Long-lost Twin
By Karah

Disclaimer: If I owned them, would I be writing this? I really don't think so.

Summary: Rory Hayden and Lori Gilmore are twin sisters. They lived together until they were two and their mom and dad divorced. Rory went with their father to California and Lori went with their mom to Stars Hollow. The girls always saw each other on holidays and during vacations. But they haven't seen each other since they were seven. Now at nineteen they're roommates at Yale. Rory is a true Californian girl and Lori is a true small town girl.

Author's Note: I read another fic where Rory had a twin named Lori short for Lorelai and then I got this idea. Please read and review. Also this is set during what was season five.

Chapter 1: Long Lost Twin:

Rory Hayden entered her dorm room which would be her home for the next year. Her roommate was already there. She was medium height with long brown hair. Rory couldn't see her face so she didn't know what she looked like. Just when Rory started to introduce herself the girl turned around.

"Lori?" She asked surprised and stunned.

"Yeah." Lori replied. When she saw who her visitor was, she realized it was like she was looking into a mirror. "Rory?"

"Yeah." She replied. Both sisters realized it had been years since they'd seen each other, and suddenly an awkward silence filled the room. Lori was the first to break the silence.

"So what have you been up to in the past twelve years?" Lori wondered.

"School, Driving and graduating." Rory replied, "You?"

"Same. So do you have a boyfriend?" Lori asked.

"Yep. He goes here actually. Same age as us." Rory replied, "Do you?"

"No. We broke up at the end of senior year. Well not officially. He just left." Lori replied.

"Wow. That sucks." Rory said, sympathizing with her sister.

"It was." Lori remarked, "No goodbye, no reason."

"How long were you dating?" Rory asked.

"Half a year." Lori replied, "You and your boyfriend?"

"Two years." Rory replied.

"That's cool." Lori said. They both gave each other a small smile; the silence this time was a little less awkward.

"I need coffee!" Rory suddenly exclaimed.

"Me too!" Lori said, "There's a coffee cart on the grounds near here."

"Great." Rory said.

The two completely identical nineteen year old girls walked out of their dorm room and headed to the coffee cart.

"So, what's your major?" Lori asked.

"Journalism." Rory replied, "Yours?"

"Me too!" Lori replied, smiling. "I guess we're identical in more ways than we thought." she said with a small laugh. Rory nodded, in agreement, laughing as well.

"So are you on the Yale Daily News?" Rory asked her twin.

"Nope. Might join this year. I missed joining it last year." Lori replied, "I was on my high school newspaper though."

"I joined last year. I should warn you. The editor? Doyle? He can be really annoying sometimes." Rory remarked, as they approached the coffee cart. "One coffee."

"Make that two." Lori said.

"That'll be $4.50." the clerk said. Both sisters handed him a $5 at the same time. They started laughing. Rory decided to buy the coffee for both of them, telling her sister she could get the next round.

After getting their coffee's the twins headed back to their dorm to get everything organized.

Later that night, after getting everything figured out the two decided to go out for supper. The found a restaurant close to campus. When they got their food, Lori's cell phone began to ring.

"Hello?" Lori asked, as she answered her phone.

"Hey mini-me." Lorelai said.

"Hey, mom." Lori said, smiling. "Guess who my roommate is?"

"George Clooney?" Lorelai guessed.

"Nope." Lori replied, "Rory is."

"As in Lorelai Leigh Hayden your identical twin sister who is two whole minutes older?" Lorelai asked, practically yelling into the phone.

"One in the same." Lori replied laughing.

"Oooh! Movie night Saturday night." Lorelai said, "And on Friday, when we go to dinner with your grandparents, tell Rory to come!"

"I'll ask her later." Lori said, a little hesitantly, not sure how comfortable Rory would be with Friday night dinners. "So any reason for your phone call?" She said changing the topic.

"Just wanted to check and see how your day was." Lorelai replied.

"It was great!" Lori said.

"Well I'm at the inn so I should get back. Michel is giving me the evil eye." Lorelai said.

"Okay." Lori said, "Bye, mom."

"Bye, kid." Lorelai said.

Lori hung up and she and Rory went back to their supper.

"So what was California like?" Lori asked.

"Great. Sunny and warm even in the winter." Rory replied, "Coming to the East Coast in junior year was an adventure. I hadn't seen snow since dad and I moved to California. Dad was transferred to Boston that year."

"Really? I can't believe we didn't see each other last year." Lori remarked, "Mom wants to know if you want to come to dinner on Friday night and stay the weekend in Stars Hollow for a movie night on Saturday. It'll be tons of junk food."

"Sure. It'll be nice to see her again." Rory said after finishing her dinner.

As soon as they paid, they left and headed back to the dorms. When they reached their room, they saw a tall blonde guy waiting at the door. When he looked up, Rory recognized him and laughed when she saw the stunned look on his face.

"Hey, Tris." She said, as they approached him.

"Hey, babe." He replied looking from Rory to Lori noticing they were totally identical.

'How the heck am I supposed to tell them apart?' He wondered.

"Hi! I'm Lori." Lori said.

"This is my boyfriend Tristan." Rory told her sister, as Lori and Tristan shook hands.

"Nice to meet you, Tristan." Lori said. Then turning to Rory, she said, "I'm gonna go inside."

Lori unlocked the door and headed in.

"Nice to meet you too, Lori." He said before she closed the door behind her, "So, how am I supposed to tell you two apart?" He said almost whining. Rory laughed at her boyfriend's obvious distress. "Lori has a totally different clothing style tha

n me, silly!" She said playfully. "So what made you show up here?" She said as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Came to se my totally sexy girlfriend and see how her day was." He bent down to capture her lips in a slow kiss. "Mmm…I missed you." He said as he reluctantly pulled back.

"I missed you too." She said as she looked up, smiling. "It was great! Found out Lori and I will be sharing a dorm room for the year. I haven't seen her in like twelve years." She replied, pulling back from his embrace.

"At least one of us had a good day." Tristan said, as he reached up to rub the back of his neck. "My dad called. So obviously, my day sucked."

"Aww, poor baby! That can't be good." Rory said, as she comfortingly placed her hand on the side of his face.

"There isn't much that involves Stephen DuGrey that could be classified as good, babe." He replied bitterly. Then looking her in the eyes, he smiled, and pulled her to him. "At least I have you! That makes me lucky!" He then looked down at his watch, and a slight frown appeared on his face. "It's getting late though, so I guess I'll see you sometime tomorrow?"

"Yah. Classes don't start until Friday so we can do something tomorrow." She answered, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Great. Night." He said before kissing her.

"Night." She said and kissed him back.

Tristan started leaving Branford College and Rory entered the dorm to see Lori sitting on the couch in the common room.

"So that's the boyfriend, huh?" Lori commented with a smile.

"Yes that would be him." Rory said, smiling back.

"He's hot." Lori remarked.

"That he is." She said sighing. "He annoyed me so much when we first met. Oddly enough, in some weird way his cockiness attracted me." Rory said, reminiscing.

Rory sat down next to her sister, and the two stayed up a little longer talking about Tristan. After an hour or so, the two decided it was really time to head for bed. Both were happy that the awkwardness between them had lifted. This year was definitely going to be interesting.

The newly beta'd version that Lala made a million times better. Also I got a review about Rory and Lori having the same name but different nick names and the fact that twins usually have different names and my reply is this: It's a fanfic. It doens't have to be that realsitc.