Wahoo...I'm back! For anyone who is wondering, yes I am going to finish Hp and the black rose, I'm actually working on the last chapter right now. But this is something I've been working on as well. You can probably tell I have some strange addiction to angel's right? Anyways, I don't own Harry Potter, yadda yadda yadda. Hope you enjoy this tid bit, it's really short though, but chapter 1 will be much longer, so don't worry. Enjoy!

There is a legend in both the wizarding and muggle world. The rough translation is this:

The angel of life and death comes to save us from the darkness. He is called when the world in is dire peril, to fix all of the wrongs. From the shadows he watches, though from the heavens he comes .Fear his fury, and bow at his gaze, for none are worthy to be in his presence. Raw power, undiluted with greed and petty physical things, he will come to save us all, and in the end he will prevail, because he is the angel of heaven and hell.

This legend is my life story, and I'm being serious here. My name is Harry James Potter, and I am the angel of heaven and hell. This all happened because of a prophecy, one which would change the lives of everyone for ever.

You see, my parents, Lily and James Potter were doomed to die an early death at the hands of one Lord Voldemort, an evil idiot who wanted to take over the world, don't all the crazies want to? Anyways, they were spared, at a price. They had to give their only son, meaning me, to this…..thing. They did it, cowards that they are. They went on to pop out two or three more arrogant self-centered brats, while they cared nothing for their missing son, meaning me yet again.

To make an extremely long story short, I was rescued from the ugly snake faced bastard of a dear lord, well after I destroyed his body that is, by none other than the last angel of heaven and hell himself. What an honor, well not really. He really is a child at heart, and mind. He really wasn't fit to raise a child, but somehow he managed. I really have no idea how, I mean last week I brought up the birds and the bees to see his reaction, it was priceless.

Well, to get back on track, I lived a wonderful, if not slightly mentally damaging, childhood. Rob, the angel who rescued me, trained me when I was old enough to be able to control my magic to an extent. So we lived a peaceful existence, here in the clouds we deem as our home, well that was until I turned sixteen.

Your sweet sixteen, the one birthday everyone loves the most, well with the exception of your twenty first, of course. I was finally considered an adult in the eyes of Rob, wahoo, right? Wrong. Little did I know, Rob was leaving, and I mean, really leaving.

Here is our conversation:

"What do you mean leaving?"

"I have to leave, you are the new guardian of earth, enjoy."

"But I'm just a kid."

"No you're not; you're a warrior, and a damn fucking good one at that."

"But why?"

"I'm old, I'm retiring to a nice sanctuary on cloud nine, where I can sit and watch you screw up again and again. Of course I'll be here to give you advice, or just chat, but you're on your own from now on. It's been a privilege to raise and teach you Harry, but it's my turn to leave. You have a full life ahead of you, go enjoy it, and whatever you do, wear a rubber."

I blushed at the last part.

"Yeh, give me a hug you old perverted man. Believe me, I'll come bug you whenever I can, I know you can't relax for long. You'll have those bastards up there begging you to return here within hours, I would bet my lucky underwear on it."

"You mean those ones you refuse to wash? I wouldn't take them even if I won the bet, something I highly doubt by the way."

"I'll miss you, you old coot."

"I'm going to miss you too Harry, but you'll be great, I can feel it in me veins that one day, you'll be known all around the world."

"I hope it's not for accidentally blowing up the world or something."

"Me too."

"Well, what now?"

"You go to earth."

"How do I get there?"

"You don't want to know."

Have you ever heard of a fallen angel? Well that'd be me. When I fall, I fall with style. I've got to say, falling through the roof of a church and leaving a 6 foot smoldering hole in the floor is really a sight to remember.