Three drabbles about what the Winchesters want. Some Angst (1 bit of bad language for John)


Sam wanted to be normal. He wanted an education, a girlfriend who would become his wife, a good job and somewhere he could call home. He couldn't have any of those things – so he wanted something else. He wanted his dad to be proud of him, not as a hunter, but because of his real world achievements and he wanted to find the thing that killed his mum and Jess and then he wanted to stop hunting. He wanted to stop arguing with Dean and he wanted both of them to stop getting hurt. He didn't rate his chances highly.


John wanted his wife Mary to be alive but it was too late for that now. So he wanted something else instead; to die and join Mary because he just knew she was waiting for him. So while he waited for that he wanted revenge on the thing that killed his wife. While he waited for that he wanted to kill any evil and supernatural being that he came across along the way. He waited a lot. It occurred to him, he also wanted his boys to be safe and happy but he'd probably fucked that up for them too.


Dean wanted Sammy to stop having nightmares and move on after Jess. He wanted 'The Shining' to go too. He wanted Sammy to stop getting hurt. He even wanted Sammy to get the normal life he'd been searching for.

He wanted his Dad to stop hurting and find peace. He supposed that would only happen if they found the thing that killed his mother so he wanted to kill that too.

He only wanted one selfish thing really. He wanted to die before his dad and Sammy because he didn't have a life without them. They're his point for living.