Chapter 2: Mistaken Identity & Movie Night:

Friday evening Rory stood in her dorm contemplating what to wear to dinner with the grandparents she didn't remember and hadn't seen since she was two.

"Lori!" She called through the open door.

Her twin was already dressed and sitting in the common room waiting.

"What's the problem, Ror?" She asked from the couch.

"I need you to come in here and help me pick something out for dinner." She called back.

Lori got up and entered the room. There were books everywhere signifying the fact that her twin liked to read and study.

"Just pick something nice and acceptable." Lori suggested.

"What does Emily Gilmore consider acceptable. You remember these are the grandparents I haven't seen since before dad and I left Connecticut, Lori. I don't know them." Rory complained.

"Oh yah. You only know dad's parents." Lori said.

"Ha! I don't even know them. But I know mom's less." Rory said, "So help me pick something that will not make them hate me."

"How about this?" Lori asked after a minute of looking through Rory's closet and finding a light blue dress.

"Find the shoes that go with it and you'll be the queen of clothes, Lori." Rory said as she took the dress she was being handed.

"Will do. Mom is actually the queen of clothes though." Lori said going to look for the shoes that would go with the dress.

Rory put on the dress and waited as Lori searched for the shoes. Just then Rory thought of something. "Hey next weekend Tris and I are going to Boston. You want to come?" She asked as she sat on her bed.

"Sure. I haven't seen dad in forever." Lori replied finally finding a pair of shoes she thought would go.

"Around the last time I saw mom." Rory said taking the shoes and then putting them on.

'Just grab your purse now and the bag for the weekend and you're ready to go.' Rory thought grabbing both the bags.

Lori left to grab her own stuff and the two sisters headed out. They had figured it would just be easier to take Lori's Prius instead of Rory's Maserati because they were going to the same place and Rory didn't even know how to get to their grandparents house. Soon after getting in the car they started the forty-five minute drive to Hartford.

They pulled up to the elder Gilmore house just before Lorelai did and had already reached the door.

"Hey." Lorelai said not even able to tell the difference between her own daughters, "Ready for dinner?" She knew Rory knew nothing about the regular Friday night dinners.

"I guess as ready as we'll ever be." Lori replied knowing this would be the first time Rory had stepped foot in the house her whole life.

Lorelai rung the door bell and the latest maid opened the door and took coats and purses as soon as the three guests were in the entry way.

"Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore are in the living room." She said then disappeared.

Lorelai led her daughters to the living room where Emily and Richard were sitting waiting for them to come.

"Hello, mom. Hello, dad." Lorelai said getting the elder Gilmore's attention.

Richard and Emily looked between Lori and Rory not being able to tell which one was the granddaughter that had just reappeared in Connecticut again and which one was the one they'd been seeing ever Friday night for the last three years. Lorelai noticed this.

"Rory and Lori are roommates." She said.

"Which one is which?" Emily asked.

"Rory is wearing blue, grandma." Lori replied.

"Well its nice too see you again, Rory." Emily said.

Richard got up and headed for the drink cart. "What can I get everyone?" He asked.

"Gin martini." Lorelai replied.

"Sodas for me and Rory." Lori said realizing that her twin felt totally out of place.

'This must be totally weird for her.' She thought as the drinks were made and then brought over.

"How is your father?" Richard asked sitting down after handing out the drinks.

"Great. He's recently been promoted to running a department of the company he works for." Rory replied realizing that as close as she was with her dad she had no idea what he actually did.

Dinner went by in a better fashion then it usually did for Lori and her mom but for Rory things were awkward to say the least. She didn't know these people. After desert Rory and Lori hopped back into Lori's car to drive to Stars Hollow. Lorelai had set up a mattress in Lori's room so the twins could hang out and have a sleepover like they used to do when Rory would still come to Stars Hollow.

"So do you think anyone in the town will remember me?" Rory randomly asked as they walked into Luke's.

"I don't know. But it will be interesting to see what happens. This town is still as weird as it was last time you came, Ror." Lori replied.

Lorelai and her girls headed for the counter and sat down there. All the better to bug Luke. At least that's what Lorelai said.

"Three coffee's and three slices of pie." Lorelai ordered.

Luke's back was facing the three so he turned around and his jaw dropped. Stars Hollow hadn't seen the Hayden/Gilmore twins since they were seven and for some reason Rory stopped coming to the town.

"Jeez, even after twelve years you two are impossible to tell apart." Luke said before he got his act together and told Lorelai, "No coffee for you."

"But Lukey I need the coffee. So do my two lovely daughters." Lorelai begged, "You should know which one is Lori, Luke. You've seen her like everyday of her life almost."

"Fine have your coffee. And I still don't know which one is which." Luke said pouring three cups of coffee.

Kirk had been sitting in the diner as usual and was eavesdropping on their conversation. He looked the counter to see the back of the identical twins and their mom sitting side by side. He had seen them walk in and couldn't tell which one was which either.

