Title: Manipulation is Key

Pairing: Harry/Voldemort(Tom)

Genre/Rating: R

Length: unknown, it keeps going.

Warning: Language, it's not too vulgar, but there is bad language.

Dedicated to: Loyal Harry/Voldemort(Tom) Shippers!

Notes: I like writing and I'll take any comments you have, good or bad. You have your own opinion. I just listen.

Disclaimer: This would not be a children's' book. J.K. Would be god and I'd be one of her angels trying to please her. Then when she gave me a break I'd ask if Harry and Voldie could Bugger. And since this will never happen I will never own this.


Harry waited until the house became silent. He opened his eyes when it was and pushed his glasses on. Sitting up slightly, he grabbed his wand.

"Alohomora." He had whispered, the door to the cupboard unlocking, freeing him. He grabbed the key to his vault, his backpack, and a small box. He stood quietly, creeping through the house so he wouldn't wake anyone the Dursley's.

He walked into the dinning room and over to the fireplace as it was dimming, the night's fire dying. Taking a deep breath, he emptied the small box into the dim flames; watching as they erupted to life again. The green flames licking the walls of the chimney as he stepped into them, gulping as he went to speak.

Harry's eyes widened as his uncle Vernon entered the room. He murmured something incoherently in fear and the flames engulfed him. His eyes were wide in terror. This was not good. Harry's eyes tightened even more when he hit solid ground. He was expecting to be bombarded with questions, or perhaps even attacked.

Although when he opened his eyes, his surroundings were barren and silent, of people that is. Where he currently resided was everything but barren. If Harry had to guess, he would guess he was in a library. The floor was made of marble and bookshelves lined every wall. He almost expected to see a librarian.

When it remained silent, he took a shaky step out of the fireplace, his clothes dusty as he smacked his hands against them. His steps became firmer as he walked closer and closer to the book shelves, marveling at all of the tomes. His hands coming up to gently slide against all of the leather bound covers. He slowed his pace, reading the titles.

"I don't care, Lucius. Make it happen." Someone had hissed. Harry immediately panicked, looking around the room for somewhere he could hide. This wasn't good, what if he was caught? Who would catch him? On second thought, where was he?

Harry bolted across the room, taking shelter in one of the cabinets below a bookshelf. He pulled the two doors closed, easily fitting in the small space. He covered his mouth to swallow a gasp as the doors were thrown open.

"So help the four founders, Lucius I want it done. I don't care if it's illegal. That's never stopped us before." Some one hissed as they came barging through the double doors. Lucius Malfoy followed behind them franticly.

"But My Lord, It isn't that easy. The entire Wizarding World is chaotic right now. You, of all people, should know that." Lucius said, and the clad figure froze.

"Don't you dare disobey me! You'll do as I say, or so help me I will Crucio you Lucius." Voldemort said, Harry flinched, and he had known as soon as Voldemort had walked in whom it was under that cloak. Lucius flinched as well, for a different reason, before bowing to Voldemort.

"As you wish, My Lord," Lucius said, before turning and leaving the library. Voldemort waving the doors shut with the flick of his hand as he sat down. Levitating a book towards him, he recognized the presence in the room, but ignored it; opting to act like it was not there. If they didn't attack him, it meant that they didn't even want to be there. He continued to read his book, pinpointing exactly where the intruder was. He could play with the best of them.

Harry was in panic as Voldemort remained in the room. Although at the same time, he was amazed. Voldemort could not only use magic silently, but he didn't need his wand either. If the man weren't pure evil, he would have asked him how he could accomplish such a feat. Harry watched as Voldemort stood, taking his robes off to drape them along the chair.

Walking to the bookshelf for another book, the boy smiled slightly as he recognized the human body of Tom Riddle as the man that had been beneath Voldemort's robes. He would much rather deal with Tom instead of the snake form he had. It was dreadfully awful. Harry noticed as the room soon became dark, his eyes closing heavily. He tried to fight it. He couldn't possible fall asleep.

He was in Voldemort's house. How the bloody hell could he fall asleep here? He closed his eyes. Telling himself he would just rest them. Although before long, his world was the darkness behind his eyelids, as his world slipped past him.

Voldemort smiled as he felt the boy slip. That didn't mean however, that he would leave his greatest adversary alone. He decided on staying in the library. Tom leaned back in the chair as he stretched out, leaning his head against the back of the chair. He closed his eyes. Welcoming the darkness as he so often did.

Harry awoke suddenly but knew better then to shoot up. The cupboard could leave nasty bruises. He blinked when he had no recollection of where he was. He blinked and pushed the doors open slightly. As soon as he saw the books, his memory came rushing back. He crawled out of the cabinet. Looking over he froze. Tom was still in the same chair. Hopefully he wasn't awake.

