Chapter 5

by Gunman

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The black sedan rolled through the streets of Tokyo-3. It's two most important passengers tucked safely inside.

The first being Shinji Ikari, pilot of Eva Unit 01, and Rei's boyfriend.

The second being Rei Ayanami, commander of NERV, and Shinji's girlfriend.

And right now... one of them was a little nervous.

"Push back the meeting until 4 o'clock. That will give me enough time to prepare my response." Rei said to the woman sitting across from her.

"Yes, commander." the secretary said. "And what about the Unit 03 transfer?"

"Have it sent by sea. It might take longer, but it will be safer, I'm sure."


It was then that Rei noticed Shinji's quietness.

"Is everything alright, Shinji-kun?"

"Well... sort of." he replied.

"I do not understand. Please explain." the girl said.

"Well... it's just that you're the commander of NERV. Should you even be at school?" he asked.

Rei smiled at him. "As long as my identity and status remain unknown, there will not be any trouble."

"Yeah... but if Kensuke finds out we'll never hear the end of it. Or... at least, I won't."

"Do not worry about Mr Aida. I'm sure he will not be of any trouble today." she said with a rather cryptic smile only Shinji seemed to notice.

I wonder what she meant by that? He wondered to himself. "And... what about us?"

"I am not averse to people knowing you and I are a couple. In fact, it would be better if they did know, so that no one will try to interfere with us." she said. And of course I can always have Section 2 dissuade them otherwise.



"Hey, Hikari." Shinji said, acknowledging the class representative.

"Hello, Shinji-kun." Hikari Horaki said with a smile and bow.

"Ms Horaki." Rei said.

"Hello, Rei." she replied out of reflex, her mind wondering when the blue-haired girl had become so talkative.

However, it was Shinji who noticed the looks of eagerness etched on Hikari's face.

"Is something wrong?" Shinji asked.

"Well... a couple things actually." the girl smiled. "For one thing, do you know when Asuka will be back?"

"Last I heard she was still in Okinawa with Kaji. They have another week to go, or so I thought." he replied.

"I see. Well then, what about Mr Aida?" she asked.

"Kensuke?" Shinji asked, slightly confused by that.

"Yes. His father said some people from NERV came by the house last night and took him away."

"Really? From NERV?" he asked, looking at Rei.

The blue-haired girl said nothing to the boy as she turned to the class rep. "We will look into the matter for you after class is over."

Hikari seemed to accept that. "Alright."

"Is there anything else?" Shinji asked.

"Yes." she said with a pause, looking down at the interlocked hands. "Are you two a couple?"

The pair were silent for a few seconds, before Shinji answered.

"Yes. We are."

"Oh! I'm so happy for you, Shinji-kun!" Hikari gushed, which made the boy a little uncomfortable.



The single bright light shown down hard upon Kensuke Aida. The freckle-faced, glasses-wearing self-proclaimed military otaku shook his head to ward off the effects of the sleeping powder that had rendered him unconscious when he was picked up by the Section 2 agents.

At least he thought it was sleeping powder.

He quickly noticed that he was tied to a chair, arms bound behind his back, and he couldn't see past the light that shown down upon him.

Suddenly, a voice pierced the darkness.

"Aida, Kensuke. 14 years old. Only son of Jiro Aida, military liaison with the Japanese Strategic Self Defense Force. Place of residence: 1721 Washu Drive, Tokyo-3, Japan. School: Tokyo-3 Municipal Junior High. Hobbies: military memorabilia, video recording, giant robots." the voice said as a chair was pulled up in front of Kensuke and set just out of the lights range. The person who sat down in it was clearly female, as Kensuke could tell by the legs. "Do you know why you're here, Mr Aida?"

"They said they wanted to talk to me about Eva pilot candidacy." the boy weakly replied.

"Actually, there were several other people ahead of you for that position. There was another reason you were asked here."

"Really? What?"

"Just a little matter of your hacking into NERV to find out classified information."


The boy was panicking now. If they had caught onto his hacking, then it wasn't just his life that would be over. It would be his fathers too. After all, he had gotten most of his info from his dads computer.

"Did you really think we wouldn't find out? You give yourself way too much credit." the voice said again.

The boy was sweating now. Though for a second, he thought he recognized the voice.

"What were you trying to find out?" the voice asked.

"I heard a rumor that there was a new commander in charge of NERV. I was trying to find out who it was so that I... I..." he explained.

"Could try and talk to them about you becoming an Eva pilot?"


Optimistic little sprout, isn't he? She thought. Hopefully, this will be as much fun as I intend.



