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Three figures were walking down a rather worn path . One was a young man garbed in

a couple of shades of blue with a long katana on his back . The second was a quite

attractive blonde haired young woman whose outfit emphasized . . . certain features about

her . The third was a young girl who was roughly about ten . Her garb , for lack of a better

word , was mostly brown .

" I hope there 's a town nearby , " Rushuna Tendo , the blonde said . The blue garbed youth ,

whose name was Yajiro Kojima , said , " I bet I know why . "

" Well , it 's not like it 's a secret or anything , " said the girl called Mikan Kurenai . " There

might be hot baths for her to bathe in and for you to peek at."

That caused Yajiro to be somewhat flustered . " Mikan ! " He bellowed .

They were unaware that they were followed by a figure garbed in black .

' What 's this ? ' he thought to himself . " The girl with the gun must be a Senshi and her

companion must be a samurai . Why would a samurai and a senshi be traveling together ?

As for the child , I have no idea what she 's doing with them , but it doesn 't matter , for I ,

Kyoshi Saiga , shall prove to be the greatest ninja in the land by defeating both samurais

and senshis , starting with those two ! '

Kaisho .

A small village not far from the major roads .

That was Rushuna and her companions' destination . It was there that Rushuna saw

a sign advertising a rather luxurious looking bathhouse . Her eyes began to light up .

" Yatchan ! Mikan ! " Rushuna exclaimed . Let 's check this place out ! " Needless to

say , this caused Yajiro to stare with disbelief at his companion .

"Already ? " He asked . But before he knew it , he followed Rushuna to the bathhouse

but he was tackled by Mikan .

" What did you do that for ? " He asked in exasperation .

" You ought to be ashamed of yourself , Yajiro ! " An irritated Mikan exclaimed .

Yajiro , for his part , was getting fed up with Mikan 's attitude .

Saiga the ninja hid in a shadowy alley . He awaited the chance to strike . He had noticed

the trio heading towards the nearby bathhouse . Soon there was a wicked look in his

eyes . Saiga held his kunai dagger at the ready as he made to the rear of the bathouse .

However , no sooner had he entered through the back door than he heard a voice

saying , " Would you care to join me ? "

Saiga was startled to see Rushuna wearing a pale pink robe.

'How ? ' He thought to himself . ' How did she sneak up behind me ? '

" I don 't think what you 're wearing is appropiate for a bathouse , " she said . Suddenly ,

Saiga threw his kunai , but Rushuna began to fire away , hitting the dagger , then Saiga

hurled about four throwing stars , but Rushuna fired again , hitting every one of the

throeing stars , much to Saiga 's shock .

" Now then , " Rushuna said , " Would you mind explaning yourself ? " It was then that

Yajiro showed up , clad in a light green robe .

" I 'd say the guy 's a ninja , " Yajiro said .

" A ninja ? Really , Yatchan ? " Yajiro nodded . Then Rushuna said , " I 've never met a

real ninja before . "

Saiga did not know what to make of all this . He decided to throw a smoke bomb ,

causing both Rushuna and Yajiro to cough . By the time the smoke cleared , the ninja

was nowhere in sight .