(Disclaimer--Ulmo, Manwe, and the Valar all belong to J.R.R. Tolkien. The fish belongs to me.)

Introduction--Another request... I had someone ask me for a silly song based in Middle Earth, so... this is very silly. It is written to original music, and goes very very fast... ah, anyway, enjoy.

The Fishie Song
--by Elwen Aiwelinde

In the rushing roaring water where the river falls
Lives a fishie darling fishie far from Ulmo's halls
He cavorts and swims and dives throughout the whole day long
And he never stops to listen to this minstrel's song

Now one day the fish looked up and something caught his eye
Far above the dancing river Sun shone in the sky
And the light it danced entranced and drove the fish insane
And he vowed to see the Sun though it might cause him pain

In the river flowing river fishie swam with speed
Ever dodging rocks and boulders that might him impede
Like a bird a flying bird he lept up in the sky
And he laughed to see the Sun looking down from on high.

Now both Ulmo Lord of Waters and the King of Air
Manwe of the snowy mountain they had quite a scare
For the fishie flew and floated though he had no wings
No not even the Valar had dreamed of such a thing!