Kaji was running through the forest of Okinawa, his predator hot on his heels.

Ordinarily he wouldn't have had any problem with trying to evade someone, but this was a truly worthy opponent.

Have to keep running! Have to keep awake! Can't sleep, not for a second. She'll attack me in my sleep I just know it. Have to keep running. Keep breathing. Keep running. Keep breathing.

"KAAAAAAAAAAAJI-KUN!!!" the German redhead called out through the forest.

Oh God! She's close! RUN RYOJI RUN!!!

Yes, it was Kaji-hunting season, and Asuka was the hunter.

"Ollie, Ollie, Oxen-Free!" she called out again.

The unshaven man felt a shiver go up his spine as he resumed his running.

Asuka emerged from the brush wearing jungle camouflage, commando boots, a green cap, an army knife, binoculars, and a rifle slung over her shoulder.

"Now... where did he get to?" she wondered.

She reached down and pulled the binoculars from her belt, peering through them with the new UV-lense she had installed on it, quickly detecting the illuminated tracer paint she had managed to tag Kaji's clothes with. It was leaving a trail on the flora that could easily be followed.

"Gotcha, Kaji!" she grinned as she dashed after him.

The unshaven man had been running for some time and was getting both tired and dehydrated in his extensive flight from danger. So tired he was that he failed to notice the small mat of leaves, and was thrown off his feet as the snare trap wrapped around his left leg and lifted him into the air.

A snare-trap? When did Asuka set this up? He wondered as he hung limply, bobbing up and down in mid-air.

"Hello, Kaji-kun." Asuka's voice called to him from behind. "Just hanging around, are we?"

"Uh... hello Asuka. And, yes I am. Uh... are you having fun?"

"Oh, yes. Hunting is a pleasant pass time. But now I've got my prey." she said as she pulled her rifle from her shoulder.

"UH... what are you doing?"

"Wild animals are too dangerous to trap live, so I'm afraid I'm gonna have to tranquilize you." she answered as she leveled her rifle at him.

"Asuka, wait!"


"Oooooohhhhhhh..." he groaned and passed out.



School got out as normal and Shinji and Rei were whisked back to NERV in their black sedan.


"Yes, Shinji-kun?"

"Did something happen to Kensuke?"

Rei looked at the boy. "Are you curious? Or concerned?"


Rei nodded in understanding. "Last week Dr Akagi discovered that Mr Aida was hacking into the computer files of NERV-associated personnel."

"Oh, hell!" Shinji hung his head in his hand. "I knew he was going to get caught."

"You knew of this?" she asked.

"Of course I knew. He tells everyone about stuff like that. He was actually proud of it."

"I see." she nodded. "Why did you not inform NERV about this before?"

"Well, back then NERV was still run by my father. He probably would have executed Kensuke if he found out about it."

Perhaps he would have at that. Rei pondered.

"I was hoping I could persuade him to stop, or maybe distract him some other way."

Unlikely. The boy has a one-track mind.

"What's... going to become of him?" he asked.

"Major Katsuragi is handling the matter."

"Misato? Really?"

"Yes. I felt it appropriate given that he is obviously infatuated with the woman, he will not lie to her." Rei explained. "I have given her approval to use any and all means of making the boy talk."

Shinji looked at her, confused.

"Any and all means? What does that mean?" he asked.

Rei just smiled at Shinji.



"I'm going to make this as easy as possible, Mr Aida." the woman could now be identified as Misato Katsuragi as she peered into the light to give the boy, who had been suffering the entire day from lack of food and water.

(Actually, it had been less than a day and he had been given a glass of water every two hours, which he would sweat out under the heated lamp)

"I'm going to ask you a few simple questions." she said, using her hand to tilt the boys head up. "If I like your answers, I'll remove an article of my clothing."


Misato could have sworn she heard all the muscles in Kensuke's neck pop as his head shot up to look at the woman.

"Have your attention do I?" she smiled. "Like I said, if I like your answers."

She sat back in her chair and crossed her legs seductively as Kensuke looked on, anxiously awaiting her line of questions.

This might be a little too easy. She thought with some disappointment. "Alright, Mr. Aida, let's begin. First question: did you know you were committing a felony by hacking into your father's computer to find out about the Eva's and NERV?"

"Yes!" he answered quickly.

"Hmm. Not what I wanted to hear." she said, not removing anything. "Second question: why do you want to be an Eva pilot so badly?"

"Because being a robot pilot is every otaku and anime fan's dream!"

Ooooooh boy, the kid has no life. She thought as she removed her jacket.

