by Gunman

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Gendo Ikari was a man who didn't think about small things. He didn't think anything about how he had forsaken his own son. He didn't think anything about how he manipulated and used Ritsuko Akagi and her mother. He didn't think anything about the welfare or happiness of the rest of the human race, or even if he was sure that SEELE throw him to the wolves willingly.

And he didn't think anything about Rei Ayanami paying him an unexpected visit.

That was... until she front flipped towards him, leaped onto his desk, and threw a strong kick to his face that knocked him out of his chair and to the side.

Severely underestimating the blue-haired girl cost Gendo any advantage he might have had, as Rei pounced on him and jammed her fingers into a spots between his right shoulder and chest, and the left side of his neck.

Gendo was paralyzed as the pressure points did their job. However, he could still feel as Rei took advantage of that fact and repetitively punched and kicked him in the face, stomach, groin and knees. She was stronger than he anticipated, causing his face to bruise up from pain rather quickly. She stopped after about five minutes, which is when Gendo started talking.

"You cannot... do this, Rei!" he gasped as soon as she halted.

"Cannot? Cannot!" she gripped the front of his shirt with her left hand and slapped him across the face with her right. "I CAN!" she shouted, uncharacteristically.

"I... created you!" he said, trying in vain to speak.

"Yet you cannot control me." she slapped him again. "What does that say about you?"

"I am the supreme commander of NERV!" he choked.

"Actually, you are not." she said with total seriousness, her tone calm and even.


"You are not the supreme commander of NERV anymore."

"What... are you talking about?"

"Do you remember when you signed the forms that listed you as my legal guardian?" she asked.

"Yes." he replied, clearly remembering that little farce to make Rei seem like a person in the eyes of everyone else.

"Do you remember the proviso in those forms that states in the event of your death, all assets and holdings you possessed would become mine?"

Gendo was not liking where this was going. When he didn't say anything, Rei continued.

"Imagine my surprise when I learned of this, as well as the fact that NERV, as a private organization, despite being UN sanctioned, was one of your holdings."

Gendo's eyes widened, a mixture of fear and confusion in them. Wisely, he kept his mouth shut regarding the fact he was still alive.

"I find it odd that you would have provided for my future, since you had no intention of letting me live past the 16th Angel."

Rei drug Gendo over to the desk and propped him up against it, stimulating a part of his arm so that he could move it. But only from his right elbow to his hand. The rest of his arm was as good as dead.

"With the assistance of the Magi, the coercion of several record keepers, and exchanging favors with the sub-commander and Dr Akagi, I have had you declared dead." she said with a small amused grin.

"WHAT?" he shouted in disbelief.

"The memo has been circulated through all of NERV and sent to the UN."

"WHAT?" he cried again.

Is he hard of hearing? She thought. "Gendo Ikari died due to an allergic reaction to salted peanuts." she said, reciting the key sentence of the report word for word. The grim man suddenly realized that Rei did know too much about him. "There is a death certificate, an autopsy report, and a burial plot."

Burial Plot? "You can't be serious!"

Rei pulled an official piece of paper from her pocket and unfolded it, shoving it into Gendo's hand. The man started to shake as he realized that she spoke the truth.

"It is truly amazing what you can accomplish by mail, especially when it concerns a man who almost never leaves a gigantic underground top secret organization to socialize with the public."

Damn it! Anonymity really is a bitch! He mentally groaned. "Why are you betraying me, Rei? After everything I have done for you!"

"That is why I betray you, Gendo." she said. "You have given me nothing but loneliness, and pain, and suffering, a life of servitude and blind obedience, a purpose without happiness or love."

"I have loved you." he feebly said.

"No. You do not love me. You love HER. You crafted me in HER image, created me for the purpose of reuniting with HER. In doing so would have resulted in my death, only to be resurrected in the Room of Gauf to endure more suffering and anguish. A person can only take so much."

"You are not a person." he spat in defiance.

"Your opinion does not matter to me now." she said, truly not caring, and slapped him again.

Fed up with this, Gendo decided to play his trump card.

"SEELE will not stand for this." he said.

"SEELE is of little concern." she replied.

Gendo looked at her warily. She had taken care of them too?

"What do..."

"I have turned over the essential aspects of the cloning process to them. They are currently using it to clone for themselves new bodies. In this way, they will achieve their goal of avoiding a mortal death. Of course such an undertaking will require a large amount of funding, mostly for their younger selves to 'officially' take over for them, so their plans for Instrumentality have been abandoned. A less costly means of achieving their ends."

Despite himself, Gendo had to agree with that. With Instrumentality no longer their only option, SEELE wouldn't have to finish the Mass-Produced Eva's, there would be no attack on NERV, and no paying off the JSSDF to do the attacking. He knew this because it's the sort of thing he would do.

"And what of their belief that it is their destiny to reunite all of mankind?" Gendo asked.

"Instrumentality was their means of avoiding death, yet that is what it would have come to anyway. I simply gave them an easier, cheaper, yet still viable way to accomplish their goals, and the old men as you all them, changed their opinions rather quickly." she explained.

Gendo could now see his plans disintegrating before his eyes. For without SEELE's assistance for his own purposes, his plan to reunite with Yui were slowly falling away.

"So who am I now? You've had me declared dead, but you haven't killed me. So..."

