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Literal translation: White eyes.

White eyes which served as the ultimate kick-in-the-face to one of the most famous shinobi rules out there.

What is it, you might ask? Let's ask Haruno Sakura.

"A shinobi must keep emotions on the inside… and must possess a heart that never shows tears."

So the trump card to this saying was the definition behind Byakugan - white eyes. Opaque, stale irises concealed emotions which kept its charge eerily placid in battle. Unlike its neighboring doujutsu of Konoha, Sharingan, this phenotype was never turned off. May it be on or off the battlefield, the stony eyes remained white through day and night.

Basically as a wielder of Byakugan, the Huuugas have the ability to mask their feelings through every nook and cranny of every day life. You mad, rule number twenty-five?

Ahem. Well, most of them have the ability, anyway.

Hyuuga Hinata may be an exception to the Law of Hyuuga, but her off-house cousin sure wasn't.

Said off-house cousin was the mascot of all Byakugans. He was the man of the patented Hyuuga Glares™. The man of all bangin' long hairstyles who worked it without lifting a finger. The – oh, what the hell – MAN.

Was called Hyuuga Neji.

The lad was at the lucky age of 21 in which most of his comrades found themselves the love of their lives (more or less). The Uchiha prodigy had miraculously showed Sakura he was capable of feelings, the Uzumaki boy had somehow started to piece together Hinata's obvious finger-mashing abuse, the Nara strategist was still being whipped around by two blondes, and so on.

He, himself, found Tenten.

However, getting a girlfriend didn't mean he lost all ability to keep it together – in retrospect to the quote, 'A man is most gay when he finds himself in a relationship'. Oh no. Even without his trusty phenotype, Neji would never. Ever. Lose his unmarred streak of being theemotionless bastardhis girlfriend insists on calling him.

This he vowed to himself.

Actually, Neji thought of it as a challenge.

Tenten, in response, also thought of it as a challenge. She would conjure ways between their sparring sessions, dates, and missions to steal a smile from the Hyuuga. Now that they were an item, her advances were increasingly dangerous due to her damn sexual innuendos.

But Neji could still suffice. Hormones were for the weak, after all. They were just chemicals injected into the brain, and those who can't control their own chemicals, pft, idiot.

So since Naruto still loves ramen, Kiba is still a dog person, and Shino is still gangster – Neji's perfect streak for no violent bursts of emotion was still intact.

In fact, it would still be intact had it not been that fateful night on the eve of Valentine's Day.

Seducing Neji


Neji sat on the edge of his bed, contemplating. He had just entered the front gates of the Hyuuga compound from a quick briefing session with Shikamaru when one of the servants stopped him to say,

"Neji-sama, Tenten-san has told me to inform you to meet her in your room at seven o'clock sharp."

The servant inclined his head and vanished into the night.

With an eerie calm procession, Neji went on his own way toward his room.

Which brings us to our current moment – why Neji was contemplating. It was 7:20 P.M. and Tenten was never late. She was as punctual as Kakashi was tardy. He couldn't recall a time when she was late for anything she – or he – planned.

Then all of a sudden, the doors unhinged.

And all of a sudden, a shadow began slipping its way into the room.

"Tenten, what-,"

And ALL OF A SUDDEN, all hell broke loose.

Neji couldn't even finish his sentence at the sight before him. Not even his trusty, oh-so-crazy phenotype could help him obscure his totally shocked, totally dazed, and totally disbelieving look from his eyes.

Woe be the elders.

Tenten walked toward the sedentary figure in high, black leather boots. Though it was evident she was willing her legs not to shake, said body part was unable to cooperate with her mind and trembled unconsciously. Still on the prowl, the brunette caressed her body invitingly and licked her pouty crimson lips.

"Okay, so this is how you walk."

Tenten, the kunoichi who managed to gain herself quite a handful of nicknames these past years - ranging from 'the Weapon Mistress' (the villagers), 'Hyuuga's wife' (her male comrades), Bun Girl (academy brats), to 'that scary, scary woman' (forest denizens) – could not help but mentally slap herself at the level she stooped to plan the perfect quasi mission/Valentine's Day Gift for Neji.

Tenten watched Yamanaka Ino as she stepped forth from the group consisted of Haruno Sakura, Hyuuga Hinata, and herself. The four girls were currently in Sakura's apartment hallway looking, quite frankly, like a bunch of weirdoes.

Without a warning, Ino slapped a hand on her hip and flipped her blonde tresses. She confidently strutted toward the end of the hallway with perfectly executed crisscrossed steps. Near ¾'s to the other side of the building, Ino turned her heels and started her trek to the girls with her chin tilted up in a proud fashion and both hands trailing toward the top buttons of her blouse. Halfway back, her fingers undid the first few buttons and started slithering its way down to her skirt. Playfully, the blonde tugged at the hem of her skirt and inched the piece of clothing down. Ino's hands lifted the fabric just enough to hint of the promising events to come. Before the blonde could strip down further, Sakura yelled-

"ENOUGH, Ino! We're teaching Tenten how to seduce Neji, not strip tease!"

Her friend scoffed. "What's the difference!"

