hughes."

Maes's attention was brought to Riza. "Hawkeye, long time no see! Good to know you didn't really betray us." He stretched his hand out and shook hers.

"You know her? Then why didn't you tell me earlier?" Roy asked a bit annoyed.

Hughes acted confused. "Eh? Hmn, guess it slipped my mind." Maes put on his serious face. "At any rate," he started, "it's nice to see a familiar face."

"What's that mean?" Roy asked.

Hughes's eyes narrowed. "The military personel here has changed dramatically since my previous visit. I've never seen any of them before."

"Why would someone need to change an entire city staff?" Roy asked him.

"Every soldier looks more like a murderer, than a soldier." Maes whispered, ignoring his question.

He was right, the military police looked more like convicts, and there was a completely different group controlling West City before he was captured.

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I just love these divider thingys, can you tell?

I just love these divider thingys, can you tell?