Suite life of Zack and Cody

At age 19, Cody got a girlfriend and moved to Hollywood, California because she was rich and famous. Her name was Ashley. She was an actress.

Zack had been depressed lately because Maddie had moved away. She was the love of his life. And he only wished her the best and that someday, she would soon return.


Zack hasn't had a girlfriend for three years. And when he was sixteen and had the girlfriend, Lisa, it was only to make Maddie jealous. But since it didn't work, Zack dumped her, leaving Lisa sobbing onto the shoulder of her friend, who asked Zack to call her.

Finally, at age twenty-one, Maddie returned for work because she went broke. Her little bratty brother, Liam, came with her because their parents died. So Liam was now her responsibility and still as bratty as ever, though Maddie saw it as a plea for help.

Zack saw how pretty Maddie looked and Maddie looked at Zack. They new they wanted to be with each other, but they just couldn't get the words out.

They finally got the words out and really loved each other.

Two years later at the age of twenty-three Zack finally said it, "Do you want to marry me Maddie?" Maddie said, "Zack that is so sweet, and yes"