Raven was walking down the hallway with a book in hand. She bumped into Starfire and her book fell out of her hand. "I am sorry Raven!" Starfire bent down and picked up her book.

"It's okay, and thanks," Raven took the book.

"Can we chat?" Starfire asked.

"I really have to get this book back to my room," Raven began to walk down the hall.

"I am sick and tired of you giving me the "cold shoulder"," Starfire growled.

"Starfire, I'm sorry, but," Raven began. Starfire began looking angrier. "No Starfire! Don't get angry! The book!" The book began to glow a deep red. Raven became inhabited by the book. "No," Raven whispered. She grew another set of eyes so she looked like Trigon.

"Why can't we be like normal friends!" Starfire shot a starbolt at Raven. She blocked it.

"Because you're a filthy alien girl!" Raven teleported in front of Starfire and slapped her accross the face.

"You are a demon!" Starfire grabbed Raven by the hood and flung her to the ground. Starfire shot at the ground with an optic beam. Raven flipped out of the way. She shot an optic blast from her demonic eyes knocking Starfire back into the wall. Starfire rebounded and blasted Raven with a stream of starbolts. They knocked her into the kitchen. Starfire zoomed in after her.

"Die bitc-!" Raven began. Starfire zoomed down and crushed her feet on top of her.

"Surrender Hell Spawn of Evil!" Starfire crushed her feet further in Raven's back.

"Your relationship with Robin will never go anywhere!" Raven reached back behind her, grabbed Starfire's ankles and threw her into the fridge.

"Take, that, back," Starfire clenched her fists. She shot Raven with a starbolt and knocked her up through the ceiling. Raven regenerated and shot a dark energy beam at Starfire knocking her back. Starfire shot a continuous beam of starbolt energy and Raven countered with a dark energy blast. They matched each other. Raven pushed harder, but Starfire pushed even harder. Beast Boy ran in.

"I need to get the pudding!" Beast Boy ran out.

"Nice pet Raven, ever consider getting a leash for him?" Starfire taunted.

"He's, not, my, boyfriend!" Raven pushed harder with her beam. The book phased put of her head. It dropped on the floor. Raven returned back to normal as did Starfire.

"Like I said, evil anger inducing book," Raven telekinetically ripped it up into a million pieces.

"I'm sorry," Starfire apologized.

"Save it for someone who deserves it," Raven teleported out of the room. Starfire walked out. Beast Boy came back with a big tub of chocolate pudding.

"It's over?" Beast Boy asked. He looked around. "Yep."