(Disclaimer--The story behind this song--the Fall of Fingolfin from the Silmarillion, and everything else Middle Earth, belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien. The song itself is sung to an old Irish song called The Minstrel Boy. If you know the song, feel free to sing along.)

Introduction--I was asked a year ago, by some Tolkien fan friend of mine, to come up with a song with stars in it. I really didn't want to do another ode to Elbereth, so I decided to do a rendering of the Fall of Fingolfin from the Silmarillion. Some of my friends thought it was about the Fall of Gil-galad, and others thought it was about something else entirely.... Anyway, whatever you would like it to be about, I hope you enjoy it.

--By Elwen Aiwelinde

Down from the sky a star he came
On a horse made of song he came riding
And saw the darkness that covered all
And the free folk in fear abiding,
He said, "For you I will shine my light
And drive away the endless Night."
And with a song the star took flight
Into the gloaming passing....

Against the Darkness on a wind-swept hill
The bright star shone defiant
And sent the challange to his ancient foe
Who answered though unvaliant
And in the Night the star he fell,
And whither then no tale does tell,
But evil could not his spirit quell
In the sky he shines unconquered....