Summary – Set at the beginning of Seventh year. Lily used to hate James. James used to fancy Lily. During 6th year they managed to put their differences behind them, James stopped asking Lily out and they became friends. Over the summer, Lily was staying at her Grandmother's house, which happened to be next door to James' house. So she spent the whole summer with the marauders, they're all quite close now.

Chapter 1

"Lily flower"



"Sweetie pie"

"Don't call me flower, or Red and Sirius if you ever call me 'Sweetie pie' ever again, you'll wish you'd never been born," Lily yelled down the stairs.

It was the first of September, Lily was going to the station with the marauders. They were at the bottom if the stairs yelling to her to hurry up.

"Well then, will you bloody well hurry up?" Sirius yelled

"I'm coming, but will one of big strong boys help me with this trunk?" she shouted.

In a minute James was up in her room, "How long does it take to get ready? We're going to school not a fucking fashion show"

"I am perfectly aware of that. It doesn't mean I have to look like a troll"

James effortlessly picked up her trunk and balanced it on his shoulder.

"Flower, you couldn't look like a troll even if you tried"

"Yeah, whatever," said Lily rolling her eyes.


"Ugh, do you really have to always eat like that?" said Lily wrinkling her nose in disgust. They were on the train and Sirius was currently eating his way through the mountain of food in front of him.

"Ijhmm donmmpht nommmp…" said Sirius spitting food everywhere.

"Stop, that is really disgusting," said Remus

"I would say he was being rather civil, compared to how he normally is," said James.

Just then 4 girls entered the compartment, Brittany, Cynthia, Courtney, Holly, the most popular, prettiest, sluttiest and bitchiest girls in the whole school. And every single one of them after a marauder. They were also Lily's dorm mates, so she got on all right with them.

"Hi," said Cynthia, although who could tell them apart, they all looked like Barbie dolls.

"Uh hi," said James.

"Oh Lily, what are you doing here?" asked Holly who was particularly fond of James at the moment, "You aren't going out with James, are you?" she added with a look of horror on her face.

"Uh, no we're just friends," said Lily

"Friends with benefits?" enquired Holly

"No, no benefits," said James, then he whispered in Lily's ear, "although I'm up for it if you are"

Lily didn't know what possessed her but she giggled, giggled like a brainless bimbo.

"What, did Jamie say something funny?" said Holly sitting down so close to James that she was practically on his knee.

"Uh no not particularly," said Lily feeling very uncomfortable.

"I'm sure it was adorable whatever it was. Why don't you come with me and I'll tell you a secret?" she coed into his ear.

"Uh no thanks, I was just about to um…." Said James trying to think of an excuse to get rid of her.

"He was about to help me um find my uh… earring I lost an earring." Said Lily

"Oh well, can't that wait, I'll make it worth your while,"

"Uh no, sorry I promised it's a family heirloom," said James.

"Oh, well if I helped we could find it quicker, then we could have fun"

"I'm really busy right now," said Sirius practically fighting Brittany off with a stick.

"Yeah, we all need to help Lily find her earring," James said loudly

"Oh, yeah sorry ladies but we did promise her," said Remus thankfully, Cynthia was all but undressing him.

"I told them we'd help, then we'll have plenty of time to get reacquainted," said Holly.

"Oh right, thanks, could you five check the compartments in front of this one and we'll check the rest," said James.

"Oh, shouldn't we search in pairs instead, I'll look with you," said Holly

"Uh no, it's fine. It's better this way, don't you agree?"

"Of course I do, Jamie it's a wonderful idea," said Holly

"Yeah, good thinking mate," said Sirius.

"Bye, Siri, I'll see you later," said Courtney.

"Hey, he's mine today," whined Brittany.

"BYE," said James practically throwing them out of the door.

"James, we're in the last carriage, they'll be searching for a non-existent earring until we get to Hogwarts," giggled Lily.

"I know, they're bloody scary coming at you like that," said James.

"Yeah, it was alright in 4th year, but now they're like the school bikes, a free ride for anyone," said Sirius.

Lily giggled, "They're are not that bad"

"You go out with them then" said Remus.

"Oh yeah, could we watch," said Sirius

"Perverts" muttered Lily

"Yeah, we are, but you love us anyway," said James

"Yeah I do"