Title: To Find an Orange

Pairing: shanksXnami (if you squint lol)

Summary: A year before Nami met Luffy. A red-haired pirate helps an orange-haired thief who just lost her loot.

DISCLAIMER: Eiichiro Oda owns One Piece and everything related to it.

WARNING: Huge age gap. I've written at the summary that this is a shanksXnami fanfic. If you don't like a large, gaping age... gap between pairs, don't read further. It's not really evident in the fic (as of the first chapter), but... yeah. Age gap. Otherwise, have fun reading! :3

Date Edited: August 05, 2008

Chapter 01 – Floating Tangerine


It had been pitch black just minutes ago, save for the constant flashes of lightning that hardly did anything to scare a certain ship's crew. But the storm had now passed, leaving a few wisps of clouds and a large full moon in the sky, illuminating the vast stretch of ocean and providing light for a pirate ship's party in celebration of getting through their third storm within a week.

The captain, whose unmistakable red hair shone by the moonlight, looked out to the sea. On his able arm he was holding a large bottle of rum, and after a few gulps, it was halfway to being empty, marking his first bottle for the night. Behind him, his crew continued to celebrate, singing rather loudly, their laughter carrying across the Red Force's large deck, food flying everywhere.

"Hey, captain!" A large, rotund pirate with colored goggles and a rack of ham on his right hand said. "You forgot to make a wish!"

"Wish?" The red-haired man said blankly, looking back at his crew.

"Yeah, captain, make a wish for us to celebrate for, too!" The others chorused.

"Then," The man said, grinning at them. "I wish for more treasures and adventures for us! And more sake!"

"No, captain!" The large guy boomed, raising his large half-eaten piece of meat. "This time, wish for something different! Something for yourself!"

The captain scratched his chin, thinking. He had always got what he wanted, and it was hard to think of something that he couldn't have at that moment. They were always in an adventure, and they always get treasures. The marines had never had any luck with them, and there was always plenty of sake around.

The red-haired yonkou looked back at the sea.

He had always had his nakama to keep him company, and if he was in need of certain womanly pleasures, he could easily get one at any island they land in.

However, as he mused on all the years he spent as a pirate, he realized that not once did he develop a more solid relationship with a female. He wasn't to be blamed entirely, though. He was a pirate, and a captain, at that, and forming a relationship with someone could endanger that certain someone's life. He didn't want to lose any nakama, and he didn't know what'll happen if he lost someone really special.

But the Grand Line was so different from the world outside it, and he has seen a lot of strong females around. Maybe with a bit of luck, he could find someone there who could survive the life of a pirate, especially being a lover of one.

"Alright, I got it!" The captain finally said, facing his crew. "I wish to find a pirate lady for me when we get to the Grand Line!"

"YEAH!" Everyone cheered, raising their bottles of rum and fists. "To Captain Shanks' pirate lady!"

The captain nodded at them, grinning, and looked back to the sea. His thoughts were starting to wander on how his 'lady' might look like when he saw something floating near the ship. He shook his head and stared at the same spot. There was something unmistakably round and orange floating there.

A tangerine.

When was the last time he ate that fruit?



Without any hesitation, the captain had jumped into the water, swimming hurriedly through debris, mostly wood, and turning a floating body upwards, to stop the person from drowning further. She was considerably smaller than him, and much thinner, as if she hadn't eaten much for days. Her wet mop of orange hair stuck to her face, and he could hardly feel her breathing. She had a cut across her forehead and a tattoo of a swirls and a swordfish on her left arm.

"Captain Shanks," A guy with short gray hair and a scar on his face said, looking out for attackers from his position at the small boat he and two other people used to get to said person. "You should think twice before jumping into the sea. We may be at East Blue, but we're near enough to the Grand line to encounter sea kings."

"Benn, signal the people at the ship to put out the lights."

Without asking any questions, the first mate faced back towards the ship and signaled the people to put out the lights. As soon as Shanks pushed up the girl aboard the boat, one of the two people with Benn panicked.

