Title: One Thing
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: K+
Pairing: Elricest

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist and all of it's characters does not and never will belong to me. But I do stalk it's owner. If you wish, go stalk Hiromu Arakawa as well. 3 The poem's mine, though.

Author's Notes: Wrote this for Valentine's Day, never finished it, and now forgot all about it. XD So... Can I count this as an uber late Valentine's fic? The poem here is not complete, I just couldn't think of other plots to write for the other stanzas. And for the last stanza, there's something wrong. See if you can find it. -sweat drop- Enjoy!

One Thing

One thing I'd like to give you
Is a big piece of my heart
So that no matter where we go
We'll never be apart

"Nii-san?" Al peeked into the room silently, watching Ed read his books. The younger brother held something behind his back and he entered the room shyly. Months have passed ever since their mother died, and they were currently staying a their master's house, trying to learn more about alchemy, and as usual, Edward was burying himself with books. It was always books and books nowadays for his brother, and Al was starting to lose it.

"What is it, Al?" The older brother blinked, wondering why Al was so fidgety today.

"Well... uhm... this..." Carefully, the other gave what he was hiding with a blush. It was a card. It was simple, a red heard with white outlines that was clumsily cut. A few drawn hearts also adorned the card, and Ed felt his eyes go watery. It said, 'Happy Valentines Day, 'Nii-san'.

"Al... but I don't have anything for you." He admitted, blinking once, twice to make the water in his eyes go away.

"It's alright, nii-san." Al beamed, relieved that his brother liked his gift. "Do you remember? Back then, we used to give 'kaa-san cards and roses!"

"Roses!" Ed grinned, standing up and dusting himself of, "Since I don't have anything for you, I'll just buy you roses! That way, it's equivalent exchange, right?" When he started to walk towards the door, he felt something hold his wrist and tug him back.

"I don't want roses." Al muttered under his breath with a blush.


"I'd like it if..." The younger brother stammered, "Stay with me for the whole day. Equivalent exchange, nii-san."

"Al..." Edward blinked, before his eyes softened and he lovingly held the card with both hands. "Equivalent exchange it is then. Happy Valentine's Day, Al."

One thing I'd like to tell you
Is that I love your smile
That even though you're away
My heart skips from a mile

Today's Valentine's day, nii-san. It's been years since we've last seen 'kaa-san and now you're 13 years old. I'm 12... or at least, I think. As we exchange cards as we usually do at this time of the year, I wish I could smile at you to show just how thankful I am. I want to be able to express everything I feel, but with this body, I can't.

I guess I should still be thankful that I'm alive, though. Thankful that you sacrificed your whole right arm for me, but even though, it still feels like I'm not complete.


"Yes, 'nii-san?"

"Are you smiling right now?"

I pause. Honestly, I'm not really sure how to answer, but after a while, I realize that yes, I guess I am smiling... Before I could say so though, you speak up first.

"I think you are. I don't know, but I can imagine you smiling at me, and so that means you're happy, right? If so, then I'm happy, too." You flash that big grin of yours and hold the card I gave you tightly. "Don't worry, Al. We'll definitely get your body back. I'll make sure of it." Then you smile and I felt complete. Sure, I would never stop wishing for my body back, but for now, I'm fine being like this if I'm with you.

"Happy Valentines Day, 'nii-san."

One thing I'd like to give you
Is everything I own
One thing I'd like to tell you
When I'm with you, I feel at home.

- owari -