"You are now Ginza Rokubungi, Gendo Ikari's second cousin, a low-level NERV employee who has a history of schizophrenic persecutions and a mild identity crisis." she said, producing another piece of paper that had an unshaven picture of him on it, a new name and all relevant information. There was even a small section of the paper that said, 'has undergone plastic surgery to emulate appearance of second cousin. Recommend surveillance for safety of self.'

Gendo's eyes widened in utter flabbergastery. Not only had his identity been changed, but now he had been declared mentally unbalanced and had undergone plastic surgery to look like himself.

"You cannot get away with this! The Magi..."

"Confirm all this." she said, placing a print out from the super computer in his hands. "As I said, it is truly amazing what you can accomplish by mail." Rei smiled. And a little reprogramming.

"You still had me employed with NERV?" he asked with disbelief.

"The better to keep an eye on you. And watch you squirm."

His lip turned up into a sneer. "And just what sort of job would you have such a man preform?"

"A position in which you could not possibly do anything potentially harmful to anyone."

"And that would be..."

Rei smiled.


He looked at her incredulously.


"Yes. Go for this, go for that. You're basically an errand boy to be closely monitored by Section 2 due to your mental instability. The only reason Ginza Rokubungi obtained this position, was because of the request granted by the former commander, who is currently deceased."

"That's nepotism! No one would condoned that." he spat again.

"Gendo Ikari would. After all, he gave his son command of a giant robot. I will continue to honor this request, on his behalf as the new commander."

The man growled. "And what makes you think that anyone will accept you as the new Commander?"

"The fact that I am generally more well-liked by the majority of NERV, but mostly due to the fact I have just authorized an increase in the pay of every NERV employee."


"Twice their usual pay when they worked under you."

Damn she has thought of everything. He thought with some pride. But his mild grin turned into a frown when he realized something. "Wait. What... favors.. did you exchange with Fuyutsuki?"

Rei smiled. "I arranged for a pair of Yui clones to be made for him."

"YOU WHAT?" he roared with clear outrage. If he could move, he would have been bouncing off the walls with anger.

"Perfect genetic replication, no infusion of Lilith's DNA, and with memory implants to make them love him." she explained.

"Love... him?" he gasped.

"Yes. The Sub-Commander was in love with Yui. Did you not know that?"

Gendo paled. Was that the real reason the old man agreed to work with him?

"They have been very attentive to his... needs." she explained.

"Needs?" he looked confused.

"The sub-commander may be old, but even he gets the occasional itch."

I don't want to know, I don't want to know, I don't want to know. He repeated over and over in his head, trying to get that ungodly image out of his mind. "And I suppose you preformed the same service for Dr Akagi?"

"No. To secure her assistance, I agreed to find her a more suitable lover."

He looked at her as if he'd just been insulted. "I, beg, your, pardon?"

"You know you never really... 'got her off'? You did know that, right?" she asked. "As it stands I have compiled a list of several suitable and much more compatible single men who are looking for a woman like Dr Akagi. You would be surprised how many people find intelligence attractive."

That's one of the reasons I married Yui. He fumed. "Why are you doing this, Rei? What do you want?" he finally asked.

Rei leaned down, gripped the man's collar, and jerked him up to face her.

"I want one thing, Rokubungi. I want Shinji." she said in a calm and even tone.

Now he was really confused. "Shin-ji? Why?"

"Isn't it obvious, bitch!" she spat, slapping him across the face, something she was continuously enjoying. "It is because of you that he has suffered. It is because of you that I have suffered. It seems only right that we should find happiness... together."

And this was the truth, Rei wanted Shinji because he was kinder to her than any other had been.

The way he was concerned for her, how he kept staring at her, how he had kept extending his hand in friendship to her when others had given up, had touched the girl in ways she never knew were possible. Simple actions that had awoken within her a torrent of emotions she longed to keep.

To that end, she sought to remove the only obvious obstacle to her own happiness.

Gendo Ikari. (Now Ginza Rokubungi)

"You are insane? You are cloned from the DNA of his own mother. It would be incest." Ginza said.

"Again you are wrong. The level of DNA from Yui Ikari is not high enough for the pair of us to be considered actually related. You only used enough to give me her physical appearance. To that effect, I am no more related to Shinji than I am Pilot Sohryu or Major Katsuragi."

Again, Gendo/Ginza was confused, but light was starting to glimmer.

"Let me understand this. You assumed command of NERV, had me declared dead, stripped me of my identity, made me a low-level mentally unbalanced peon, all so you could sleep with my son?"

Rei slapped him again. "He is not your son anymore, Rokubungi. But yes. I have done all this so that Shinji and I can be together."

"If that was all you wanted, you could have asked."

"You didn't even give me hot water in my run down apartment, saying it was irrelevant, despite my numerous requests and obvious discomfort. Therefore, the request for a relationship with Shinji-kun would have been met with immediate rejection."

Again Gendo found no flaw in Rei's logic. He would have rejected such a request as he had nothing to gain from something like that.

Just then, Section-2 arrived and gripped Ginza's arms, pulling him up to face the child commander.

"Do you like your little pet now that she is off your leash?" she whispered into his ear before she poked him in the chest once more, un-paralyzing him, then waved her hand to dismiss the guards and the gofer. "And make sure he receives a shave and a haircut."

"Yes, commander." the guards said as they took the struggling man away.

"UNHAND ME! I AM THE COMMANDER! UNHAND ME AT ONCE!" he yelled as the two men practically hauled him out.

Rei smiled slightly as she went over to the desk and sat down. She stared at her new office and just let out a sigh.

"This... is a very ugly room."


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