The Eden Hall Mighty Ducks
Elyse Black

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((a/n: Hey guys! So this is the sequel to Team USA, which was basically D2.
This story is centered on D3. Although this time I won't be ridiculously
adding in lines from the movie because as I was told that is in fact
plagiarism and wicked boring. I guess you don't have to read Team USA to understand this but, it would make so much more sense if you did. I recommend it anyway. So obviously this is the Ducks at Eden Hall. The date set for this chapter is August 1st, a week before the scholarship induction in the movie's first scene. Then I'll have two more weeks of drama even before school starts. It should be good, I hope. Please review generously: good or bad, anonymous or not. Thanks!))

Julie stepped out of the expensive vehicle and stared up at the enormous house that was the Bank's residence. Adam got out behind her and went immediately to the trunk.
"Julie, you okay?" His voice brought her back down to earth.
"Yeah fine. Your house is ginormus
"Ginormus? That's definitely not a word." He said laughing at her shocked face. "And it just looks really big. Once you're inside it's not so huge."
"Yeah, maybe for you. And in the Julie dictionary ginormus is a word."
"Sure it is." He said sarcastically opening the trunk of the car.
"It is! Gigantic plus enormous equal's ginormus." She came to the trunk and helped him unload the five suitcases she had brought with her from Maine. Each one weighed at least 50 lbs.
"T.J., can you come help me with this stuff?" He yelled in the direction of the garage.
"Who's T.J.?"
"My brother." He stated simply while grabbing two of the larger suitcases in each hand.
"I didn't know you had a brother."
"Yeah, I'm not exactly proud of him. T.J., c'mon man!"
"I'm coming!" A voice echoed back at them.
"He lives in the garage?" Julie asked grabbing one of the suitcases.
"No, he just hangs out in there because it's the only place he can smoke." Adam said critically starting towards the house. The garage door opened and the most beautiful person Julie had ever seen walked out. He made the worn jeans and white t-shirt look like silk over his hockey toned body. His blonde hair was perfectly shaped, bright blue eyes staring out from underneath. He was seriously a perfect person, possibly a Greek god in Edina, Minnesota. This is Adam's brother? After all she had seen Adam and his father, so how could something that beautiful come from the same gene pool? It kind of made her wonder what the hell happened to Adam. Not that Adam is bad looking. Adam is definitely good-looking, but his brother is like…great-looking.
"Julie." He said as he easily picked up the remaining pieces of luggage and followed Adam into the house. Julie stood there slightly stunned until Adam called her from his place at the front door.
"Hey Jul, can you close the trunk for me?"
"Yeah, okay." She slammed it shut and entered the brick mansion.
Adam was right; it wasn't as big inside the house. It was only two floors and a basement. Julie followed Adam, his brother and her luggage up the stairs to the third door on the left. The spacious room had already been set up with a bed, vanity table, and closet space. It was probably used as a guest room but it was really nice. Julie walked over to the window and pulled away the curtains. The view was of an in ground pool with canopied deck and pool chairs surrounding it.
"No way! You have a pool?" Adam sat down on the full-size bed.
"So maybe I will like living here." She said while plopping herself down next to him. "So what's with your brother?"
"What do you mean?"
"He's gotta be like what, at least 20. Why is he still living here?"
"Actually he's 21 and he's home for college vacation. He should be going back soon, if he goes back."
"Where does he go to college?" Julie asked trying to hide her curiosity.
"So what does T.J. stand for then?"
"It doesn't stand for anything. His name is Philip. He's just an idiot."
"Oh…that's nice." Julie thought it would be best if she didn't ask anything more about the infamous T.J. Adam didn't seem to connect with his brother, at least not the way Julie did with Erik.
"What's with this?" Adam said pushing a strand of light brown hair away from her face.
"It's a long story."
"I'll wait."
"Okay it's not really a long story it's just kind of hard to explain." He looked at her questioningly and she sighed. "Well I was just a little drunk…" Adam suppressed a laugh.
"Just a little?"
"Okay so I was drunk and I was emotional. I sat at a table on my birthday all alone for three hours at that stupid party. So when I couldn't take it anymore…"
"Or when the drinks stopped coming."
"Shut up, Adam. Anyway I got a ride home from this total sleaze who tried to hookup with me in his car. So at that point I was angry, frustrated, confused, tired and grossed out. I saw the dye and just decided to do it."
"Because I was tired of people looking at me like this little blonde princess who needs to be taken care of."
"Nobody thinks that, Julie."
"My father, my satanic mother, my brother, everyone."
"Okay, I get it, your family sucks. But how does changing your hair change that?"
"It doesn't really. I just needed to feel like I had control over my life. I could make things happen without anybody deciding for me."
"I guess that makes sense." He stood up and stretched his arms over his head. "You should probably call your parents to tell them you got here okay."
"Yeah." She said also standing up. Adam looked away from Julie uncertainly for a moment. Then he pulled her into a hug.
"Glad you came."
"Yeah so am I." Julie said hugging him back.
"I think you'll like it here." He said as he walked towards the door. "See you in a bit."

Adam's POV
I closed the door behind me and walked across the hall to my own bedroom. Directly below me I could hear T.J. blasting his music in the garage. I lie down on my bed and shut my eyes. I'm not sure having Julie live here is such a good idea. We've never had someone else living in the house. And she's my teammate. And this has nothing to do with that fact that you've liked her since…forever, I think to myself. Damnit, how frustrating is that? Yeah, okay I admit it, I like Julie. I always have. Since the first day I met her. I tried to pretend like it wasn't there. But in the back of my mind whenever someone said her name I'd jump. I just felt really stupid about it the entire time we were in California, because it was just one of those things. Sometimes you don't get to choose who you're attracted to. Then she went out with Dean and I knew for sure that I was stupid. For the two weeks I didn't see her everything was fine, I could just pretend like those feeling weren't there. But then the second I saw her step off that plane I felt it all over again. I'm pretty sure she's still with Dean and he is coming to Eden Hall. If there was just someway I could just make it all disappear I would. And what sucks is that nobody knows, not even Charlie, my supposed best friend. Having the girl I like sleep across the hall from me is going to be a living hell. I just hate that she has no idea. But if I just come out and tell her while she has a boyfriend then I'm gonna look like an asshole. What the hell? Nothing is ever simple is it?
My thoughts are quickly interrupted by a shrill whistle outside. I stand up and look out the window. There on my driveway is Averman, Charlie, Guy, Golburg, Connie, Fulton, Jesse and to my surprise Russ. I turn around to see Julie running across the hall. She comes to the window next to me and waves to the team. Yeah, Adam go ahead and pretend everything is okay.
"I gotta get my skates!" She says excitedly running back to her room to find her rollerblades. I motion for the team to wait for us. I grab my own beat-up skates and head down the stairs.

((Okay, I think that's enough of a teaser for you guys. I realized half-way into writing this that in Team USA I said that Julie had gone to Adam's house for dinner. And here I have her being shocked at the size of the house. So lets pretend she never saw the house and they went to some restaurant that night, k? Lol. This chapter is a tad boring, but for Adam's little confession. Oh On and On About You is a Bowling for Soup song. I was trying really hard not go into a POV for a whole chapter but I couldn't do it. Review with comments, criticisms, ect. x0!))