Harry walked back over to the fireplace he had arrived in the night before. Looking on the mantle and around the area; there had to be floo powder somewhere.

"You know, Harry, it isn't very nice to break into someone's home." Tom had said; Harry froze as he felt the other right behind him. He could barely muster the courage to turn around, freezing as he felt a light touch as the man's fingers ran up the side of his stomach, a shiver racing through him. Although when he did find his bloody courage, he turned around and was met with a smiling and calm, Tom Riddle, scary thought really.

"I-I have no clue, how I got here." Harry had spat out in a rush, his hands going to his mouth to stop the words from escaping, but it was too late. Tom's eyes held amusement as they looked at Harry.

"No worry, Potter. I suppose since it isn't your fault, and I have at least an ounce of morality left. I won't kill you, yet." He said, Harry looked at him for a moment very wary of who he was talking to. Then he took a step back as the man slowly moved towards him, he didn't want that…thing to touch him again.

"Bloody hell, where am I and what happened to the real Voldemort?" Harry whispered shocked. Tom chuckled at the boy's statement.

"You, Harry, are at my manor, which is why I haven't killed you, yet. How did you come to be here?" Voldemort asked. Harry almost rolled his eyes. There always had to be a catch. Harry thought for a moment, did he really want to tell Voldemort the truth. Even though he still looked like Tom Riddle, Harry wasn't going to put it past the man to Crucio him on the spot. Then again if he lied, Tom would probably know. He was pushed into responding when the man moved ever closer.

"I w-was trying to run away and when I stepped into the floo powder my uncle caught me and in a panic I mumbled something and ended up here." Harry rambled faster then he had originally meant to. Nervously he looked at Tom who appeared a tad amused, though hid it very well. Tom wasn't even a breath away from him now, and his heart was beating a lot faster than it should be considering the many times the man in front of him had tried to kill him. He wanted to scream, to yell, his body was so used to reacting he couldn't control it anymore.

"You were trying to escape your uncle?" Tom pieced together. Harry nodded his head frantically. His eyes darting around the room to find an escape route, Tom sighed.

"I'm not going to kill you, Potter, calm the bloody hell down." he said as he turned his back on the boy and putting a few feet between them. Harry had his wand at the man's back in seconds.

"Put your wand away, I haven't attempted to kill you yet and you've been here for what, half a day. I'm not going to try now." He was in front of Harry again, his mouth by the boy's ear as he rubbed his face against the younger's, Harry freezing up again, "Besides I would rather take you down and place a new era, instead of you dying as someone worthless. I would rather go down in history." Tom said as he moved away again, moving to sit down, picking his book back up.

Harry looked at him for a moment, his breathing rigid to his own ears. He was hallucinating, he had to be. Voldemort…hitting on him…sexy…Voldemort being sexy and hitting on him as Tom Riddle….nope still nothing. He was still trying to tell if the man was telling the truth though as he sighed quietly, regaining himself. When he couldn't decide, he shrugged it off and walked across the room, sitting across from Tom. He couldn't lose himself over something like that when in the enemy's presence.

"How do I get home?" Harry asked.

"Do you have a bloody home?" Voldemort shot back. Harry looked at him, flushing in anger, then the realization hit him of just what was happening. He clenched his teeth and looked down as his fists clenched. He could not cry. It wasn't worth it.

"Oh yea," He mumbled softly before looking back around the library.

"Accio book." Voldemort had muttered before Harry jumped, a large thud shocking him as he looked towards the table to see the book sitting there. He looked at it and then looked at Voldemort quizzically.

"It'll give you something to do while I figure out a way to get you the hell out of here with out half of the order surrounding my home. I have more then the life of a Dark Lord." Tom said idly, his eyes still trained on the book in his lap.

Harry blushed looking back down, grabbing the book and opening. He held tight to his wand still. He didn't trust Voldemort. How could someone so evil seem so nice and on second thought, how did he get himself into these things?

He started from page one. Tom was right it was giving him something to do. Although the book was very ironic; it was a book on dark magic. While reading it, Harry memorized every spell, noting to himself to try it out later when he wasn't in the study that was owned by the Dark Lord. He was good at memorization, especially when he had to memorize names, and likings. He barely noticed as Voldemort got up to leave.

"Bye." He mumbled as the wizard opened the door. Far to indulged in the book to really care. The book was fairly long and Harry continued to change his position. First he sat cross legged, and then he gave up on the chair and lay on the floor turning every few minutes as the book continued to pull him in.

"You know, you're very entertaining when you have no idea you're being watched." Tom said from the door way as he watched Harry turn the last page of the book. The young boy looked up at him, a blush marring his features.