Lorelai was bugging Luke while he was trying to figure out the twins and one of the three's cell phone rang. It was Rory's and she snuck out of the diner to answer it. While she talked on the phone Luke continued to try and figure it out.

"Rory's the one outside on the phone." Lorelai finally said.

"Wow. The two are completely identical even now." Luke said and then went back to his work.

Rory came back in soon after having hung up her cell. She sat back on her stool before Lorelai and Lori bombarded her with questions.

"So who was it?" Lorelai asked.

"Was it Tristan?" Lori asked wondering if it had been her sister's hottie boyfriend.

"Actually it was dad." Rory replied, "Tristan's hanging out with his roommate and two of his roommate's friends tonight. They're doing whatever it is college guys do when they have a girlfriend or are just hanging with the guys." Rory was secure in the knowledge that her boyfriend was crazy about her and never worried about him finding someone else.

"So who's this boyfriend of yours?" Lorelai asked her daughter.

"Tristan DuGrey." Rory replied as she put her phone away.

"As in Stephen and Alice DuGrey's son?" Lorelai asked.

"Yes." Rory replied before taking a sip of coffee and thinking 'Best coffee ever.'

Lorelai looked at the oldest twin and thought 'Living with Chris has really made her apart of society. I never wanted that for either of my girls.' Lorelai had remembered that even at the age of five Rory had wanted to travel the world and be a foreign correspondent. Lori saw her mom's reaction to the name and thought it was probably time to change the subject.

"So what did dad say?" Lori asked.

"He was just wondering what I was up to 'cause he'd called the dorm and didn't get an answer." Rory replied.

Lorelai was still on the subject of Tristan though and asked Rory "How long have you been dating?"

"Two years." Was the reply.

The three Lorelai's stayed at Luke's until they finished a few cups of coffee and the pie and then headed to the Gilmore house. Lorelai headed up to her room saying one last thing to her girls, mostly to Rory, "I'd like to meet this boyfriend of yours some time." She planned on giving him the 'you hurt her I'll kill you' talk.

"Sure." Rory told her mom thinking 'Dad has already given him the talk and even tried to scare him off.'

"Okay. Night, you two." Lorelai said finally going up to her bedroom.

Lori headed to her room and Rory followed her. They got ready for bed and sitting on Lori's bed the two started to talk about Tristan.

"Have you had sex with him?" Lori asked curious. She'd dated Dean and then Jess and Jess had been the only one she'd ever thought of sleeping with and they might have at Kyle's party senior year if she hadn't tried to get him to talk to her.

"Prom night I did for the first time. We'd been together for like a year before it happened but it wasn't like I hadn't' thought about it before then. We actually came pretty close a few times before then but dad always ended up coming home just then." Rory replied, "What about you, Lori?"

"Nope, Lori Gilmore is still a virgin." She replied, "What was it like?"

"Scary but I knew I was ready and Tristan was great about the whole thing. At first it hurt but Tristan was really nice about it." Rory replied.

The next night Lorelai sent Rory to get all the junk food and Lori to collect the movies. Rory grabbed all the junk food she could think of at Doose's and Lori found Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, as well as Casablanca and The Joan and Melissa River's Story. Kirk mentioned it was a weird selection and Lori just shrugged it off. The two girls metjust outside Luke's to grab some coffee. On the walk back to the house they ran into Miss Patty and Babette.

"Hey girls." The two ladies said.

"Hey Miss Patty, hey Babette." Lori greeted them wondering if they would be able to tell it was her.

"Rory, nice to see you again." They said to Lori and the two girls looked at them finding it funny.

"Um that's Rory." Lori said pointing to her twin.

"Sorry for the slip. You two are just hard to tell apart." Babette remarked, "It is nice to see you again though, Rory."

"Thanks, Babette. Same here." Rory said.

"So how is that cutie father of yours?" Miss Patty asked remember the times Christopher had come to pick up Rory or drop her off at Lorelai's.

"He's good. Single but really busy with work." Rory replied, "Lori and I are actually going to see him in Boston next weekend."

They talked with Miss Patty and Babette for a little while longer before heading back to the house to start the movie watching. Just as they had reached the house Rory's cell rang the ring she set for when Tristan called and she talked to him as they were setting up the food and getting ready to watch the movie.

"Ror, get your butt in here!" Lori called from the living room once they were ready to start watching movies.

"Coming!" She called back before saying to Tristan, "I gotta go, Tris, but call me tomorrow. Love ya."

"Will do, babe. Have fun watching movies." Tristan said, "Love you too."

Rory hung up and put her phone in Lori's room before going out to the living room. "So what movie are we watching first?" She asked taking a seat on the couch.

"Mom wants to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and said we could fight over what movie to watch next." Lori replied.

They started the movie and ate junk all through the movie. They got through Casablanca as the second movie and by the time that was over they were ready for bed. The next day they left Stars Hollow around lunch time to head back to New Haven.

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