The boy was drooling now.

"Watch the drool, boy." she said. "Third question: do you want me to take this glass of water," she said as she held up the glass of crystal clear water that was calling to Kensuke. "And give you a drink or do I pour it over myself?"

Kensuke didn't have to think about that.

"Pour it over yourself! Pour it over yourself!"

Misato just smiled, figuring that was going to be his answer. Without hesitation she poured the glass of water over her head, drenching her from head to toe and causing her blouse to become nearly transparent and clinging her to tightly.


And the blood came down from Kensuke's nose in streams.

"Ohhhh, boy! This is going to take all night!" she groaned, realizing that the boy was unconscious at this point. "And we're gonna need some blood pints in here too!"



Rei had finished with her meeting and had made sure that Unit 03 wasn't using registered transport. And with all that finished, she was ready for a relaxing evening with Shinji-kun.

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Rei-chan?" Shinji asked as he straightened his tie while facing the mirror.

"Yes, I am sure, Shinji-kun." Rei said as she sat on the bed and finished putting on her stockings. "You have made the reservations, have you not?"

"Well, yes. I did. I was just worried that you wouldn't have had time, since you're the commander of NERV." Shinji said as pulled his jacket over his shoulders.

"Even the former commander made special accommodations when it suited him." Rei said as she slipped her shoes on her feet.

"I guess he would, at that." he said, his suit finally straightened.

"Are we ready, Shinji-kun?" she asked, finally adorned in her blue evening dress.

"Of course, Rei-chan." he said as he held out his arm, which the girl accepted.

The pair made their way to the black sedan that was waiting for them, and were off in minutes.

As they were leaving NERV, their security detail went into action.

(This is Black Knight to White Knight. The King and Queen have left the rook. Repeat, The King and Queen have left the rook) The guard said as the sedan pulled away from the gate.

(Confirmed Black Knight. White Knight going watchdog.) The voice over the comm called back


The restaurant that Shinji had chosen was an establishment known for it's fine Italian cuisine, which Rei approved of immediately. The layout was also easy enough to defend, once the people were in their proper place.

Rei had made sure that her White Knight squad was well aware of where they were going, and as a result, several of them were already at the restaurant.

(This is White Knight 1. King and Queen have entered chessboard) the driver said once Shinji and Rei were out of the sedan and into the restaurant.

(Alright, people. Let's play.)

Shinji and Rei ordered their meals from the waiter and turned to engage the other in conversation. While this was going on, the White Knight squad was all over the restaurant, watching everything. Just then, one of the Knights noticed some unusual people walking towards Shinji and Rei's table. What made them stand out, was their numbers, 5 total, and their thick brown coats.

(This is White Knight 6, we have unwanted pawns on the board. Requesting permission to execute Alekhine's gun) one of the agents said.

(Negative. Too many civilians. Hedgehog defense moving into place) the second agent replied.

Quick as a wink, two agents dressed as waiters, came in pushing two trays of food and crashed into the trenchcoat quintet.

The scene was enough to get the group to start back pedaling towards the door.

(Pawns pushed to side. King and Queen unaware.)


"I wonder what that was all about?" Shinji wondered.

"I do not know. Perhaps just an accident." Rei replied.

Their meals arrived several minutes later and the pair began to eat. As they ate, the agents noticed a situation brewing outside.

(Heads up people. More pawns arriving via black cases.)

The knights looked outside and noticed two black vans pulling up.

(We've got doubled pawns, people.) One of the agents said.

(Do we have a Prophylaxis option?) Another voice said.

(Positions still being examined.) A third voice said.

Just then, two of the restaurant patrons at the table between Shinji and Rei's table and the door got up and headed straight to the door to pay the check.

(We have an open file to the Queen! Repeat, we have an open file to the Queen!) Another agent said through the comm.

(White Knight 2 moving to outpost position) the second agent exclaimed as he pushed the food cart into the path of the front door and the commander's table.

(This is White Knight 5, taking a J'adoube to position E-6 to reinforce) the fifth agent said.


The blocking maneuver was working fine, until one of the newcomers decided to be bold.

(Is that...)

(Domination play!) The agent shouted as the newcomer opened up with a rocket launcher.

Within seconds, the restaurant became a war zone. Shinji had turned his head and saw the launcher, and instinctively dove towards Rei, taking her down to the floor as the agents sprung into action to protect the commander and the Third Child. The rest of the restaurant patrons started scrambling left and right, all diving to safety. Easy enough since it wasn't them the attackers were after.

