What's wrong with me?

What's wrong with me when I look in the mirror and see a dead soul in my eyes?

Why do I cry, I sometimes wish that I would just die?

My soul that cries to be released, to be free.

The emptiness that screams to me from the darkness that I'm engulfed in.

I've seen ghost and I've seen bodies buried alive, but... what's wrong with me?

When I cry for the soulless me, when I could feel myself die from the inside, filling the inside with blood that has been spilt.

Am I crazy for dieing, or crazy because I've taken lives of many and yet...

I liked it.

There blood running down my claws and fangs, as i ripped them to shreds.

Feeling their pulse die down and there heart stop as they fade in the darkness of death.

I am an Assassin its what I do.

But... I just can't help this feeling.

I've grown cold and distant.

What if I wake and this is all just a dream.

Would I have emotions once again or will I stay a cold-hearted bastard for all eternity.

When I open my eyes I look around the white padded room that kept my darkness for so long.

Wait but what if I just escape, yes, this is history that I shall make.

The insane institute, the bloody massacre of the Assassin Insaner.