"Glad to be of service." Harry replied dryly as he turned back to the book, skipping back a few pages as he reread a theory. Voldemort looked at him for a moment.

"Did you really read all of that in the three hours I was gone?" He asked, Harry nodded, not looking up.

"Why haven't you killed me yet?" Harry asked again, looking up from the book to a smiling Tom.

"Manipulation is key," He said secretively. Harry gulped he wasn't sure whether he liked this anymore. He was now not only in the same house and room with the man that had tried to kill him as a baby, but he was also having a civilized conversation with him.

"This is weird." Harry stated bluntly as he looked up at Tom, coming to stand on his feet, blood rushing to his head making his vision blur. "I'm talking to the same person who tried to kill me when I was a child."

Tom smiled, "Harry," he said his form shifting, "what you don't realize is that. I could be everyone and anyone around you without you knowing." He finished his body in the form of Tom from the Three Broom Sticks.

"If I wanted to kill you," His form shifted to that of the train conductor. "I would have already killed you." He said. Harry was beyond shocked as he continued to stare at Voldemort.

He back up slowly, Tom following him quicker then before as he shifted forms to that of Riddle, "That still didn't answer my question." Harry said his voice shaking slightly as he talked. Tom just smiled at the boy.

"I have an obsession." He said softly as he pinned Harry against the wall, one hand pinning both of Harry's above his head as he leaned in to look the younger in his beautiful emerald eyes. "Does this disgust you, Harry?" he asked as he nuzzled against the boy's neck again, loving how the skin warmed beneath his touch and the boy shuddered. "Because even if it did I wouldn't stop." Then he was sucking on the boy's neck, his hands falling Harry's waist as the boy's arms fell to his side. His lips made their way up Harry's neck, before he was kissed the boy harshly on the lips.

The body between him and the wall practically melted and Harry moaned softly, reciprocating shyly, and then the fire popped loudly and Harry became aware of exactly what he was doing. Taking a note out of one of Dudley's books Harry pushed his foot into the ground before launching his knee up to meet Tom's pride and Joy.

As soon as the man gasped and almost fell to his knees Harry bolted for the door. As soon as Tom was able to stand without his knees giving out he was snarling as he ran after Harry, making his way quickly down the halls. Harry's feet hitting the ground harshly as he concentrated on getting away. He felt light headed before someone grabbed him.

"Mr. Potter what the bloody hell may I ask are you doing here during the summer?" Snape demanded, as he held tight to Harry. The boy looking around the dungeons before launching himself at his Professor, relief flooding through him.

"He's going to get me, you have to hide me." Harry said panicking as Snape tried to get the boy to let go of him. Snape grabbed the boy's arm and pulled him down the hall.

Coming to the gargoyle that led to Dumbledore's office he spoke the password.

"Brown sugar." He murmured, the gargoyle turning into a spiral staircase. Snape dragged Harry up the stairs, not even taking the time to knock on the door before walking into Dumbledore's office.

"Professor Snape, what brings you here?" Dumbledore said as he looked up, "Harry, my boy, what are you doing here?" He asked putting his work away. Harry was literally bouncing on his heels, his eyes darting around the room.

"I was trying to get away from my aunt and uncle's house and when I put the floo powder in the fire that Fred and George gave me. I accidentally mumbled something because my uncle caught me running away and I ended up in Voldemort's manor and he was chasing me and I concentrated really hard on getting away and ended up here when Snape grabbed me." Harry rambled to the two other men who stared at him in shock.

Dumbledore was about to say something as a man walked into the room. Dressed in Slytherin robes he looked at the three occupants.

"I'm sorry, am I interrupting something." The man said, Harry saw through his façade, the red eyes that shone through to him, a dead give away. Harry's wand shot out and he shouted a spell he had memorized from the book right at the man in the Slytherin robes. The other's wand shot up and the man muttered a counter curse effectively stopping Harry's own.

"Harry!" Dumbledore shouted as the boy went to attack again.

"What do you think you're doing boy!" Snape shouted at the frantic teen.

"It's quite alright. It is what I specialize in after all." The man said as he bowed slightly to Dumbledore

"Yes, I believe you would be Kage. I would like to apologize for Mr. Potter, you'll have to excuse him; he's had a rough day." Dumbledore said. Harry blushed slightly at the belittlement,

"I'm sorry, sir." He mumbled when Dumbledore gave him a pointed look.

"As I said it's quite alright Harry." Kage said.

"Are you the new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher?" Snape asked

"Yes I am. I'm Kage Hughes and you are?" Kage said extending his hand.

"I'm Severus Snape, potions." Severus answered as he took the offered hand.

"Pleasure," Kage replied dropping his hand.

"Welcome to Hogwarts then." Dumbledore said happily