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Authors Note: I got inspiration ..might as well use it to write a story. The basic plot is over used but I can't help it. I love that kind of plot. (IT'S HOT S'MEX!) So let's hope I can bring some jazz to it.

By basic plot I mean girl dressing up as boy going into a sea of boys and ect...

Genderless...One without a Gender
Chapter One: Assassination and Arrival

(START: March 30th FINISH: April 1st)

"Is that the new boy?" came the faint sea of whispers as I walked past those green lockers for the first time. I gulped nervously and turned a familiar shade of red.

"Holy," said another voice sharply at my entrance. "He's pretty hot! I'd hit it!"

And now the familiar shade of red became even brighter. Are they joking me? THIS is an all boys school? The next thought that came to my mind was HOW THE HELL DID I GET INTO THIS MESS?


I know exactly how I got into this mess.

And I shall tell you from the very beginning. (And no nothing about 'Well there was this bright light...and then I saw my mommy! Or...an interesting part of my mommy...'. I'm going to tell you exactly how I got here...and I'm not going into my parents love life either. You know what? I'm going to shut up now.)

I'm Kairi and I'm fifteen years old. My mother, my only living relative, got me an internship (something or other) with TALES OF CRIME AND PUNISHMENT. In a nutshell, that's a place where they handle murder cases and such. They are kind of like the F.B.I. (so to speak). I guess you can call us detectives. Was I excited about this? Heck no! I was a very attractive teen! I wanted to go out and 'find-the-one-for-me' and get a real job. A real job where I could meet teens my age and possibly make out with them.

That is until I heard it paid ten bucks an hour.

Why have a social life when you can have money?

Now, knowing that there is money involved, I'm pretty excited to go out there and do my 'good-golly-best!'. But then I went into the building. When I went there it reminded me of the office my dad works at. Well, used to work at before he died. To describe it in one word would be 'the-most-god-awful-boring-place-on-earth-and-it-really-sucks'. You know, something like that.

Okay, I know what your thinking. Every place you visit is 'the most boring place on earth'. School is boring, Your Grandma's is boring, Church (I love you Jesus...don't send me to hell) is boring. But in this place when a telephone rang it happened to be the most interesting thing since sliced bread. I remember once that a computer screen saver came on and this old women had a heart attack. And I wish I was joking too.

But heck, I got money for sitting on my ass, doing my homework, and once and awhile making a copy of a report (which, I may add, consisted of "Then as we kissed on that sandy beach we seemed the melt into the earth's natural painting of the sun set." I never read another 'report' after that). So I put up with it.

Then, six months after I started working, something huge happened. We got a case from a private school deep into the city. I remember everyone was running around the office like chickens with their heads cut off (except not as disturbing). When I asked Cid, the guy who ran the place, what was happening he said "We finally got a case. A murder case."

Over the next month I find out the following facts. At Destiny Catholic, an all boys high school in a city nearly an hour away, there was a big commotion about Wakka, the star blitz ball player, and his so called suicide. After examining the body they found out that before he 'hung' himself, he was strangled and suffocated to death. So, if you didn't understand that, Wakka was killed by someone who played it off as him killing himself.

Now, police and what not over there still don't believe it was a murder. So, Wakka's family turned the case over to us. But since I'm only an intern I don't know full detail. I do know this though. After nearly five months of studying the case, the evidence, the wall (...they got bored I'm guessing), and ect. over and over, they still had no lead.

The next part I remember clear as day for it was the moment my life changed forever. I was working on a report for English, an essay about the comparison of the symbolism in cheese or something stupid like that, when I heard a humongous bang. Seeing if this would result in another heart attack, I look up from my work only to see Cid, in complete frustration, and that he had nearly punched a hole through his desk.

"People!" He proclaimed with his veins nearly popping out of his body. "This case has gotten no where. If we don't find a lead soon then the victims parents will turn the case over to someone else. We need this case may I remind you." Cid then groaned in frustration and said, "We need to think of ideas!", slapping his hand on his desk at every syllable.

A timid young women, whom I knew as Alice, stood up. "Well we haven't exactly talked to the family in person yet. Do you think we could-"

"NO!" Cid slapped his desk again and made the young blonde sit down immediately. "That won't help us any!"

"How about," an extremely pale man named Jack pondered in the safety of his own seat. "We looked into this as a suicide. That could actually be the case."

"It couldn't be," Cid snapped at the skeleton of a man. "The strangle marks not only included the ropes but the ones of a human as well. And the way Wakka suffocated was by force of another person. There was no way he could have killed himself with that much damage to his body done already."

"Did Wakka have any lovers?" Alice shyly asked again. "Or any enemies?"

"Not that we know of," Cid started to rub the temples of his forehead. "Or that the family knows either."

"But how do we know for sure?" asked a slightly beat up lady named Sally. "We need to gather evidence directly from the source!"

