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And now, on with the show, Every Night, written by yours truly, Kali.

Every Night:

Every night she lays curled on her bed, motionless. Tears streaming down her face, sleeping restlessly. She thinks of what she could have done.

"Every night after that. I'd see it all again ... do something different. Faster or more clever, you know? Dozens of times, lots of different ways, every night I save you."

That's what he told her when she was resurrected. Now she did the same. She would dream, she would save him, every night. She would be torn from sleep when he said her name. She had always expected him to be lying right next to her, but he wasn't. He never was.

She would roll over and try to fall back to sleep. For her it seemed impossible.

She would get out of her bed silently and walk over to her closet. She took out his leather duster and wrap it around herself, letting all her senses be lost to the smell and feel of the leather. It would make her feel as if he were right there with her, his arms just holding her while she slept. It made her feel comfort that no one could give her.

When she woke up still entangled in the jacket, she felt his presence.

"Spike," she called out in vain. She looked around and felt a sudden wave of disappointment, realizing no one was in the room with her. She started to cry, knowing that today would be another miserable day, for her and her sister.

Outside her apartment she heard a birds songs. Any day before the "Consumption of Sunnydale" as her sister liked to call it, it would have made her cheery and she would have enjoyed it, but now, they were screaming, screeching at her, making mockery of her horror. She pulled her blinds down and shut the curtains tighter, as if to shut out the songs.

She sat on the bed once more and cried into the duster, deeply inhaling the scent, as it were a drug. But the smell was slowly fading, along with her and her memories. She couldn't take much more. Hide it as she might, from her friends and family, she was dying, slowly and painfully, being consumed for the inside out.

Every night, she saved him, but when she woke, reality kicked back in and the fact that she hadn't, loomed over her head. And every night, she had what she wanted and more, but when she awoke it was ripped from her.

Every night, every night…


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