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Tenten combed a hand through her silk brown mane, only having it coming around her neck and tracing a vertical line between her breasts and to her toned stomach.

Neji's jaw clenched as his hands gripped the sheets tightly. His eyes were trained directly on her outfit as he…


Tenten felt her jaw unhinge in disbelief.

This is what she got for taking a whole twenty minutes to squeeze in this suspiciouslytight outfit? This is what she got for sauntering out of the bathroom afterwards and enduring the wolf calls his OWN COUSINS gave her? THIS is what she got for loving the prick enough to go through with this!


She saw his attempt to refrain from his hysterics, but one look at her and he was sent into another laughing spell. Her eye twitched.

"And just what the hell is so funny, Neji?" she interrogated him, stomping her foot.

Her boyfriend laughed so hard he threw himself back on the bed, a hand clutching his stomach. The newly erupted laughter caused him to screw his eyes shut – Tenten could've sworn she saw a line of water form against his lashes – and curl up slightly.

The brunette was going to kill him. Just grab that kunai lying on the night stand and stab him! Or herself, whichever was faster…

"Neji!" she seethed dangerously, "I'm going to kill you if you don't stop laughing!"

Sure, Tenten was expecting some kind of reaction when she embarked on this 'mission', but laughing spastically was not one of them! It didn't even come to mind when she thought about the possible outcomes.

The Byakugan wielder at long last managed to compose himself. He rolled over so that he was now lying on his back, rubbing away the dust in his eyes, but chortled sporadically nonetheless. His mirthful eyes focused on his girlfriend, only to find her glaring him down.

"Stop it!" she cried, which almost came out as a whine. She unconsciously pouted and crossed her arms, directing her gaze at a distant wall. A tinge of pink colored the bridge of her nose, making her look sinfully cute.

Neji reduced his chuckles as he pushed himself into a sitting position. His limpid eyes roamed over her outfit – with a hitch in his chuckling as he did so – and he finally surrendered, "Alright, alright."

Tenten refused to look at him and deepened her aggravated glare at the wall.

"I hate you, Hyuuga."

Neji's eyes softened. "No you don't."

She scoffed, "Yes I do."

The Jyuuken specialist abandoned the bed and started walking toward her. In response, the girl turned her back to him and took a step forward.

"Tenten," he called, his baritone voice romantically soothing. Said girl only advanced another step forward, emphasizing his silent treatment. Neji sighed calmly and approached her again, reaching out.

At the touch of his fingers, Tenten flinched and proceeded three more steps. He trailed after her.

The pair continued their game of follow the leader until the kunoichi was about to walk into a wall. She glared to the side stubbornly and took another step forward.

"Neji, get away from me!" she yelled, digging her heels into the floor.

Tenten felt his presence behind her, "Come on, Tenten, don't be so childish."

The brunette felt her mouth unhinge once more as her eyes widened in disbelief. All thoughts of his 'rich, smooth, and overbearingly hot voice' rendered into foul, foul adjectives.

"Childish? Childish!" she exclaimed, wheeling around so fast she lost her balance. Neji was closer to her than she expected. He placed both hands on her waist to steady her from falling. Tenten 'hmphed' and turned away, her stubbornness making her even more charming.

The couple stood like that for a few minutes – Neji staring down at her and Tenten willing herself to look away – until the former broke the silence.


"Bite me."

With that, Neji closed the space between their bodies and trapped her against the wall. He hoisted her up, forcing her to straddle him.


Said person propped the kunoichi up against the wall swiftly. She straddled on his waist uncomfortably, looking down at their awkward position. Tenten jerked her head up when she felt his forehead (free from the usual hitai-ate) against hers.

"I can'tbelieve you just called me childish. Would children really wear this?" she motioned at her qipao, "Let go of me!" Tenten pushed both palms against Neji's chest.

Her boyfriend chuckled, surprised at how much chuckling had been going on. Hell, he wouldn't think he'd be exaggerating if he said that he laughed more in the last hour than his entire childhood

"Tenten, come on. Look at me," he said to no avail. The victim continued ignoring him.

Neji unexpectedly let go of one of his hands supporting her thigh. The girl felt the loss of weight and instantly straddled him harder, causing the Byakugan wielder to smirk. She blushed furiously.

Using his free hand, Neji tilted her chin up. They engaged in a mini staring contest.

Tenten suddenly felt squeamish and naked against his stare and broke their trance.

"Tenten," he reasoned, "Calm down."

"No!" She shouted back, red coloring her cheeks from either embarrassment or anger. "Now put me down, you bastard! Or else!" She tried wiggling out of his grip, but found that he resituated his hand beneath her thigh.

A playful kind of humor flickered across his eyes as he dared her. "Or else you'll what?'

"Or else I'll take away sex for a week," she rationed bluntly, a steady smirk slapping across her face.

Neji mimicked her smirk and leveled their gaze. "You wouldn't."

"A month."

"You're bluffing-,"

"The rest of spring."


"All summer."


"A year."

"Tenten," he said, more forcefully this time. The girl looked up determined, showing him she was completely serious. Before she had time to do even that, however, he lowered his head and kissed her lightly on the forehead.

He leaned back and looked at her sincerely. "I like it."

Tenten softened her glare, looking up in question.

Neji inhaled deeply and his girlfriend could almost see him visibly trying to figure out the right words to say. She smiled inwardly. He was too damn cute sometimes.