"She's one of Arlong's pirates!" One of them exclaimed, immediately looking out for any attackers from the sea.

"Arlong the shark merman?" The other said, looking at the girl's tattoo. "The one who's based at the Kokoyashi Village?"

Shanks got himself on the boat, and signalled the two to start rowing back to the ship.

"C-captain," The first one said, still looking cautiously at the sea. "Are you sure we should bring her along with us? She might be a spy—"

"Benn, did you sense anyone else?" The captain cut off, checking the girl's pulse. It was barely there.

"None, captain." Benn answered, resting his rifle at his shoulder. "It seems no one in the sheep has seen anyone else, either."

"She must be travelling alone and got shipwrecked in the storm." Shanks said quietly, pumping the water out of the girl's lungs. "If she was with any of Arlong's crew, which sounds impossible as they're known to regard people as lower beings, she wouldn't have reached this state."

"What if she's just a decoy?" The panic-stricken crewmember said, now looking at the girl as she coughed out sea water.

"You two, start rowing." Benn said, looking at them sharply. "If the captain deems it was safe, then she's going with us."

The two started to row back towards the ship as Benn looked down at the girl, who seemed to be breathing normally now. It didn't take too long before their boat was pulled up towards the deck, and Shanks stepped off with the girl hoisted on his shoulder. He was already wet from diving to the sea, so it didn't matter that he carried her.

He was immediately met by his now alert crew, as if they have never drank a bottle of wine.

"Captain, what happened?" One of the crew members asked. "And who's she?"

"Whoa, she's an Arlong pirate?" A man with dreadlocks asked, taking a closer look at the girl. "She must be someone really useful, or Arlong's turned mad."

"Yasopp," Shanks asked, catching the attention of the dreadlocked sharpshooter. "Did you see anyone or anything from the crow's nest?"

"No. Just some debris from where you swam to."

"Let's move away from this place, just to be sure," Shanks said as he looked at his entire crew. Everyone hurriedly went to their stations, moving silently in the dark.

"What are you going to do with that girl?" Benn asked as he lighted a cigarette. "Being a member of Arlong's crew is enough reason to be wary of her."

"Ne, captain, don't you think this could be the lady you're looking for?" Yasopp asked, scratching his chin thoughtfully. "She looks kinda young, though… She's probably in the same age as my own son!"

"Idiot, you're looking at a minor," Benn said, frowning at the guy. "Anyway, where do you plan on making her sleep? We have to keep an eye on her."

"She'll stay in my quarters," Shanks said, adjusting the girl in his arms. "If she's after us, it's best that I get the facts straight from her."

"Can we continue the party later?" The round man asked, taking a large bite from one of his racks of meat.

"Oi, Lucky, you better had not eaten that large chunk of meat I had saved!" Yasopp said, looking at the round guy suspiciously.

"You can continue, but keep it a bit down," Shanks said, grinning at his top crew members. "I'll see you tomorrow, or later, when I have something important to tell."

: to be continued :

Author's Notes: It's been more than two years since I've written this story. I apologize to those who added it to their alerts list. You can be sure now, however, that I'm going to finish this soon. It's actually a really short story, maybe two or three chapters long, and I may be able to finish it within this month- if the uni doesn't kill my time.

I'm a major luffyXnami shipper, but this idea didn't sound too bad for me. If anyone's wondering why the hell such fanfic (or pairing) exists, take a look at the first colorwalk book. You'll see a spread featuring Luffy, Nami, Shanks, and Shanks' crew. There's another spread of some sort, this time with only Nami, Shanks, and Shanks' crew. Zoro's absence boggled me, and gave birth to my acceptance and support of this pairing (although I'm still pro-luffyXnami)

Anyway, this takes place a year before Nami met Luffy, making her 17, and Shanks, thirty... something (36). For some reason, Shanks is at East Blue, on his way back to the Grand Line.

Reviews and comments are much appreciated and loved. :3