(White Knight 4, what is your status?) One of the agents shouted into their comms.

(I'm pinned down outside the box!) The agent said from the alleyway outside.

(How serious?)

(I may need to take a gambit!)

(Negative! Can you pull a reverse-gambit?)

(A reverse... buy me thirty!)

The agents all sprang from their positions and returned fire from behind the tables, flanking Shinji and Rei at the same time and forcing the attackers to duck and cover as best they could.

It was Shinji who noticed, with some great relief, that the other customers were filing out the back of the restaurant.

"Who are these guys?" Shinji asked as he covered the blue-haired girl. "The ones protecting us?"

"Our security." Rei answered as she held tightly to the boy.

"Section 2?" he gasped, shocked at the efficiency of these people.

"No. The improved Section 2!" she explained.

Suddenly, a massive explosion erupted outside the restaurant, sending glass everywhere through the restaurant, as one of the vans exploded.

(We have a reverse-gambit!)

(No kidding!)

(This is White Knight 7, requesting permission for Castling maneuver.)

(Permission granted, Knight 7, for Castling maneuver.)

Three seconds later a white truck came barreling down the street, slamming into the second black van and replacing itself where the van had been.

(Black rook has been moved!)

The attackers filed into the restaurant from the street, firing at the truck and the other agents that were inside the restaurant. The Section 2 agents fired at one of the attackers who was carrying the rocket launcher. He went down, the launcher skidding over towards the table where Shinji and Rei were still crouched low.

It was then that Shinji got a rather bold idea.

Moving from his crouched position on the floor, Shinji reached around the table and grabbed the launcher. He propped it up on his shoulder and peered out from the edge of the table, aiming for the ceiling just above the gangs head, firing at it, hitting it, and causing it to fall down upon them. This effectively knocked out the entire group, of that remained, rendering the last four unconscious.

(This is White Knight 3, King has provided endgame. Repeat, King has provided endgame!)

(Execute, Execute!)

(Move king and queen through Luft)

Quick as lightning both Shinji and Rei were hustled out of the restaurant, over the debris that was the attackers, and into the awaiting sedan. They were quickly driven away from the restaurant, both wrapped tightly in each others arms.

(King and Queen removed from board. En route to Rook.) One of the agents said as they drove away.

(Confirmed, White Knight. Black Knights will assume charge upon arrival.) The voice on the other end said.

With Shinji and Rei gone, the rest of the Section 2 agents turned back to the still alive attackers.

"Alright, let's see what we can get out of them." the agent said.



Kaji groaned as he tried to wipe the grogginess from his eyes and head. He tried to lift his hand to his head, only to find that it he couldn't. He cleared his vision enough to realize the obvious.

He was tied to his bed in the hotel, spread eagle with wrists and ankles tied off to each corner, and he had been stripped naked down to his boxers.

The realization hit him like a thunderbolt.

Oh god! Asuka's gonna rape me, I just know it!

Just then, the door opened up as room as said girl entered, wearing a pink cotton robe.

"Good morning Kaji-kun. Finally awake?" Asuka smiled.

"Uh... Asuka, why am I tied up to the bed?" he asked.

"Because I didn't want you to run away from me." she replied as she peeled the robe off her body, revealing her frilly black lace panties and bra. "We have less than a week here in Okinawa, and I mean to take advantage of every second." she said as she crawled onto the bed and straddled Kaji's stomach.

"Asuka, you should really stop this!" he protested as she came within a few inches of his face.

"But I can't, Kaji-kun. I love you so much." she said as she caressed his unshaven face. "I know I'm younger than you, but that doesn't matter. I'm gonna fulfill every girls fantasy."

He paled. "What fantasy?" he fearfully asked.

"I'm gonna sleep with my dream guy." she said as she laid her body down atop his, kissing his chin lightly. "Good night, Kaji-kun." she whispered, snuggling in to sleep.

However, Kaji would never get to sleep. Not with the overwhelming fear of Asuka trying to take advantage of him in his mind. And there would be the rumors of him sleeping with Asuka. The high potential for blackmail, accusations of rape and him being a pedophile. And only lightly so would be the criticisms of him being scared of, and overpowered, by a 14 year old girl.

He would never live that down even if he killed an Angel himself.

No. Kaji would get no sleep that night.



Ever since the pair had confessed their feelings to each other, Shinji and Rei had moved in together and were living quite happily in Shinji's apartment in the Geofront.

Shinji was taking a shower to calm his nerves while Rei was receiving a phone call from Section 2.

