Title: Useless In The Rain
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: T for yaoi content
Pairing: RoyEd, EdRoy

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist does not and never will belong to me. It rightly belongs to Hiromu Arakawa.

Author's Notes: Wrote this months ago, forgot to post it. -sweat drop- Please enjoy!

Useless In The Rain

It had started raining hours ago, and Ed figured that he wouldn't be leaving the building for a while, and had sulked his way back to Roy's office after finding out that the library was closed. So much of thinking of reading to pass the time. He wondered if anyone was still there at this time of the night, and wished that he was lucky enough to be able to borrow a spare umbrella. But to his utmost horror (and to his terrible luck), when he opened the door, the room was vacant. Nope, no sign of life here, except maybe for that mouse in the corner.


Ed jumped, already knowing who the speaker was. "Taisa." And with the way Roy looked with that smug smirk of his, the blonde wished that he had just ran through the rain.

"Stuck here, eh, Fullmetal?" Roy raised an eyebrow expectantly, "I thought shrimps liked water."

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A MICROSCOPIC BEAN THAT CAN'T BE SEEN WITH THE NAKED EYE!" Ed yowled, frowning as he calmed down. " I could say the same to you."

"Oh?" If possible, the smirk merely grew wider. "But I happen to have Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc pick me up at an hour. I suppose," He added, and paused for effect, "I could drop you off wherever you're staying at now, but we wouldn't want my car smelling like the sea, now would we?"

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A SHRIMP SO SMALL THAT CAN BE SQUISHED BY A FLEA!" Ed pouted involuntarily, glaring the best he could, and getting annoyed when the glare obviously did not affect the other man at all. He gritted his teeth and huffed, his coat flowing behind him as he turned. "No thanks."

But even though, Roy called after him. "Wait at the main entrance. I'll be down in just a while, Fullmetal."

And that was when Ed found himself standing at the main entrance, watching the raindrops fall with Roy standing idly beside him, waiting for the black car to appear. He yawned, pocketing his hands with a bored expression. "Are you sure he's coming?"

"Yes." Was the automatic answer. "Don't be so impatient, Fullmetal. In the meantime," There was that annoying smirk again. "Why don't we use the rain to our advantage?"

And that was when Ed found himself pinned to one of the columns of the building with Roy's mouth stuck to his, tongues locked in a firece battle. There were no signs of winning from his side, though, and he raised hands to push the other away, just to gain a little bit of control, but only ended up shifting their positions to the side that the rain openly poured upon both of them.

Ed found out something interesting at that point, and he had managed to control the kiss at the same time. He felt Roy try to move both of them back under the roof, but he remained in place, and broke away. Now it was his turn to smirk, "Something wrong, Taisa?"

"You -- " The other started, but Ed had already move forward and attached his lips to Roy's neck, standing on tiptoes, sucking harshly, and was happy when his partner merely shivered and didn't fight back. Looks like Roy had a submissive side under the rain. Ed licked at the red patch on Roy's neck, and felt the other push both of them under the roof, but again, he didn't budge. The rain continued to pour on their backs, and Ed happily lapped up the water on Roy's neck, more cheerful now at his new discovery.

So... Taisa really is vulnerable in the rain, but Ed liked that just fine. Whoever said that Roy was useless in the rain?