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Chapter 1: I'm in Hell…How 'bout you?

In the second bedroom of Number 4, Privet Drive, a boy lay on the bed staring up at the ceiling. If a boy is what you'd call him, he was more of a young man. Horrors in his past had made him grow up too fast.

That, and the fact that it was soon his 17th birthday. Turning 17 would finally make him of age, and that meant that he could finally get out.

As Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, lay contemplating this, he realized that footsteps could be heard outside of his door. As they came to a halt, he carefully held his breath, silently willing whoever it was to go away.

Unfortunately for him, his magic didn't go as far as being able to make people do as he wanted. If that had been the case, then maybe he wouldn't have had to go back to Hell every summer. His door opened and he tensed up.

"Get up, freak!" Upon hearing his uncle's voice, he bolted out of bed, putting his glasses on and getting dressed so fast, you'd think he was trying to set a new world record.

"Yes, uncle Vernon. I'm up."

"Good. Now, get downstairs and start with the chores, or else…" Malice lay thick on his uncle's words. Harry tensed up again and nearly bolted for the door.

Once he got downstairs, aunt Petunia silently handed him a list with chores to do.

"Those chores better be finished by the time I get home, freak, or you will pay the consequences."

"Yes, uncle Vernon."

As Harry's uncle left for work (having been promoted at the start of the summer), he quickly made his way out in the garden to start the weeding.

Now, this may not seem like a big deal to you, but Harry knew that if he wasn't finished with the weeding, cleaning the entire house, and having dinner on the table for when his uncle returned, he would have another beating ahead of him. In fact, he was still recovering from the last one.


"BOY! GET DOWN HERE!" Harry dragged his tired body off his bed where he had collapsed just moments earlier. He had been working hard all day, and he was dead tired.

"Yes, uncle Vernon? What do you want?"

"Why have you not finished, you lazy piece of trash? Just been lazing about all day, haven't you?" Uncle Vernon's face was turning that special shade of violet – red that signalled that he was close to breaking.

One wrong word or look, and he would just blow up. Harry swallowed nervously.

"I tried, uncle Vernon. Really, I did! But I'm just so tired… I promise I'll finish tomorrow!" Harry pleaded.

"Tomorrow! You lazy bastard!" Without warning Vernon struck Harry across the face.

"I'll teach you, you ungrateful little sod!" With this, Vernon proceeded in kicking and punching Harry all over his body, stopping only when he noticed that his nephew had passed out from all the pain.

Callously, Vernon Dursley spit on the battered boy, and left him lying on the kitchen floor in a pool of his own blood.

End flashback

As Harry struggled with his chores of the day, his aunt and cousin went shopping for something 'Duddikins absolutely had to have.'

When Harry was finally done with every last thing on the list, and dinner was on the table the second Vernon Dursley walked in to the house, he allowed himself to relax a fraction.

This seemed to have been a bit premature, however, since his uncle kept shooting annoyed glances his way all throughout the meal. When he was finished doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, he went in to the living room to ask if it was ok for him to go to bed.

"Uncle Vernon? I'm finished now, so… would it be alright if I went to bed?"

"Fine. I'll be up after the news to…discuss a few things with you." Harry froze. He knew what that meant.

"Yes, uncle Vernon." He turned around and hurried up to his room, desperate to send an owl to his friends before his uncle came upstairs.

He scribbled a note that basically said;


Please come and get me! Vernon's gonna beat me up again, and I really can't take it anymore! Please get me out of here!



He quickly tied the note to Hedwig's leg and let her out the window with a whispered instruction to take the note to Ron as quickly as she could.

He closed the window behind her seconds before his door burst open, revealing an extremely pissed off Vernon Dursley.

"Hello, freak. I've come to give you your birthday present, seeing as this will probably be my last chance to punish you. And I plan to enjoy it." Harry had never before heard his uncle speaking in that cold voice, and it terrified him.

"What do you mean?"

"Your birthday is tomorrow, and you won't be coming back here next summer, I can tell you that! So this will be the last chance to have my way with you. Now, do not move." With this he raised a gun and fired at Harry.

In the time it took him to realize the gun was being fired, the bullet had already hit his shoulder and he blacked out from the pain.


When Harry came to a while later, he found himself painfully chained to the wall with his arms behind his back.

He looked up to see his uncle standing in front of him with glee written on his face.

"Good! You're awake. Now we can start the real fun. And don't you dare scream, boy, Petunia and Dudley are sleeping."

Harry was still a bit groggy due to the pain in his shoulder, and didn't get the meaning of his uncle's words until an ironclad fist connected to his already bruised ribs.

He whimpered with pain as he was struck again and again.

When his uncle tired of hitting him, he pulled out a knife instead. He started slashing the skin on Harry's chest, making the blood gush down his 5'6" skinny frame.

Harry was starting to get dizzy from all the blood loss, when suddenly the clock started chiming for midnight.













When the last chime sounded, a faint light began to glow. It steadily increased in strength until it was blinding.

Then it went out just as suddenly, leaving a very confused looking Vernon Dursley staring at the spot where his nephew had been seconds before.

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