"I see. So the attackers were hired mercenaries trying to kidnap the Eva pilots." Rei said as she dried her own hair with a towel, herself dressed in a short cotton nightgown.

(Yes, commander.) The agent said on the other end.

"Do we know who hired them?" she asked.

(Negative. They were paid not to ask those kinds of questions. Final payment to be given upon the delivery of the pilots.)

"I see. Were they simply after the pilots, or myself?"

(According to the information we extracted from the survivors, we believe they had no knowledge of your being the new commander of NERV.)

Rei breathed a sigh of relief for that at least.

"Very well. Have them extradited from Japan with a warning not to return, or they will be killed."

(Yes, commander.) The agent said before hanging up.

To Rei it felt somewhat humane. The mercenaries had failed in their mission, so they wouldn't get paid. If they ever returned to Japan, they would be signing their own death certificates. And at worse their own employers would be 'severely' upset with them, which would be an inconvenience in the profession they worked.

"Is everything alright, Rei-chan?" Shinji asked as he exited the bathroom, dressed in his shorts and tank top, a towel drying his head.

"Yes, Shinji-kun. Our attackers were mercenaries hired to kidnap the Eva pilots." she said.

Shinji sighed. "We're pretty popular, aren't we?"

"Yes. For this reason, we may need to stay here in the Geofront for the time being. For security purposes."

Shinji nodded his head. After tonight activities, he wasn't about to argue.

However, Rei noticed something more somber about his tone, and it wasn't about tonight.

"Shinji-kun? What is wrong?"

"When those men attacked... I was so scared."

"Scared? You acted very bravely. You protected me with your own body. You picked up the rocket launcher and used it to render the other attackers unconscious."

"I did that because I was scared for you, Rei-chan."

"You... were?"

"I love you, Rei-chan. You being in danger... I just felt I had to protect you." he smiled. "I mean... a guy should protect his girl, right?"

Rei smiled and threw herself into his arms and held him tightly. She titled her head up and kissed him passionately on the lips.

Several minutes of this and Shinji and Rei retired to the bed.

"Do you want to see something, Shinji-kun?" Rei asked.

"See something?" Shinji asked, slightly confused.

Rei pulled a remote from the side table and turned on the televison.

What Shinji saw gave him mixed feelings.

On the monitor, was Kensuke Aida, tied up to a chair with Misato half-naked and sticking her boobs at him.

"Ooooh, he's finished." Shinji stated.

"Yes. He will reveal all his secrets and more, as soon as he can locate his voice."

The pair watched the monitor for several more minutes, curled up against each other, before Shinji turned to Rei.

"So, Rei-chan?" Shinji asked as the girl laid her head against his chest.

"Yes, Shinji-kun?" Rei spoke into his chest.

"Do you think we'll ever have a normal date?" he said with lite laugh.

Rei couldn't help but smile. "Perhaps not. But I would not trade my time with you for anything."

Shinji kissed Rei on the side of her face and snuggled in for a nap. The blue-haired commander just stayed up and watched Kensuke whimpering like a little girl a while longer before she too nodded off to sleep.


Author's Notes:

Hope everyone enjoyed this chapter.

I should state quite clearly that I have no idea what Kensuke's home address is, so I just made it up.

Also, the terms and code-phrases that the Section 2 agents were using are all chess terms. I hope everyone enjoyed that. I tried to use as many terms as possible to make it sound like code for a black ops missions.

Alekhine's gun-putting two rooks in front of the queen to launch at opponents

Hedgehog defense-third line defense to protect king and or queen, but inhibits maneuverability

J'adoube-French term for adjusting the position of a chess piece

Prophylaxis-stops the opponent from taking action in a certain area for fear of some type of reprisal

Open file-provides a line of attack for a rook or queen

Outpost-favorable position from which to launch an attack

Doubled Pawns-two pawns of the same color residing in the same file.

Pin-a situation in which a piece is forced to stay put because moving it would expose a more valuable piece behind it to be captured

Gambit-sacrifice made in order to achieve an advantage

Castling-Castling consists of moving the king two squares towards a rook, then moving the rook onto the square over which the king crossed. Basically, the king and rook trade places.

Endgame-stage of the game when there are few pieces left on the board

Luft-German word for 'air' or 'space', basically a space left open by a pawn into which a castled king may move.

I also hope everyone liked the 'torture' session Kensuke was getting. And lets be honest, with Misato interrogating him, all she really has to do is smile and he'd sell out Toji and his entire school.

And yes, I had Section 2 step up in this chapter, hopefully as redemption for their lack of security concerning Gendo.

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