Tenten could feel her eyes widen at the thought of imitating Ino to her two-year boyfriend. How would he react? Would he not catch her drift and ask her if she was ill? Itdidtake him an ungodly three years to ask her out, but even he wasn't as dense as to miss her 'seductive intent', right? Right?

But then again, Neji wasn't exactly the same type of guy Shikamaru was, so maybe the dominant approach wasn't what she needed.

"Fine, then!" Ino snapped, "Ifyouknow exactly what cold bastards want, why don'tyoutry?"

Sakura stepped up to the challenge. "Maybe I will!"

And so, as Ino buttoned up her shirt, Sakura stood at the beginning of the 'catwalk'. The Yamanaka arched a skeptic brow as the coral haired medic inhaled deeply and breathed out.

Suddenly, her viridian eyes caught held of an exotic expression. Sakura nodded her head down at a slight angle so her sharp eyes could stare straight ahead, a devilish grin played at her lips. She ran both hands through her short pink locks then tracing down to the curves of her body. At the point where Ino turned around, Sakura did so as well, but this time with a variation. As soon as her front profile faced the group, the medic dropped down to floor on all fours and bit her bottom lip in an erotic way. She slinked her way back to the group, with all of them staring back at her in shocked, scared, and wondering expressions.

Was this what the Uchiha meant when he said he needed some 'medical attention' after every mission?

Ino was the first one to snap out of the daze. "Stupid! Maybe YOU like it raw, but that doesn't go for everyone else!"

Tsunade's apprentice pushed herself off the floor and gave the blonde an annoyed look. "You told me to 'try,'" she said, her imitation of Ino laced with a helium induced voice.

And so, the verbal quarreling commenced.

Tenten turned around to bang her head against the nearest surface, which was conveniently Sakura's door. It was five days until Valentine's Day, and she was determined to find Neji an- ahem - originalgift. Not to mention she was also desperate to gain the upper hand in their little 'challenge'.

But still, what in all things weaponry had willed her to do this?

"Hi-Na-Ta-Aa-Aa-Aa," the bun-clad girl wailed, her head punctuating each syllable with a thud. "I'm do-oo-oo-med!"

The heiress gave her a sympathetic look. "I'm sure you'll give Neji-ni-san a… erm… great pr-present, Tenten-chan."

The brunette in crisis took no heed of the soothing words and continued her pursuit to permanently mar her forehead.

"Um… Maybe if you mixed I-Ino-chan's confidence, and Sakura-chan's… Aa… raciness? No… Er…,"

"Sexuality?" suggested Tenten, looking up.

"Aa… Yes, that, maybe you'll have the perfect balance."

The once distressed female suddenly felt like something made sense. FINALLY!

Tenten smiled. "Yeah!"

The shy girl beside her smiled.

"Erm… Hinata?"


"Could you do me a favor?"

The heiress looked questioning. "Sure."

"Could you…oh, I don't know…showme what you mean?"

The shorter girl nearly fainted.

Taking her cue, Tenten placed a firm hand on Hinata's shoulder for support. The Hyuuga burned with the passion of a thousand suns.


The weapons wielder mustered the cutest pout she could summon. "Pretty, PRETTY please? Ino and Sakura already went and it wasn't all that devastating!"

Hinata looked ready to counter the statement.

"PLEASE, Hinata, I'm begging you! Naruto or Kiba aren't even here, so just… think of it as practice!" the brunette finished lamely.

The victim still looked terrified.

"Please, Hinata?"

She finally caved in. "F-fine… If you r-really want me t-t-to…,"

Ino and Sakura stopped bickering when they noticed the Quiet One line herself up on the spot they had previously stood.

With one last breath, Hinata closed her eyes and cutely stuck out her bottom lip. Her lids fluttered opened to reveal innocent yet alluringly seductive eyes. Her actions reached the perfect balance of submissive and dominant. With one of her hands trailing up to brush her notoriously sleek hair, she reached over with the other to unzip a teasing amount of her jacket. Her demeanor practically oozed of a schoolgirl willing to please.

Back with the girls, Tenten looked like she was just mugged by an old man. Since when did pure, sweet Hinata… do… such… things…?

Suddenly, the door to the Byakugan wielder's right swung open.

Uzumaki Naruto and Inuzuka Kiba guffawed behind the threshold of the door and stepped out, unbeknownst to the girl in front of them. The two were rambling on about different justsus and whatnot before the blonde suggested going out for ramen.

Their loud laughter ceased immediately at the sight of an unbelievably tempting Hinata that rivaled the Kyuubi-vessel's Oiroke no Jutsu. The two men gawked at her.

As in, full on stare fest and a quart of drool.

Suddenly, Naruto and Kiba were tackled back into the latter's living room with simultaneous nosebleeds. A thousand suns aside, Hinata now burned with a passion offive thousand suns.

"N-N-N-Naruto-k-kun! K-Kiba-kun!" she stammered, rushing into Kiba's abode.

Two more actions happened simultaneously. Sakura and Ino burst forward to try and save the two K. shinobis from an impending death by blood loss while Tenten resumed her task of colliding her forehead into the medic's door.