"The police in the city already did that," Cid told Sally. Okay, not told. More like yelled. At this point Cid was acting like an insane man that finally got let out of his cage. "And after the case was handed over to us they gave us the reports of students. We got nothing good out of it."

"That's because students were probably still in shock," Meg mentioned. Meg was a so called 'outsider' in this office building. Despite her beauty (and long gorgeous brown hair that I envied every time I came here) she had a temper almost as bad as Cid's. She always wore purple, and slightly slutty, dresses with an attitude that said she owned the place. "If I were a student all I would be able to talk about is how much I missed, hated, or lusted for the boy." Another thing about Meg. She speaks her mind. "And students do have a thing about taking secrets to their graves, even if it is guys."

"What are you getting at Meg?" Cid spat at her in a way that showed he was interested in what she was saying.

"What I'm saying is teens will never spill a secret out," Meg continued on with her speech. "Unless it's too another student."

"Go on," Cid motioned her.

"Think about it," Meg commanded everyone. "I remember this girl in my high school that was rumored to be pregnant. Kids would always talk about it in the halls to each other. 'What? Jasmine got knocked up by some trailer trash?' or 'The mayors daughter? Pregnant? How could this happen!' But if a teacher came around we all got quiet. It's because even though we back talked her, we would never dare spread the news to adults."

"I see what your saying." Cid smiled. That NEVER happened. You could tell he was really into Meg's ideas about teens. "Kids are under a silent code to each other. What the students say stays with the students. Never tell a soul even if it is with the police."

"Exactly," Meg replied.

"So," Cid thought out loud as he started building off of Meg's information. "To gain the information we need we need someone to go undercover. Someone to act as a kid. Because if we get a teen under their skins they will open up to them. Correct?"

"Correct," Meg smiled slyly.

"One problem," Jack spoke up once more. "We don't have anyone that could go undercover! The youngest person we have is probably Alice and she's obviously," Jack eyed her womanly figure. "Not a teenager. Nor is she a boy. There is no way we could do that."

"Hello!" Meg rolled her eyes at him. Then she pointed to what I thought was the wall behind me. "Have you not seen our intern?"

Then, after seconds of confusion, I realized she was talking about me and not the wall. My eyes grew wide, and not only because of the fact that I was getting pulled into their crazy idea. No one in that place besides the old lady who wrote porn paid any attention to me. And now I was about to go undercover.

"Yes," Cid now fully accepting the idea. "I like! We send the kid into get our information!"

Now, as much as I give them claps for thinking of such a brilliant idea, there was no way I was giving up my life (in a matter of speaking, of course). "Hold your horses!" I stood up and confronted the adults. "What insane thought gave you the idea that I would ever do this for you?"

"Helping your fellow man," Alice smiled from behind her desk.

"Screw my fellow man!" I spoke freely. "What has my fellow man ever done for me?" Oh yes. I am a rebellious teen. Cheers for me.

"Not losing your job," Jack eyed me. Pfft!

"You think I like this job?" I continued to rant. "Sure I get payed but all I do is sit here and once and awhile make a copy. I'd get paid the same if I worked at McDonalds or something."

"The idea of being surrounded by teenage guys?" suggested Cid.

"No way," I narrowed my eyes. No way as in 'No way I am admitting out loud that I really like that idea'. "I'm not doing it!"

"You'll get payed half of what Wakka's parents are paying us," Meg slapped an offer down on the table.

"And how much is that?" I asked.

"At the least it's going to be half a million."

"Then you've got yourself a deal."

In a nutshell it went down like this. I get job. Job is boring. Job gets less boring when murder case arrives. People get frustrated. I get payed. Then I had to cut my long beautiful hair, bind what little boobs I had, and get lessons to act like a guy and get dropped into an all boys school far away from my own home.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that. I'm a girl. Can we say Twelfth Night? (A/N: Twelfth Night is a Shakespeare play where the girl dresses up as her twin brother in order to work because in that time ..you know ..the whole "YOU HAVE BOOBS" thing. She's The Man was based off of it.)

"Hey new kid!" sneered a greasy haired boy. Ew. I feel like squirted him with a hose or something. He could try bathing. It's actually very nice once you get used to it. "I'll show you around, if you know what I mean."

Is every boy in this school horny and gay? Jesus.

With my suitcase in hand I started to search for my room. Since I don't live around here I have to stay in the dorms (obviously). Of course, Cid and them just happened to forget to tell me that. And shame on me for coming here and THEN realizing I need a place to live.

"Room 204," I murmured. I looked to side to side, frantically searching for the correct door to enter. Once and awhile I heard another comment about how hot my ass looked in my jeans or if I had a boyfriend back home, but I learned to ignore thoughs comments. After all, this boy isn't going to draw attention to himself anymore then he had to. "Room 204..."