"This." He said, eyeing her outfit. She arched a brow, hinting for him to go on. The doujutsu user briefly glared at her as he saw the corners of her mouth twitch upward.

"Go on," She urged.

Neji growled, "Tenten…,"

"Go on," she repeated, leaning back on the wall smugly and taking a good look at him now that the tables have reversed.

"I like it," he began slowly, sighing and resolving to just playing along in her twisted game. No way in hell was this EVER going to happen in public. "Your… seduction… skills." Neji finished lamely, frowning.

The Hyuuga saw that he had picked the wrong words, for his girlfriend immediately knitted her eyebrows.

"Liar! You laughed at me!" she accused, pushing him in futile again. The shinobi chuckled remotely at the memory. "Jeeeeerk!"

Neji let an even more evident laugh escape from his mouth by accident. This only riled up Tenten more.

"Do you know the lengths I took to do this?" She asked, throwing her hands up.

Neji shook his head and watched her launch into an epic on her journey about the past week. He silently observed her eyes as they widened at certain words, her mouth moving excitedly (they looked really inviting), and her hands ushering the tale along.

"-And he said bondage turned him on! …Neji? Are you even listening-? Mmph!"

Her story was cut short when he suddenly leaned into her mouth, capturing it in an intense kiss. The kunoichi shut her eyes and responded just as fiercely, forgetting the fact he was probably smudging her lip gloss across her face. She let them rest on his shoulder.

Tenten grinded hard against her boyfriend as he released both hands from under her, crushing her body against the wall. She moaned into his mouth them broke away, panting. They engaged in their war of tongues again, this time with his hands trailing up to her collar to unfasten the four buttons that secured the top half of the qipao.

The buttons unclasped quickly and Neji took a sharp breath before trailing kisses down her neck, finally clamping his mouth over the bare skin he knew would make her whimper.

"N-Neji!" she cringed, throwing back her head. "This isn't fair- OW!"

The Byakugan wielder withdrew his head as Tenten covered a hand over a spot on her neck. She looked at him, mouth agape as anger slowly invaded her eyes again.

"You… bit me!"

Neji shrugged sheepishly and grinned. "You told me to."

Tenten massaged her sore collar before crossing her arms and turning away.

"I hate you," she declared again, adding a small nod to confirm the statement.

The Hyuuga smoothly slid a palm against the curve of her waist while the other tilted her chin upward. The kunoichi's earthy eyes stared up at his as their foreheads gingerly touched for the second time that night.

"As I love you," Neji said, in the most sincere and honest manner Tenten had ever heard him say. He stroked her cheek softly.

The girl found herself staring, love struck, into the eyes of the man she gave her heart to while he picked her up off the wall. Her heart felt light as she reminisced the fateful night he had (finally) told her his feelings.

A warm feeling spread across Tenten's body and a smile graced itself on her pretty face.

Suddenly, he thrusted upward, re-supporting her weight against his. She jerked away from her reverie in a start and let out a small scream.

"So?" he asked, lowering the two onto his bed.

"So?" she drawled, looking squarely into his eyes, a bit of a taunt in her voice.

"Am I forgiven?"

"Hah," she joked, "You wish." Tenten felt her back softly hit the mattress, letting her hands comfortably stretch above her. She kicked off her boots while Neji un-did his shoes. The man hovered above her, propping himself up by the elbows.

Neji's hair curtained around her as he looked earnestly into her eyes again, like a child pleading for innocence that, no, he didn't eat a cookie before dinner.

"Come on, Tenten. I like it. Really."

The girl seemed like she wasn't quite satisfied yet. "Then why'd you laugh?"

He sighed for the umpteenth time. "I'm just not use to it. I was surprised, that's all. It's different."

Tenten breathed in as she took in his words. "Different?"

Neji smiled a small smile, knowing that she was at least contemplating his statement. "In a good way."

The kunoichi underneath him broke out in a lopsided grin as she tucked a lock of black hair behind his ear.

"And laughing at your poor girlfriend was the best way to thank her for suffering the ultimate embarrassment." she sarcastically offered.

The Byakugan user's smile changed into a smirk. "And what, might I ask, was the ultimate embarrassment?"

Her eyes widen. "So you didn't listen to me!" He bent down and nibbled her bare neck in time to miss her wicked smile.

"Oh, well, I don't know. There was asking Sakura, Ino, and Hinata how to make my dynamic entry; going into some damn lingerie store and meeting Gai-sensei and Jiraiya-san among all people; then Jiraiya-san asked me and Hinata-chan to pose on the cover of his Icha Icha books; and finally your other cousins basically called me a fox when I walked out of the bathroom today."

"Mm… what!"

Neji's head suddenly snapped up and all softness was gone. He had the look of death in his eyes as he eyed Tenten urgently.

"Jiraiya what? And my cousins what?"

The brunette laughed heartily and smiled up at the shinobi, reaching up to kiss him on his marked forehead. "Forget it."

Her boyfriend disregarded her order and burst out into his spontaneous patented speeches. Tenten only heard the words "Jiraiya", "Cousins", and "Fated to die" during the relapse.

She gave him a look and wondered just why she put up with him. Two years of Neji refusing to display emotion publicly, brushing off some not-so-subtle moves, and ruining perfectly romantic moments like this.

Mid-rant, he noticed the irked stare he was receiving and stopped. Neji lowered his head toward hers and closed his eyes, kissing her passionately on the lips.

And suddenly, she knew the answer.

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