I know I'm breaking a rule here, but this is the only way to let people know without sending everyone a PM lol.

How Troublesome was written more than three years ago, when I was still heavily into the book and I let my love for the pairing get the better of me. I have to admit, it kinda made me cringe a little when I re-read the whole thing a few days ago lol. So, in order to rectify that and finish the story, I've edited the chapters with changes to some things, especially concerning the three main characters, namely Hermione Granger, Sirius Black (present), and Sirius Black (past).

Anyway, I'm uploading the chapters as a new story, because replacing them here is a little troublesome. I might delete this one after a few days, or maybe I'll keep it so people could see the differences. But then again that would be showing people how I wrote things before lol.

So to read the story again (I do hope it's loads better this time), visit my profile page for the link, or just remove the spaces in this:

http: //www .fanfiction .net/s/ 5165738/ 1/ How_Trou blesome_Re dux