"Room 204!" I finally proclaimed. I grabbed the key from my pants (HAHA...boy pants...Why am I doing this?) and once the door was unlocked I rushed into the room. Closing the door, I leaned back against the wood and muttered, "This school is insane."

"NEW KID!" someone in the room yelled in the same tone as 'SURPRISE!'. Having a mini-heart attack, I jumped and looked at two boys playing cards in the middle of the floor. The one with blonde hair raised his eyebrow at me. "Sheesh New-Kid," he said as if that were my official name. "Aren't we a little spazzy? Didn't piss your pants now, did you?"

And strangely enough I smiled in relief when he said this. The first guy to talk to me without making a perverted comment. I sat down (more like collapsed) on the floor and muttered, once more, to myself, "Thank you God!"

"New Kid?" the boy with brown spiky hair questioned the blonde. "Tidus at least ask the poor boys name. I can imagine he's been groped by every horny boy at this school at least twice while trying to find the room."

"Yeah," I threw my suit case up on the top bunk. "What's with that? Is everyone in this school gay?"

"Pretty much," smiled the brunette. I turned around quickly in order to hide my blush. Jesus, he was cute! He stood up, brushed his pants leg off, and came over to me. "Sora," he introduced himself. "And you?"

"Kairi," I answered and held out my hand. He met it with his.

"Kairi," Sora repeated my name. "Isn't that usually a girls name?"

"Yeah," I blushed in 'embarrassment'. "My mom thought I was going to be a girl when I was born." We decided that back at the office not to give me a fake name just in case I slipped up. Which, you know I probably will.

"That sucks!" Tidus blurted out. "Now the guys will be after you even more!"

"Yeah," Sora nudged Tidus in the rib playfully. "Kairi is, in fact, a hot ass uke." (A/N: Uke is, in sex terms, the "bottom"...if you catch my drift).

...What?" I had to laugh. Did these boys think I was gay?

"We're joking Kai," Tidus waved his hands. Sora and him were grinning like idiots. "Like this jack ass told you before I'm Tidus, your new room mate. Sora is just kind of here."

"What do you expect?" Sora interrupted the blonde. "I have a room to myself. It's boring!"

"So yeah," Tidus continued. "Sora hangs out here sometimes. Don't be surprised if he gives you a midnight wake up call."

"Hey, hey!" Sora grinned once more. Ooooh my he has a pretty smile. "Don't give him the wrong impression of me! I'm not a bad guy!"

"Except when you got drunk that one time and tried to grab my ass," Tidus sneered and punched Sora's arm. "You know how embarrassing that was to have Wakka come in with you practically straddling me?"

'Wakka?' I thought to myself. 'He's the one that got murdered!'

"Wakka?" I asked the two boys as if I didn't know anything about the situation. "Who's he?"

"My old room mate," Tidus answered casually.

"Your old room mate?" I questioned further. Knowing this would pain him, I asked him, "Why old? Did he move or something?"

"No," Tidus' facial expressions changed to a serious tone. "He killed himself a few months ago."

"He didn't kill himself!" Sora interrupted him in a rather angry tone. "He was murdered and you know it!"

"Whoa!" I raised my arms slightly in the air in order to surrender myself and call a truce. "I'm sorry I brought it up."

"I'm leaving," Sora gathered up the cards on the ground. "I'll see you guys in class tomorrow."

"Sora!" Tidus called after him. But Sora had already left the room, slamming the door behind him. Tidus sighed and scratched his head. "Sorry about him. He's still touchy about the subject."

"I'm sorry," I apologized once more as I climbed up on the top trunk. "I didn't know."

"It's okay," Tidus jumped into his own bed as well. "I'll let you settle down. I'm taking a nap. Wake me up at five and I'll show you around the joint."

"Okay," I answered. My reply was the soft sound of Tidus breathing in and out. I sighed myself and leaned back and let myself sink into the bed. "Cid," I looked up at the ceiling. "If you weren't paying me I'd hate you right now. I don't want to be here."

'But Wakka does' I thought to myself. I looked over the edge of my bed at Tidus' night stand. There had a picture of a tan man with strange red hair. The combination of the two didn't seem to match but I wasn't here to judge a dead man. 'But Wakka didn't have a choice.'

I pulled out my notebook and began to write my observations.

-School equals bunch of horny gay teens
-Tidus is spazzy
-Sora is calm
-And pretty hot
-But I'm supposed to be a guy...so damn that...and you too Cid when you read these notes
-Sora is touchy on the subject of Wakka's death
-Wakka seemed rather important to Tidus. Why?

End of Chapter One

Authors Note: What do you think so far? Continue or no? If I do continue I'd have to most likely make this 26 chapters (One for each letter of the alphabet...read this chapters title). Thoughts? Suggestions? Flames? Ideas? Send them in reviews! Please and thank you!